Practical Advice on How to Write Better Essays

Writing an essay can be a challenge for a student, as it requires much effort and time. However, it can also be an opportunity to be distinguished among other students. Here are some helpful tips for those who want to come from good to excellent grades and impress the professors.

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Essay completion is one of the needed academic assignments, regardless of course of study and educational institution. However, only some students consider this process as simple as ABC. Of course, practice is capable of making ideal and by the time modern students reach their senior year in university or college, the majority of them are able to compose an essay with ease. However, in case you are not, so far, one of such students and do not know how to write essays better, then you should refer to our professional academic writing company for professional assistance. Nevertheless, no one is eager to learn on their errors so knowing the most significant don’ts and dos of essay writing will assist in making this experience more productive on the one hand and less stressful on the other hand. It is worth noting that there are no universal templates that could solve each college or university essay trouble.

However, the following rules of custom writing can be applied to all types of academic writing, no matter the topic or course.

Helpful Essay Writing Tips on how to Write a Better Essay

In case you are unaware of how to start an essay, you should carefully read our practical tips indicated below:

  1. Choose the Essay Type

    The first step to composing an essay is to determine what type of writing you are supposed to prepare. There are four key categories which academic essays may be grouped into:

    • Narrative essay – Dwell a story or impart info about your topic in a straightforward, manner.
    • Persuasive essay – Convince the readers in some viewpoint.
    • Expository essay – Explicate to the readers how to perform a specific process. For example, you could compose an expository essay following step-by-step requirements on how to prepare an Irish stew.
    • Descriptive essay – Make specific emphasis on certain details of what is to be going on. For instance, if you are eager to compose a descriptive essay on your tour to Yellowstone Park, you would provide great details about what you have experienced.

    Knowing what essay type you try to compose can assist you in deciding on a certain topic and a specific structure of your essay in the most suitable way possible. Below are some other essay types:

    • Argumentative essay – Focus a position on a certain controversial problem and present some pieces of evidence to support your point of view. If you have been assigned to compose an argumentative essay, you should check out the list of different argumentative essay topics.
    • Compare & contrast essay – Determine differences and similarities between two objects, subjects or concepts under analysis.
    • Problem solution essay – Provide a clear description of a problem, try to convince the readers to care about a certain issue, suggest a solution, and be ready to dismantle various objections or contradictions.
    • Informative essay – Inform the readers on a particular topic with convincing facts or data. Still, do not know how to write an essay of supreme quality, you should refer to our professional and unique academic writing company and our sophisticated academic writing gurus. 
  2. Develop your style reading the essays of other people

    Improve writing skills by analyzing other students’ essays to see what writing styles they use and learn new helpful techniques. Try to be critical and fair.

    Furthermore, read the opinion articles in the broadsheet newspapers and study how the writers shape the articles to persuade their readers. Note the techniques that you have never used before and try them in your next essay.

  3. Improve writing skills by enriching the vocabulary

    You can persuade the readers only if you express your thoughts clearly. An excellent essay always uses the vocabulary effectively in order to be concise and accurate. Avoid long passages that may bore the readers to death. Communicate distinctly and convey the ideas so that everybody could be interested in what you are saying. Work on your vocabulary continuously using the following ideas:

    • Start a subscription to Merriam-Webster service ‘word a day’ or any other of this kind.
    • Look up all new words in a dictionary.
    • Make use of a good thesaurus.
    • Read a lot.
    • Study the peculiar features of roots, suffixes, and prefixes for easy deduction of their meaning.
    • Make your own book of vocabulary.
  4. Develop better arguments

    Your better writing depends on your ability to make arguments effective. Focus on the vocabulary you use and guide the reader through your essay.

  5. Don’t Start Your Essay with Such a Phrase as “in my or this essay”

    The introduction should present the key idea of your essay and unveil what you are planning to dwell on. Composing an effective and eye-catching intro and including a unique thesis statement is aimed at leading the readers into the context of your topic without applying this meaningless phrase ‘I am going to focus on or in my essay …’

  6. Avoid Using Negative or Vague Language

    Negative or vague language does not mean vulgarisms or slangy words. It means the words or phrases with negative suffixes, prefixes, or negative connotations etc.

    For instance, painless or priceless is not a negative word in their meanings. Nevertheless, applying it makes the readers make emphasis on pain or price instead of its absence. Thus, it is recommended to replace the so-called negative language with bit synonymous or positive expressions.

  7. Do not forget to include other people’s opinions

    Try not to show off in your pieces of writing, quote original sources, add other opinions and contrasting views. Make sure that every problem is represented from different angles.

  8. Mind punctuation, syntax, and grammar rules

    Do not make the structures too sophisticated. Your syntax should help the readers get the ideas without being confused. Try to add variety into an essay, but also mind that better writing means proper grammar and punctuation.

    The brightest students never miss a chance to score some extra points, so these tips can make their essays even more perfect. Everything is possible for a willing heart!

  9. Try to Make Your Essay Simple and Clear for Reading and Comprehension

    As a huge number of various essays should be graded, professors indicate that they skim read them to get a clear idea if students are competent in the chosen topic and how excellent they have adhered to the set style guidelines and requirements. Therefore, it is a superior idea to organize your piece of writing so the main points are evident and visible whenever skim-reading as well as is clear enough to have the message across.

  10. No to Plagiarism

    This rule is to be clear and strict for each student. Consider that plagiarism is regarded as a form of cheating, and whenever detected, it is punished. Avoid risking your reputation as well as your place in your educational institution. Plagiarism is easily detected nowadays by means of software and engine. Thus, be honest at least with yourself as well as your professors and compose on your own. You are to reference each source to ensure you do not commit plagiarism, even unintentionally.

Essay check-list on how to write a better essay

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