Writing a Great Persuasive Essay

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A persuasive essay usually presents facts to show that some ideas are clearer than the others. The aim of such a paper is to convince readers to do something in a certain way or to take a particular point of view. The academic work has to be based on strong arguments in order to cover the subject. Otherwise, readers will not agree with you.

One of the biggest challenges in writing a persuasive essay is the lack of instructions. As such, very often, the students fail to understand what should be done exactly. They read the persuasive essay definition trying to find out what makes this essay different from others. Sometimes, the students are left alone with a general theme and have to write their essays intuitively. The lack of information makes this essay very difficult to complete. If you have a common topic but want to understand how a good persuasive essay should be written, we advise you to read our helpful guide that will serve as the source of your inspiration and efficient persuasive writing techniques.

Common Persuasive Essay Topics

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What to do if you have to create a topic on your own? How to choose the one that will engage your reader? Should this topic be familiar to everyone? The first thing that should be mentioned about your topic is that it should sound interesting to you. Exploring something that seems boring, you will never create an interesting and intriguing persuasive essay paper. Good persuasive topics usually come in the form of questions answering to which, the writer will be able to develop the ideas and arguments in the right way. Below, you will find good examples of persuasive essay topics. You may either select some topics from the list or create your topic following these examples.

  1. Is using biological weapons ethical?
  2. Should children get paid for helping their parents at home?
  3. Are dogs better pets than cats?
  4. Should the government ban gambling?
  5. Should gay couples have an opportunity to adopt children?
  6. Does the fashion industry play a negative role in the development of adolescents?
  7. Are all people selfish?
  8. Can one million dollars make the person ultimately happy?
  9. Is human behavior determined by genetics?
  10. Is it ethical to test new medicines on animals?
  11. Should governments increase Olympics funding?
  12. Should people with disabilities be prohibited from adoption?
  13. Should parents go through advanced psychological testing before adopting a child?
  14. Should abortion be banned?
  15. How can the legalization of medical marijuana improve the well-being of people?

How to Use Arguments in Persuasive Writing?

To succeed in persuasive essay writing, you need to learn the basic elements of persuasion.

Given that you have to persuade your target audience to a specific viewpoint, your arguments should be verifiable, credible, and reasonable enough. What is more, you need to appeal to both the logic and emotions of your audience. Only the right combination of rational and logical elements will bring you a positive outcome.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay?

You should know that the basic rules of persuasion were suggested by Aristotle many ages ago. The philosopher called them the principles of rhetoric.

Ethos. Such an element in your persuasive essay paper is responsible for working with the authoritative sources for providing your words.

For example: Nancy Jones, the senior nutritionist in AMA, recommends this vitamin complex.

Pathos. Such an element is responsible for appealing to the reader`s feelings and emotions.

For example: Graduation is a particularly important period in the life of every person. It is the time when all doors are open and all dreams may come true!

Logos. Such an element is responsible for appealing to the reason of the reader.

For example: Recent studies prove that the current policy is more effective in comparison with the previous ones.

If you want to get a good grade for your paper and impress your teacher by a great persuasive essay, none of the elements discussed above should be underestimated.

How to Produce a Great Paper

  • Express your opinion. While preparing the persuasive essay, you should understand what a certain item means to you. Which position are you going to take? Be free from bias that may influence your choice. All you should do is just stick to incontrovertible facts while making a decision. Do not forget about those who will read your paper. Try to identify whether the readers will share your viewpoint. You should also realize that they may take the opposite position. Then, it is necessary to state the reasons for it. It is very important to be aware of different points of view in order to be able to defend your own.
  • Conduct detailed research and structure your paper. The main thing is to gather reliable data, so that you can oppose another statement. Use authoritative sources only. Remember that you have to establish a coherent structure. You should clearly understand in which way you will organize information. If you want to make sure that you are doing everything correctly, you may use a helpful persuasive essay example.
  • Gather relevant material. You have to provide readers with compelling evidence about the subject you have chosen among the persuasive essay topics. The best way to get accurate information about the examined matter is to use reliable sources. However, mind plagiarism. Not a single student wants to be accused of it. Therefore, you have to quote sources appropriately. In addition, it is good to present some statistical data to show readers that you have thoroughly explored the topic. If you want to impress your readers, you can use quotations from professionals in the covered area. You should also give good examples to prove the main point.

How to Compose Your Work

  1. Introduction. The introductory section of all persuasive essays has to provide readers with valuable information about the subject. Besides, it has to interest them in your research. The last sentence of the introduction is your thesis statement.
  2. Body. It should represent research results. Each paragraph should deal with a particular item. By the way, you should also write a few paragraphs about the opposite view.
  3. Conclusion. It should be a reasonable ending of the paper, persuading the readers of the accuracy of your statement.

How to Create a Great Introduction for a Persuasive Essay?

When your outline is completed, it’s time to start writing your persuasive essay following the common persuasive essay structure. Begin your essay with a strong introductory paragraph in which you will provide background information on your topic. The most important thing about writing an introduction is a thesis statement. In a good persuasive essay, a thesis statement is always clear and concise. It should clearly define your position, as well as the techniques you are going to use to persuade your audience. Before writing a thesis, you should write a “hook” claim that will catch the readers` attention making them follow your arguments. Thus, before you start writing your introduction, take a minute and think about how to engage your reader. The introduction will gradually flow into the main body where the actual analysis of the chosen topic will take place. Remember that when writing a persuasive essay, you should not build your arguments based only on your own observations. Keep in mind that all your arguments should be supported only by credible sources.

How to Write a Great Conclusion for a Persuasive Essay?

It is normal that many students get stuck on their introductions and conclusions when writing their persuasive essays. No wonder, these parts are very important since they help the writer make an impression on the audience. Thus, we highly recommend you revise your introduction and conclusion several times to make sure they are truly flawless. Your concluding paragraph is the last paragraph of your paper in which you need to restate all the arguments discussed in the main body. This paragraph should not introduce new ideas and quotations as its primary purpose is to summarize the essay.


Writing a persuasive essay can be a great problem. However, at the same time, knowing all the tips and secrets of successful persuasive essay writing, one may turn it into a fantastic adventure. Feel free to find good persuasive essay examples and boost your writing talent! We assure you that by learning from a well-written sample persuasive essay, you will understand how to write your introduction, main body, and conclusion. Remember that writing a persuasive essay strengthens your analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as the ability to interpret information. After mastering those skills, you will be prepared for tackling similar assignments in the future.

Persuasive Essay Sample

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Have a Break

It is obvious that writing a persuasive essay demands much effort. Thus, when your work is ready, you should have some rest. Read your work in a few days and make sure that you have prepared a superior paper.

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