Practical Advice on How to Write Better Essays

Writing an essay can be a challenge for a student, as it requires much effort and time. However, it can also be an opportunity to be distinguished among other students. Here are some helpful tips for those who want to come from good to excellent grades and impress the professors.

Helpful Essay Writing Tips

1. Develop your style reading the essays of other people

Improve writing skills by analyzing other students’ essays to see what writing styles they use and learn new helpful techniques. Try to be critical and fair.

Furthermore, read the opinion articles in the broadsheet newspapers and study how the writers shape the articles to persuade their readers. Note the techniques that you have never used before and try them in your next essay.

2. Improve writing skills by enriching the vocabulary

You can persuade the readers only if you express your thoughts clearly. An excellent essay always uses the vocabulary effectively in order to be concise and accurate. Avoid long passages that may bore the readers to death. Communicate distinctly and convey the ideas so that everybody could be interested in what you are saying. Work on your vocabulary continuously using the following ideas:

  • Start a subscription to Merriam-Webster service ‘word a day’ or any other of this kind.
  • Look up all new words in a dictionary.
  • Make use of a good thesaurus.
  • Read a lot.
  • Study the peculiar features of roots, suffixes, and prefixes for easy deduction of their meaning.
  • Make your own book of vocabulary.

3. Develop better arguments

Your better writing depends on your ability to make arguments effective. Focus on the vocabulary you use and guide the reader through your essay.

4. Do not forget to include other people’s opinions

Try not to show off in your pieces of writing, quote original sources, add other opinions and contrasting views. Make sure that every problem is represented from different angles.

5. Mind punctuation, syntax, and grammar rules

Do not make the structures too sophisticated. Your syntax should help the readers get the ideas without being confused. Try to add variety into an essay, but also mind that better writing means proper grammar and punctuation.

The brightest students never miss a chance to score some extra points, so these tips can make their essays even more perfect. Everything is possible for a willing heart!

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