Difference between Term Paper and Research Paper Projects: Great Help

If you need to realize the difference between a term paper and a research paper, read this article. You find a detailed explanation of both!

Difference Between Term Paper and Research Paper: Learn the Essentials!

Being a student, you will definitely face the problem of a tough schedule. If you want to succeed with your academic assignments and maintain good academic performance, you need to realize the difference between term paper and research paper. At first glance, you may think that these papers are equal, however, we assure you that there are some distinctive features that should be familiar to every student. If you want to become a successful writer, you definitely need to be aware of what is a research paper and what is a term paper.

Why is it necessary to learn the difference between research paper and term paper? First and foremost, you need to realize that these two papers have different purposes, thus, they have a rather different structure. When one compares an essay and a research paper, it is obvious that an essay is a simpler task that requires a basic discussion of a particular problem. Very often, the student writes an essay based merely on personal observations. A research paper, on the contrary, is a much more serious assignment that requires a thorough analysis of the topic from different perspectives. Also, when working on a research paper, the writer should conduct research studying the credible and relevant sources. So, if the essential difference between an essay and a research paper is clear, how to understand the difference between term paper and research paper? Understanding the nature of these papers is vitally important for learning how to organize the writing process and how to meet the professor`s requirements. Also, we highly recommend you to study the term paper meaning and research paper meaning to understand what aspects should be considered in their writing.
Difference between Term Paper and Research Paper

Term Paper vs Research Paper

To find out the essential difference between term paper and research paper, one should point out their similarities first.

As for the common features, one should note that both the term paper and the research paper aim to evaluate the writer’s research and writing skills, as well as the ability to format and structure the paper thoroughly. The main differences between these two academic papers are presented below:
A research paper is a scientific style of academic writing that requires a theoretical and methodical discussion when analyzing a particular topic. In its turn, a term paper requires providing and interpreting the data obtained from other scholars. Both papers can vary in length but, usually, require from five to twelve pages.

A research paper is often dedicated to a particular scientific problem within a particular course. Such papers are usually prepared when the writer is going to discuss the problem that was not previously discussed or its results were quite controversial. Despite the subject discussed, a research paper usually follows the common structure and includes the elements given below:

    1. A cover page;
    1. A table of contents;
    1. An abstract;
    1. A literature review;
    1. A methodology part;
    1. A discussion part;
    1. A conclusion.

Each of these parts requires following a specific algorithm. No matter what your topic is, the structure remains the same. There are different types of research papers that vary according to the techniques of gathering the data: an observation research paper, an interview research paper, an experimental research paper, a survey research paper, etc. To conduct research and write a great research paper, the student should spend enough time. Consequently, a research paper is a lengthy assignment because it is simply impossible to discuss all major points, present the results, and prove the research hypothesis in just three-four pages.

To write a good research paper, the student needs to study credible and peer-reviewed journals, periodicals, books, and web articles. Also, writing such a paper may require the writer referring to the particular problem discussed in the past. Learning from it, the scholar will make the right conclusions and find out the new angles that should be addressed. Keep in mind that all sources you use for your research paper should be not older than five years. If you have found credible sources but they are older, we recommend you to get professor’s confirmation that these sources can be used.

A term paper, on the contrary, aims to check the student`s competence within the topic studied in the classroom. Usually, such an assignment is accompanied by a test or any other task to evaluate the student`s awareness of the topic. Whereas a research paper can be assigned to the student at any time, a term paper is usually assigned at the end of the training session. When writing a term paper, the student should demonstrate not only perfect research, writing, and organization skills, but also the level of expertise obtained during a certain period of study. As it was already mentioned, the length of the term paper depends on many factors. Whereas a research paper has a scientific nature, a term paper is more a critical review done on a specific topic. As such, along with providing the findings of other scholars, the student should also suggest a personal opinion regarding the topic. For instance, when writing a term paper on the problem of global warming, you need to identify the problem first, provide the results of other scholars, as well as suggest your instruments for solving the problem. Unlike a research paper, a term paper can have different forms. It means that whereas writing a research paper requires following the universal structure, writing a term paper depends on the nature of the piece. A term paper can be written in the form of an annotated bibliography, a literature review, a report, or any other paper. Moreover, a student can also be asked to create a research term paper. After all, it is the professor’s task to provide the student with a clear guideline of how the paper should be written. We recommend you to study the customer’s guidelines thoroughly and clarify all the controversial points from the very beginning. Remember that the more time you spend understanding the requirements, the less time you will spend on revisions.

