September 6, 2017

Unique Body Paragraph

Write unique Body Paragraph
Traditionally, paragraphs between the introduction and conclusion are called body paragraphs. The main purpose of each body paragraph is to support your thesis, provide arguments and fill the essay with the evidence that support or oppose your key arguments.

The first body paragraph should be the strongest one in the essay. It should contain the most considerable argument or the most significant example. The other two are also significant and express writer`s thoughts and ideas.

In each body paragraph, the first sentence is the topic sentence – it summarizes the problem that you are going to analyze in your paragraph as well as is a part of your thesis statement. For each body paragraph only one topic sentence is required. In your topic sentence, do not write general information but try to express some catching idea that can grab reader`s attention. One paragraph should explain only one idea – do not even try to cover everything in one paragraph. Remember that your paper should be logically organized to bring aesthetic pleasure to reader.

Do not just point the statement – Francis Scott Fitzgerald was one of the most famous American writers. We assure you that your success hides in details. For example, Francis Scott Fitzgerald is a true literature genius who is known for the analysis of American Golden Age generation with its pursuit of American Dream. If possible, try to analyze writer`s background and explain why this person and his work deserves the extensive analysis. The reader needs to know everything about this person and it is your job as a writer to satisfy his needs. Analyzing a peculiar idea, do not hesitate to mention how it corresponds to your thesis statement. After all, the essay should have a classic structure, and you are not allowed to break it.

Do not make your body paragraphs too long or too small – they should be equal. You cannot develop the idea well if your paragraph consists of two-three sentences only. Explaining your idea, try to find as many details to support it as possible. A classic five-paragraph essay requires three paragraphs but if you believe you should create more, feel free to do it. Remember, you are the writer, and you should acknowledge what can be interesting to your reader. If you do not know what is a body paragraph, try to find some useful manuals online and learn about proper essay organization.

A Secret of Success

Still do not know how to write a body paragraph? Remember that all sentences, especially topic ones, should be effective. Do not jump from one idea to another and mix up the paragraphs. Try to stick to logical structure. If you find it difficult, feel free to create a simple outline before the writing process and think carefully about every point. Following the outline, it will be easier not to get lost in the variety of arguments, ideas, and body paragraphs. What is more, do not forget about transition words. Body paragraph transitions will make your essay easy to follow for your audience and will bring positive feedbacks to its writer. Use such words as furthermore, on the other hand, by way of contrast, conversely, additionally, nevertheless, although, as a consequence, etc., and your essay will sound smooth and coherently.

The Possible Reason for Failure

Try not to be too general. Your professor wants to see brand new information and fresh ideas in your essay. Impress him! Conduct ground research and try to find some reputable sources that can support your key ideas. Do not just write sentences to make them count. Write your essay with passion and inspiration and all your efforts will be highly evaluated.