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College application essays are very important in the process of applying to college. If you have finally chosen a college you would like to study at, all you have to do is to provide an interesting application paper to attract the attention of the committee members. Generally, you will be requested to fill in the form online. Still, very often you can be asked to provide a written application containing basic information about you: your name, address, etc. Anyway, the form may also require providing information on organizations you took part in, your volunteer work, etc. As a result, you may get into trouble if you do not know how to write a college application essay properly. Below are the main tips on how to make your paper interesting and catching, to attract the attention of the committee members.

  1. The first issue that has to be taken into consideration is honesty. It may be very tempting to exaggerate your achievements a little bit to show that you are better than others. Still, it is extremely important to show the real you.
  2. It is also useful to ask your teachers for letters of recommendation. It is now always necessary and optional for many schools. Still, if you have such an opportunity, use it by asking your teacher or counselor to speak on your behalf.
  3. Show that you have something to bring to the school you are applying to. It is important to show that you can be useful to the college community.
  4. It is important to follow the college application essay format. In order not to omit any important information, make up a checklist of points that should be included in your paper.
  5. Do not write about your entire life. It may seem right to describe as many events of your life as possible choices for your application essay topics that were memorable for you or your family members. Anyway, what seems interesting for you may seem extremely boring for the committee members. Write about things that will make a strong impression, for example, your volunteering work, work which was assigned to you and where you had a leadership position, etc.
  6. Think of how to start a college application essay you write. In order to attract attention, it must be interesting and unusual from the first lines. Be original and unique. Too much informality may harm your writing. These are only a few useful college application essay tips.
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How to Start a College Application Essay?

Before you start working on your application essay, you need to focus on finding a good topic. This topic should sound interesting and appealing to you because only a good topic allows for creating a good essay. Below, you will find a list of college application essay topics you may work with in case you have freedom of choice:

  • I will never forget a day when I have met my best friend;
  • My favorite pet. A cat, who taught me how to be responsible;
  • The worst day of my life;
  • I have never thought that I am a leader until that day;
  • My family is my fortress;
  • The happiest memory from my childhood.

Although these topics may seem pretty simple, we assure you that by adding vivid details, you will be able to impress the application committee members. You should understand that these people are tired of reading boring application essays. Given the importance of this paper, you have to apply maximum effort to reach the expected outcome. Below, you will find other college application essay tips that will help you turn a simple essay into an appealing masterpiece.

How to Write a Good College Application Essay?

The Full Hemingway

Working in this style, you need to portray an image-based description that doesn`t explain everything right away. Creating a kind of suspense, you will be able to grab the readers` attention from the very first lines. Allow your dialogues, actions, and other details to speak for themselves and you will be totally satisfied with the result you will get.


That Monday was totally different from other Mondays of my life. When my mother silently came to my room, I knew that she wanted to say something important, however, I did not even realize that this conversation would divide my life into before and after.

Why it works? In the intro, you need to grab the reader`s attention. For this purpose, you need to include a kind of a hook that will make your reader think “Wow. So, what comes next?” Be very careful about details and try to include the ones that will help you convey your message best of all.

The Mini Hemingway

Such a strategy also assumes providing the reader with the image-based description. Such a description should be one to three sentences in length and should be followed by the sentences that will include more explanatory details or comments. Look at the previous example that was extended a bit.


That Monday was totally different from other Mondays of my life. When my mother silently came to my room, I knew that she wanted to say something important, however, I did not even realize that this conversation would divide my life into before and after. My mother has told me that grandmother died this night. She told me that Nanny died when she was sleeping as her heart stopped beating but I did not hear that. I could think only about the last week when Nanny asked me to visit her but I was too busy.

Why it works? The first part tells about something mysterious that frightened and intrigued the author. The next sentences add more details to the story explaining what had happened. The reader learns that the author loved his or her granny very much and felt guilty for not obeying her request.

The Philosophical Question

Using this approach, you should ask yourself and your readers a question that does not have an answer. By asking this question, you will make your audience reconsider their values and goals. After all, making the readers think is the best instrument for keeping them involved.


Can betrayal be forgiven? If you did not have the knife in your back, then you probably say “yes.” However, if you know that the person you loved, trusted, and relied on decided to play with your feelings, your answer won`t be that uncompromising.

Why it works? Many people faced betrayal. Some of them managed to forgive it whereas others could not accept it. Starting your college application essay with such a question, you will not only tell about your attitude to betrayal but also make your readers think about it.

The Confession

Begin your essay by admitting some fact about you, something you may be judged for.


When I hear about bullying in a school, I want to run and hide away from my childhood memories. No, I was not a victim of bullying. I was a bully.

Why it works? People always like to listen to confessions. They want to learn about the sins of others and understand that people can admit their mistakes. The fact that you can recognize your fault and admit it makes you stronger and mature.

The Random Fun Fact

If you decide to use this approach, you need to include some interesting facts from your biography that could interest your reader.


I am a passionate subscriber of the New York Times. Do you think that I am a Kardashians fan? Not really. Do you think that I am interested in world politics? A little bit. A word of the day. This makes me truly excited.

Why it works? To bring you the best outcome, your college application essay should have a “wow” effect on your reader. Tell something about yourself that is not known to other people and you will be able to engage your reader sharing your little secret.

How to End a College Application Essay?


Finalizing your essay with dialogue is always a good idea. If you tell about a conversation with someone, it is always better to shape it in dialogue as it will make a good impression on your audience.


Frustrated and desperate, she asked, “So, will you call me later?”
I replied, “Yes, sure.”
Certainly, I lied, but who cares?

Finalizing your college essay with some action, you will cause interest in your readers.


So, I opened the door and moved towards new opportunities.

Even without context, it is obvious that you have taken some risk and committed to something new.

Address the Committee Members Directly

Pay attention that the primary goal of your application essay is to get approval from the admission committee members. After reading your essay, they should realize that you are the student they have been looking for.


If you allow me to become a member of this educational environment, you will make me incredibly happy because this college is a perfect fit for all my career goals and aspirations. I am certain that I possess all the necessary skills and competencies that will help me succeed.

College Application Essay Example

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College Application Essay Writing

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