Although you may consider writing a research paper or writing a term paper waste of time, we assure you that these academic assignments are good instruments in checking the student`s skills and competencies. Therefore, having to produce a research paper or a term paper, you should not neglect this task but try to treat it very seriously taking our guidelines into consideration. Also, there are many effective manuals available online that will guide you through all the stages of writing a research paper or a term paper.

Key Similarities

As for the key term paper and research paper similarities, it should be noted that both of these tasks serve for measuring the level of the student`s writing competence. Both of these tasks will force the writer to exhibit their writing and research skills, as well as the ability to present the material in a clear and comprehensive way. When working on both a term paper and a research paper, you will be asked to find, synthesize, and examine credible research materials and present your findings in an objective way. Also, both of them should be written in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Key Differences

Despite both a term paper and a research paper have many common features, there are some differences that should be considered if you want to become a good writer. Yes, both of these papers follow similar structural patterns, however, the general difference between a research paper and term paper is that the research paper can be assigned at any time and does not have the same level of importance on the overall grade as the term paper does. Another important difference between these two papers is that the research paper usually suggests a debatable hypothesis whereas a term paper often supports a thesis statement. In comparison to a research paper, a term paper is quite shorter and does not include any appendices. One more difference is that the research paper usually requires using a bigger number of sources. Finally, the research paper requires using a problem-solving approach whereas a term paper simply requires using the skills and knowledge obtained throughout the term. We have gathered the essential term paper and research paper similarities and differences in the table below:

Term Paper

Research Paper

It is usually assigned in the middle or at the end of the term. It is usually assigned at the beginning of the term.
It focuses on examining the level of the student`s knowledge after studying a certain topic or module. It focuses on solving a particular problem.
It often supports a strong thesis statement. It often supports a hypothesis.
It has a limited deadline. It can take weeks or even months to complete.
It significantly influences the overall student grade. It does not always influence the overall grade for the term.
It can take only a single page. It is usually written in no less than five pages.
It can be written in the form of a research paper or any other academic task. It cannot be written in the form of a term paper.

Common Tips

No matter what paper you were asked to produce, you need to pick up a good topic. The topic should be relevant to your discipline and interesting to your reader. Moreover, you need to select the topic that will provide you with a good field for discussion meaning it should be rather new in a scientific paradigm. Consider the writing process not as torture but as an opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

Forget about procrastination since it will bring you many problems. Having not enough time to edit and proofread your final draft, you will not be able to get the expected outcome. As such, no matter if you are writing a term paper or a research paper, you need to treat both of these assignments seriously. So, make a sound claim. Provide solid arguments. Support these arguments with accurate evidence. After all, the best students give one-hundred percent regardless of the task assigned. We assure you that even if you do not fully understand difference between term paper and research paper projects, follow the common guidelines and apply a professional approach! After all, practice makes perfect. So, polish your writing and research skills and you will be able to manage even the most challenging academic task!

Additional Tips for Writing a Research Paper and a Term Paper

By knowing the key term paper and research paper similarities and differences, you will easily succeed with both of these tasks. However, buying any of these papers online at a trusted writing provider is a better option. A reputed writing service will always help you maintain your successful academic reputation without sacrificing your time. In case you want to work on the paper on your own, make sure to organize the writing process properly. For this purpose, feel free to make up a simple outline that will help you keep focus and meet the professor’s guidelines. Finally, be attentive to details and result-oriented and you will definitely get the expected grade.
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