September 6, 2017

Clear Essay Conclusion

Write an Essay Conclusion

How to Write an Essay Conclusion?

It is sometimes very hard to write an essay conclusion. Here, you can try one more time to persuade readers to agree with your point of view. It is an opportunity to leave a long lasting impression on them. Writing a good concluding paragraph will help people understand that they have read a great work. This section should be a logical ending of an academic paper. It has to show that the covered topic is really interesting and the discussed items have considerable significance. Your essay conclusion has to stimulate readers to examine the subject further.

If you want to know how to write clear essay conclusions for any types of academic papers, take the following steps:

  • While making the conclusion, try to connect it with the first paragraph of your work. You may use some word-combinations or sentences which you have written at the beginning of the paper.
  • When concluding your essay, try to use monosyllabic words. Therefore, it will be easier for readers to understand what you are talking about. On the contrary, you should write compound sentences. It can give readers a sense of the end of a detailed discussion.

In order to develop readers’ interest, take the tips given below into account:

  • While writing a college essay conclusion, take some great quotes from the sources that provide valuable information about the subject. However, do not forget to cite them properly. A direct quotation from the book you are analyzing can add weight to your paper. It can help develop the key point of your work. There is one more thing that is worth mentioning. You have to be sure that a particular quotation has a direct connection to the topic of your project. You should know that the concluding unit has to end with your own words and not someone other’s.
  • All good essays are based on in-depth research. That is why writing about some issues of the previous century you may address the current ones (of the same area, of course). In this case, your academic work will be more profound and interesting.
  • Make sure that you have clearly illustrated the arguments. It is very important as readers have to know that your paper is based on true facts. Thus, people will know that they can reference your work as it is a valuable source of useful information.
  • When you write your essay conclusion, try to describe what constructive suggestions your project puts forward. It may offer a new but effective solution to a particular problem or develop some strategies.

While producing academic works, it is necessary to pay close attention to each of the sections. Everything has to be logically organized in order to achieve the desired result, i.e. positive feedback from your professor. Do you want to know how to come to good essay conclusions?

  • The most important thing is not to make a short summary but a useful one. It has to present the key items of your work in detail, especially if you have written a long paper. However, there is no need to discuss some ideas of your essay one more time if it is a short piece of writing. Thus, pay attention to the word count.
  • Try to avoid using such phrases as “to summarize”, “in conclusion”, “to conclude”. They can be very useful, in case you make an oral speech. You can be sure that the readers will understand when your work comes to an end. You should not repeat the same things twice, as it is rather annoying and will not make your paper better.

In order to know exactly how to write a conclusion paragraph in the right way, you should pay attention to one more peculiarity:

Do not apologize! What does it mean? When you begin to prepare a certain work, you gather a considerable amount of material for it and know a lot about the subject. Believe that you know much more than you have written in certain number of pages. Every learner has some doubts about his/her paper. Students check everything for a few times to make sure they have met professor’s requirements. The closer the conclusion is the more doubts arouse. You have to remove them completely. Do not discredit yourself saying something like \”there are a lot of other great papers on this topic…\”