College Essay Format

The article suggests some essential essay writing tips to help you cope with academic writing and get good grades.

Writing essays is an inevitable part of education as it helps tutors to assess students’ knowledge, creativity, and ability to express their viewpoint and argue for it. However, the content of an essay is only half of the work while the other half is the format. If an essay is not formatted correctly, it will not even be read. Students, who write essays, need to learn the basics of MLA, which is considered to be #1 essay writing format. Here is what you need to remember:

Margins, Spacing, and Font Size:

  • set 1-inch marginal space from the top, bottom, and both sides of the page;
  • the line spacing should be set as double-spaced;
  • use Times New Roman font, size 12.

The Headings:

  • set the indentation to left-justified and start the heading in the top left corner of the page;
  • the format of the heading is the following one:

– student’s name;

– instructor’s name;

– the name of the subject and the subject code;

– the date of submission.

The Header:

  • put only the page number and your last name on the pages. The header should be right indented.

The Paragraphs:

  • leave a half-inch space at the beginning, for example, by pressing the tab button.

In order to improve your writing, you should be aware of a few more tips.

  1. Make the sentences short and plain. You should also avoid using the passive voice, as the active voice makes the writing more convincing.
  2. Stick to the subject in every paragraph. Check yourself to ensure you do not drift away from the given theme, as tutors really hate this.
  3. Provide connection and fluidity in an essay. Every sentence must be connected with the previous one and complete or conclude the thought.
  4. Create an outline and stick to it to prevent chaotic writing.
  5. Think up an impressive title and a thought-provoking beginning to catch the reader’s attention.

Keeping the listed tips in mind will help you follow #1 essay writing format and receive only positive feedback from professors!

Structuring Essays for College or Proper College Essay Format for the Students

Working on your assignments, you most probably focus on the ideas to collect as you want to impress the readers with your approach to the topic. Doing that, you probably pay insufficient attention to such aspects of your papers as formatting, using fonts, and making various micro-level improvements that add to the value of your paper significantly. Considering the college essay format, is there any approach or a secret that will turn even a weak essay into the one that draws attention and demonstrates strengths instead of drawbacks?

Is it possible to play a bit with the structure of a college essay to make it different from hundreds of others on the same topic? Can a student forget about the rule of five paragraphs and obligatory structuring? Well, it is still ok if you adhere to the format of a common essay with five paragraphs and corresponding arrangement of ideas, but you are still not forbidden to look for a more beneficial structure of your important paper.

They say that an excellent college application essay format makes this paper resemble a sandwich. Why is it so? The introductory and concluding parts can be associated with two slices of bread that have a lot of toppings in-between. It is impossible to fancy a sandwich without those slices of bread, and it is clear that good toppings make the sandwich much tastier.

Thus, you require clarity in your introduction as the readers need to understand what they can expect from the very beginning. Besides, you need a great conclusion to summarize what you have said and let the readers have the content wrapped up and clarified. Still, the application essay format implies having a perfect middle section of the paper. What can be your possible approach to structuring the ideas? First of all, you can present your ideas like a narrative and let the readers get an insight into your personal experience. It is possible to make use of the technique of an extended analogy with several paragraphs that reveal the main idea. An admission essay format allows you to be less restricted in choosing the means of presenting ideas, so you do not have to devote each paragraph to a specific idea to make it a standard five-paragraph college essay.

Format of a Good College Application Essay: Key Ideas

Learning how to format a college essay, you will realize that there are two formatting levels you should take into consideration. A micro level of formatting implies working on choosing appropriate fonts, margins, headings, and so on, while a macro level means that the essay overall structure should be outstanding.

Guidelines for making the college essay format excellent at the micro level:

  • Do the drafting using reliable software for word processing.
  • Even doing mere copy-and-pasting, mind the formatting issues you might have in a text box as you need delineated paragraphs without any damage done to the essay.
  • Adding your text as an attachment, check whether the document has standard margins (1 inch), readable fonts, and appropriate spacing (1.5 or 2). Make sure that the format of the file is compatible with the specifications of the application you are using.
  • If you have to provide a title for the essay, you will know about that from the college specifications. Otherwise, there is no need to waste your word count on a title that is not obligatory.

Guidelines for making the college essay format excellent at the micro level:

  • It is not possible to determine which format for the essay will be your selling point.
  • Speaking about the essay structure, the most essential factor is to have a clear introductory part with your intentions specified and a conclusion which can wrap up the ideas efficiently. You are free to make the middle of the paper individually customized. The only thing about a successful format for college essay writing is logical flow of ideas.
  • In some cases, using templates can be beneficial, but your admission essay will likely lose its original sounding if you stick even to the best sample.

Professional Tips on Formatting Your Essay of College Admission

So, you have completed your app essay and you need to make its formatting perfect. Let us start!

First of all, check on such common features as headings, margins, and size of fonts. Do not forget to check on spacing as well. You are working on a personal essay which should look and sound original and individual for the admission board as they have to make a choice based on understanding of your unique personality with your likes, dislikes, personal weaknesses, experience, and abilities. They want to get to know you through your writing and you have to prove that you are a perfect choice for them as you are suitable for the selected course.

Have a look at the tips on college admission essay formatting issues:

  1. Mind the margins as they play a significant role on the overall impression the board will have. It will not be complicated for you to do as such software as Google Docs, MS Word, and others will not let you make a mistake with their typical pre-installed formatting of the documents. For instance, using MS Word, you will have a 1-inch margin by default; still, you can amend the format and make the required modifications easily.
  2. Spacing is one more factor that is frequently disregarded by the students. Using Microsoft Word, you will see that the software suggests a default spacing set-up; nevertheless, we recommend you to double check the requirements from the professor or admission board to match your paper with their expectations. If they require double spacing as a must, you should follow this instruction. In addition, mind the text alignment to choose between right or left ones. Selecting a certain paragraph, opt for the line spacing in the document under the indents.
  3. Your college essay formatting also implies working on the font type and size. It is typical for the papers to have Times New Roman 12 as a font.
  4. In some cases, colleges provide their specific rules of formatting for application papers. For instance, there can be a requirement for the student to use Harvard or MLA as a style of referencing and formatting. Our online service always adheres to the set of instructions the customers provide, so please clarify all details with the college admission commission if you have decided to order from us. We want to be flawless in writing, and you can help us in that.
  5. Headings are also important in case of submitting the entry write-ups by college students. There is, actually, no standard of formatting headings for all the students and types of papers. The writing style impacts the style of headings; however, there is a set of general rules for most of the educational establishments. In the first line, it is common to have the student’s name, then the instructor’s name, the subject with the code of the course, if needed; and the current date. All those details are provided in different lines. After that, you have to do the text alignment to the left (Ctrl+L).

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