College Essay Format

June 1, 2017

Writing essays is an inevitable part of education as it helps tutors to assess students’ knowledge, creativity, and ability to express their viewpoint and argue for it. However, the content of an essay is only the half of the work while the other half is the format. If an essay is not formatted correctly, it will not even be read. The article suggests some essential essay writing tips to help you cope with academic writing and get good grades.

Students, who write essays, need to learn the basics of MLA, which is considered to be #1 essay writing format. Here is what you need to remember:

Margins, Spacing, and Font Size:

  • set 1-inch marginal space from the top, bottom, and both sides of the page;
  • the line spacing should be set as double-spaced;
  • use Times New Roman font, size 12.

The Headings:

  • set the indentation to left-justified and start the heading in the top left corner of the page;
  • the format of the heading is the following one:

– student’s name;

– instructor’s name;

– the name of the subject and the subject code;

– the date of submission.

The Header:

  • put only the page number and your last name on the pages. The header should be right indented.

The Paragraphs:

  • leave a half-inch space at the beginning, for example, by pressing the tab button.

In order to improve your writing, you should be aware of a few more tips.

  1. Make the sentences short and plain. You should also avoid using the passive voice, as the active voice makes the writing more convincing.
  2. Stick to the subject in every paragraph. Check yourself to ensure you do not drift away from the given theme, as tutors really hate this.
  3. Provide connection and fluidity in an essay. Every sentence must be connected with the previous one and complete or conclude the thought.
  4. Create an outline and stick to it to prevent chaotic writing.
  5. Think up an impressive title and a thought-provoking beginning to catch the reader’s attention.

Keeping the listed tips in mind will help you follow #1 essay writing format and receive only positive feedback from professors!