How to Write an Essay Conclusion?

Read this article and you will know how to write an essay conclusion. If the essay conclusion writing is a real struggle for you, you can get help from us.

In order to understand how to write a conclusion and what is its main purpose, you need to imagine yourself in the boxing ring. You have invested so much time and effort to reach the desired outcome, but now it is the time for the last punch. A conclusion is the most powerful part of your essay as it is the final word you say about your topic.

Since your conclusion is your last word regarding the topic, you need to use the most convincing arguments and restate the thesis suggested in the introduction claiming your position once again. At the same time, you should make your essay conclusion sound different from your introduction. Pay attention that whereas introductions always make abstract statements, conclusions always suggest specific solutions.

It is sometimes very hard to write an essay conclusion. Here, you can try one more time to persuade readers to agree with your point of view. It is an opportunity to leave a long-lasting impression on them. Writing a good concluding paragraph will help people understand that they have read great work. This section should be a logical ending of an academic paper. It has to show that the covered topic is really interesting and the discussed items have considerable significance. Your essay conclusion has to stimulate readers to examine the subject further.

If you want to know how to write clear essay conclusions for any type of academic paper, take the following steps:

  • While making the conclusion, try to connect it with the first paragraph of your work. You may use some word combinations or sentences that you have written at the beginning of the paper.
  • When concluding your essay, try to use monosyllabic words. Therefore, it will be easier for readers to understand what you are talking about. On the contrary, you should write compound sentences. It can give readers a sense of the end of a detailed discussion.

Write an Essay Conclusion

In order to develop readers’ interest, take the tips given below into account:

  • While writing a college essay conclusion, take some great quotes from the sources that provide valuable information about the subject. However, do not forget to cite them properly. A direct quotation from the book you are analyzing can add weight to your paper. It can help develop the key point of your work. There is one more thing that is worth mentioning. You have to be sure that a particular quotation has a direct connection to the topic of your project. You should know that the concluding unit has to end with your own words and not someone other’s.
  • All good essays are based on in-depth research. That is why writing about some issues of the previous century you may address the current ones (of the same area, of course). In this case, your academic work will be more profound and interesting.
  • Make sure that you have clearly illustrated the arguments. It is very important as readers have to know that your paper is based on true facts. Thus, people will know that they can reference your work as it is a valuable source of useful information.
  • When you write your essay conclusion, try to describe what constructive suggestions your project puts forward. It may offer a new but effective solution to a particular problem or develop some strategies.

You may conclude your essay using one or more of the techniques given below:

  • Ask a thought-provoking question;
  • Write a brief summary of the main points discussed in the main body;
  • Evoke a vivid image;
  • End with a call to action;
  • Compare your situation to others;
  • Finalize your essay with a warning;
  • Refer to your introduction using parallel concepts and images, as well as keywords.

While producing academic works, it is necessary to pay close attention to each of the sections. Everything has to be logically organized in order to achieve the desired result, i.e. positive feedback from your professor. Do you want to know how to come to good essay conclusions?

  • The most important thing is not to make a short summary but a useful one. It has to present the key items of your work in detail, especially if you have written a long paper. However, there is no need to discuss some ideas of your essay one more time if it is a short piece of writing. Thus, pay attention to the word count.
  • Try to avoid using such phrases as “to summarize”, “in conclusion”, “to conclude”. They can be very useful, in case you make an oral speech. You can be sure that the readers will understand when your work comes to an end. You should not repeat the same things twice, as it is rather annoying and will not make your paper better.

In order to know exactly how to write a conclusion paragraph in the right way, you should pay attention to one more peculiarity:

Do not apologize! What does it mean? When you begin to prepare a certain work, you gather a considerable amount of material for it and know a lot about the subject. Believe that you know much more than you have written in a certain number of pages. Every learner has some doubts about his/her paper. Students check everything a few times to make sure they have met the professor’s requirements. The closer the conclusion is the more doubts arouse. You have to remove them completely. Do not discredit yourself by saying something like \”there are a lot of other great papers on this topic…\”

How to Write an Essay Conclusion?

If you want to reach a good result, in your conclusion, you should not do the following:

  • Introduce a new idea;
  • Rephrase your thesis statement with no substantive changes;
  • Focus on major points of the essay;
  • Cover the remaining information in the last paragraph.

Some students commit the same mistake trying to make up for an incomplete structure. For instance, if you promised to make a comparative analysis of three books, but in your main body you discussed only two of them, do not try to cover the remaining information in the last paragraph as your conclusion is the place where you should just reconsider the material given previously.

