Baby Driver Movie Review

Reviewing movies can seem fun, but it practically needs the discipline to explain all elements of a film and to write your opinion shortly. Check out the example review of the film "Baby Driver" to gain a better knowledge of how to write one yourself.

The Review of Baby Driver

Nowadays, the visual content definitely dominates over all other kinds that have been used for long, and thus, the movie makers face the new challenges as how to make their works more engaging, entertaining and how to fill cinemas with the amazed audience. Moreover, currently, they have to compete with the TV shows and series as they tend to draw the viewers attention and transform it into little addiction. Therefore, a lot of movie makers tend to turn back to the old, yet, quality techniques used for the films shooting. The presented paper specifically focuses on one of such cases and considers the motion picture called Baby Driver. It incorporates a number of both old and innovative visual techniques as well as reflects the tendencies that prevail in the field of contemporary cinematography.

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The movie has been created by Edgar Wright, an English movie maker and actor. While assessing the film, critics noted that in this motion picture, Wright must have been attempting to sell himself to the Hollywood as he shot a classic car action which is quite familiar to the viewers (Lee, 2017). Yet, it seems that he merely experimented and decided to try his skills in a domain which was new for him. As a result, he has created a mix of old school car action and a modern day drama with excessive use of music and visual effects.

Speaking about the film itself, the Baby Driver tells a story of a young driver called Baby who suffers from partially impaired hearing, and who is still considered as one of the fastest drivers in Atlanta. All the time, he hears the sounds in his head due to the in-born disease, and thus, he can be usually found in headphones as music helps him to concentrate and reach his goals. Baby uses this specific feature to survive while being threatened by Doc, whose car he once stole. Because of this fact, Baby frequently serves as an accomplice to many robberies organized by Doc. Eventually, he decides to quit; however, Doc sends him on the final task, the most dangerous and riskiest one. Baby finally realizes that everything is at stake, and that he has to use all his talent, writ and daring to ensure that he will survive this experience, and that everyone whom he loves and treasures will be safe and sound.

Overall, the Baby Driver is the movie that is based on three pillars. First, it provides for abundance of music which is both the background for the events and an important element of the plot in general. The mentioned technique is a contemporary phenomenon because a lot of present day motion pictures include fabulous music tracks that make habitual scenes look a little bit different. In a certain way, movie makers appeal not only to the visual senses of a human being, but also to the hearing abilities and memory that is engaged in the process of remembering the feelings and the overall atmosphere inherent in a film.

Second, the movie under consideration reproduces the classic car motions and actions typical for the ones made in the 60s, 70s and 80s (Willman, 2017). As a consequence, this creates the feeling of experiencing the time travelling since all of the elements are intersected, interconnected, yet, they still belong to different time periods. The film itself represents a classic action with an active and brave protagonist who has been gifted within a special ability and grew up on his own. With regard to the stated above, it resonates with The Driver to the greatest extent as the example of an old movie and Atomic Blonde, in terms of the use of melody and soundtracks in the main scenes to create the necessary overall impression.

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Finally, another important connection between the old movies and this work lies the moral character who, at first, dreams of being a getaway driver and, then, faces a nightmare of being an accomplice to many robberies. The critics assert that the three-part structure that has been used in this movie is inherent for other pictures as well. In this case, there have been the revolving cast members in each gang (Lee, 2017). Overall, a lot of the connections with the classic action movies can be traced in this film, too. The given movie is quite engaging and entertaining as it indeed makes one forget about the daily routine and dive into the reality of robberies and street races. On the other hand, it has a number of various specific effects and touchy moments. For example, the protagonist suffers from the rare disease. At the same time, he manages to handle the issue and be quite successful in his occupation. Yet, the scenario of the film is quite trivial as it focuses mainly on the love story between the main character, Baby, and the waitress, Deborah. In a certain way, it lacks the psychological depth which I treasure above all in the movies that I usually choose. However, the director of this art work has incorporated many innovations into the movie. To start from, he has managed to shoot it using the traditional cameras with only a few of the scenes being filmed with help of the digital camera. Additionally, the plot, despite the fact that its end can be anticipated, is still quite complicated as it provides for some mind traps and manipulations. It also seems that music has been specifically composed for this motion picture. It provides each of the scenes with the original flavor and adds the tone to the quite traditional movie scenes. In some cases, it reflects the inner self of the protagonist, whereas in other situations, it makes one laugh. In addition, I believe that music is an inseparable part of modern peoples lives as all of them listen to it while walking, getting to some destination, reading, and during other activities. Some of us even claim that some memories or experiences might be associated with definite kind of music or sound-tracks. For instance, when one visits Paris, he or she is expecting to hear romantic music or chanson everywhere. Moreover, music frequently helps to complete complex tasks and to meet important deadlines. Thus, such an abundant use of it in the movie as well as stressing on it as on the important or even vital part of ones life definitely resonates with the millenials (Edgar Wright, 2017).

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Overall, I can say that watching Baby Driver was quite a pleasant experience for me as I was amazed by the tricks with the cars, by the results of the music combinations and the events shown. One of the scenes that I like the most and which is visually the strongest one depicts the situation when Baby faces the large track and makes a quick, yet fascinating maneuver to avoid it. The movie is indeed enriched with such hot peaks when the protagonist hardly survives and it, of course, makes the film even more engaging and entertaining. The adrenaline rush that is caused by such scenes and the empathy that can be felt to the main character definitely make the effect of this motion picture even more profound and long-lasting. What is also worth stating is that the main part of the movie has been shot with the help of the old-school equipment. Certain scenes and the overall film structure remind more of a music clip as it has been designed and made following the rules for the music clip creation. The stylistics is also quite adorable. Yet, I do not think that I will opt for Baby Driver for the second viewing. In conclusion, the Baby Driver is a successful example of combination of the old and new techniques for shooting. While filming, Edgar Wright experimented with different visual and audio elements. The abundance of music and resemblance of car actions from the 60s and 70s add unique and original atmosphere to this movie. At the same time, it represents new trends prevailing in the motion pictures when retro is incorporated in post-urban scenes.

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