September 6, 2017

Business Writing Components

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Business world obliges its workers to be good at professional writing. In other words, business writing refers to the major influences on the effective workplace. Employers and employees in different industries are involved in extensive writing, be it a formal report or routine mailing to their colleagues. Regardless of the situation, you always have to take into account the tone, style, content, audience, and purpose of writing. Moreover, business papers should always be concise and up-to-the-point. The writer should make an attempt to persuade the reader. Therefore, it is obligatory to get rid of excessive passive voice usage and refer to personal pronouns “I,” “you,” “we” as much as possible.

Preferred Citation Style

If to look at the business writing tips, you will see that the most commonly used citation style is APA (American Psychological Association). It is an author-date method of referencing, whereas writers are suggested not to refer to endnotes and footnotes. If you want to cite the borrowed idea, the citation will look like (Waley, 2011). If you want to present a direct quote, you will have to mention the page number as well and the citation will look like (Waley, 2011, p. 98). If you would like to learn more about this citation style, please refer to the Purdue Owl website.

Common Home Assignments

If you specialize in business and business administration, you will face a number of writing tasks in your studies that will entail:

Memorandum is a brief document or letter that presents the basic details about agenda, deadlines, and other important events in the company. In memoranda, workers do not have to show the highest degree of formality and write using informal vocabulary, especially if they write these letters to colleagues. Thus, it is always essential to pay attention to the audience because it does make a difference if you want to contact your colleague or manager. If you want to learn more about effective business writing and how to write decent memoranda, surf the net for the most detailed writing guidelines and samples, which will teach you to become a successful writer in business.

Business Letter differs much from the memorandum since here writer should write in a formal way. One of the business letters is “cover letter.” Before writing business letters, you should question yourself “what is business writing.” If you do not have any clear answer, then you should probably read some background literature to know more details about business letter writing. There are different standards for writing letters in business. However, all letters should include the heading – date and address, salutation, the text itself (a couple of body paragraphs) and ending. In business letters, the writer should prove that he/she is competent enough to discuss the issue. It can be done with the usage of special terminology. Do not hesitate to find some examples of business letters to know for sure how to organize your paper.

Case Analysis is the most commonly seen home assignment since students have to discuss a specific problem and base their ideas on the theories that they have already learnt in the class or at home. In this writing type, a student should briefly present a summary of the issue and then proceed with the discussion of the problem in his/her own words. Then, there is a need to introduce different solutions to the problem and prioritize them by focusing on their effectiveness. The last part of case analysis should be the justification of your choice of the most appropriate solution. You should appeal to reasoning and evidential support in your claims. Please strictly follow the abovementioned business writing format.

Business Proposal is a type of writing task that requires discussion of a problem and then analysis of its possible solutions. As in the previous business assignments, you have to provide a context or define the problem and suggest possible solutions (propose definite steps). Your professor can ask you to write either solicited or unsolicited business proposals. The choice of each depends largely on the type of home assignment, so please get back to your task file to be sure what to describe in your business proposal.