Conclusion Outline

Ineffective Conclusions

“Sherlock Holmes”

The writer states the thesis in a conclusion.

The writer keeps the readers in suspense to make everything more dramatic. They believe that impressing the readers with the final idea they will be like Sherlock Holmes solving the mystery.

“It is my story and I will stick to it”

The writer states the thesis very short;

The writer fails to push ideas forward;

Example: In conclusion, one should say that Malcolm X was an uncompromising fighter for the well-being of his nation.

“Grab Bag”

The writer includes extra information that could be integrated into the main body;

The writer confuses the reader by providing numerous irrelevant details.

How to Write an Essay Conclusion? Essay Conclusion Examples

If you have no idea how to conclude an essay, there is a perfect way to obtain the necessary information. We recommend you to find good essay conclusion examples online and learn from them. Indeed, these samples will help you boost your writing talent and understand how a good concluding paragraph should look like. When reading these samples and learning how to do a conclusion we recommend you to pay attention to the following:

  • The overall style;
  • The main hooks;
  • The length of the conclusion;
  • The way the thesis is addressed;
  • The key points summarized.

When reading these samples, you need to keep in mind the peculiarities of your style and format. Let us discuss the conclusions of different types of essay endings.

Argumentative Essay Conclusion Example

Topic. Civil War

All of us can have different attitudes to the events of the Civil War. However, our viewpoints do not change the reasons that led to this war. One of the most obvious reasons was slavery. Then, the election of Abraham Lincoln worsened the situation. Even nowadays, one can see the differences between the East and South that came from the past.

Persuasive Essay Conclusion Example

Let us discuss how to write a conclusion for a persuasive essay. The structure of your persuasive paper should be as in any other academic paper. In your conclusion, you should restate your thesis and two or three main arguments that were discussed in the paper. When writing a conclusion for a persuasive essay, do not forget to include a call to action as it is an integral part of persuasive essay writing. At the same time, there is no need to restate the whole thesis as you have already done it in your introduction. In your conclusion, your readers should get insight by understanding that your position is right.

Topic. Homework in School

I provided you with three of the most solid and powerful descriptions of how homework affects studying on a daily basis. They help conclude that dealing with homework on a daily basis is just irrelevant. Being a teenager, you have too many activities contributing to your personal and professional growth. Thank you for letting me express my position.

Compare and Contrast Essay Conclusion Example

When writing a compare and contrast essay, you need to discuss the main similarities and differences between two or more subjects. Remember that a compare and contrast essay is not about your personal attitude. In the concluding paragraphs, you need to emphasize the essential differences of the subjects being compared.

Topic. Devil in “Omen” and “Master and Margarita.”

The Devil’s portrayal in “Omen” by David Seltzer and “Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov is totally different. As it was discussed in the essay, Bulgakov’s Devil is more about intellect and philosophy whereas Seltzer`s Devil was created to reveal human fears. Although these two characters are different, they keep scaring people.

Narrative Essay Conclusion Example

When it comes to narrative essay writing, you need to keep in mind that you are telling a story. You should not carry out additional research or provide some facts. You just need to choose a specific timeframe and tell what had happened to you at this time. As such, the concluding paragraph of your narrative essay will sound a bit different from the ones you used to write in other papers.
Topic. An Important Lesson.

At the moment when John and I came back home, we noticed a big scary dog sleeping in our dining room. It was not a nightmare or a fairytale. It was a dog of Uncle Jack, who suddenly decided to visit us. At the moment we were ready to run, Uncle Jack came to the house and calmed us down saying that Mika was very harmless. That day has taught me not to make hasty conclusions.

English Essay Conclusion Example

Writing a conclusion for an English essay is the most difficult. However, we assure you that in most cases the writer has already written the conclusion instead of you and it is on the surface.

Fitzgerald proves that the concept of American Dram is no more than just a fraud. His Gatsby was dreaming about returning his loved one without realizing that living in a money-centered society, Daisy became its part. Disappointed and despaired, Gatsby has lost his illusions.

Bottom Line

Pay attention that regardless of what kind of essay you write, you need to keep all the essay parts related to each other. Your conclusion essays aim to show to your reader that you perfectly coped with the task and managed to reach the expected goal. Therefore, you should clearly understand how to write a conclusion paragraph. As for the common guidelines, your writing should be clear and concise. All in all, being written well, your clear essay conclusion will make a great impression on your readers!

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