Film Review

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Vertigo Movie by: Alfred Hitchcock

Vertigo is one of the classic films of Alfred Hitchcock. Its genre can be defined as a thriller with elements of the detective. The plot of the movie bases on the novel From Among the Dead written by Boileau and Narcejac.

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Hong Kong Film

A New Type of a Hero in the Film ‘Infernal Affairs’ Movie Review The budgets of most films are relatively limited, which means that Asian […]

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Baby Driver Movie Review

Nowadays, visual content definitely dominates over all other kinds that have been used for long, and thus, the movie makers face new challenges as how to make their works more engaging, entertaining and how to fill cinemas with the amazed audience. Moreover, currently, they have to compete with the TV shows and series as they tend to draw the viewers attention and transform it into little addiction.

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La Ronde

Discuss the structure of La Ronde. How is the play constructed? What is the significance of this construction?

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Analysis of a Film Frozen

Frozen is the second work of Chinese director Wang Xiaoshuai. The film was shot in 1996 and originally had the name The Great Game. Frozen is cast […]

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