Extemporaneous Speech Topics

To help you facilitate the process of speech writing, our professional writers have prepared you a comprehensive list of extemporaneous speech topics that cover a vast range of subjects. With the help of the topic ideas, you will be able to deliver a premium-quality and appealing speech.


Extemporaneous Speech Topics: How to Make Your Speech Interesting

When hearing about extemporaneous speech topics, many students keep wondering what they are and what their purpose is. The fundamental thing about this type of speech consists of addressing a specific question of a speech home assignment in front of the class or some other audience. Many students confuse extemporaneous speech with an impromptu speech. However, these are different since the latter does not require any kind of preparation whereas the former provides some time for students to think about the topic, make notes, and only then come on the stage.

While delivering an impromptu speech in front of the audience is a daunting task for many students, extemporaneous speaking is not that challenging to master. In case you have some difficulties addressing extemporaneous speech topics or if you are not good at speech writing, be sure that you can address a reliable custom writing service for assistance.

If you wonder, what the extemporaneous speech rules are or what you are supposed to do in an extemporaneous speech, please consider the following rule of thumb: the topic you choose for the extemp speech should address a specific question or issue in the tournament where you take place or in the given assignment. If you cannot speak without preparation, do not risk and take the chance to use the preparation time. However, if you are a good spontaneous speaker, off you go!

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On the whole, there are three categories of extemporaneous speeches:

  1. High school and college tasks. If you have this assignment, always adhere to the instructions sent to you by your professor or teacher. As a rule, students have to focus on analytical and informative speech on economic, legal, business or domestic questions or controversial issues. One of the extemporaneous speaking tips is to carefully read the prompt and address it in detail. Be attentive to whether speaking notes are allowed to use while giving a speech.
  2. Tournaments. As a rule, when participating in a tournament, students get questionnaire forms and then they have to present a speech. Carefully check the information to know which format of presentation should be followed and what rules are to be adhered to. When taking part in the tournament, you may either be allowed to use cards with prompts for speaking or just specific keywords.
  3. Business presentation. This is a complicated assignment. Normally, this type of presentation is delivered either by students majoring in Business and Administration (or Business and Management) or businessmen. You may use tips how to write an extemp speech from the previous two speech types.

Public Speaking Prompts: Get Prepared in Three Steps

  1. Choose a topic from the list of extemporaneous speech topics. Before delivering a speech, you will be given a specific subject or research area to talk about. Once you know the theme or subject of your speaking, please come up with a topic that you are interested in and that is adjacent to the given theme. When choosing public speaking topics, please maintain the balance between the topic that you are passionate about and the topic that may be of interest to your audience. It does not matter whether the topic will deal with some social issue or a controversial issue, just be confident in your choice.
  2. Formulate a strong and clear thesis statement. A thesis statement is the central element of any type of writing and speaking. This statement should convey the central idea or message you intend to communicate to your listeners or readers. When it comes to extemporaneous speaking, you may write your thesis statement in two or three sentences to specify the significance of the topic and share your standpoint on it. After you have written the thesis, read it aloud for yourself, and think of whether it will be clear and comprehensible enough for your audience.
  3. Get sufficient practice in advance. If you wonder how to write an extemp speech successfully, please be aware that there is no better advice than “to practice on a regular basis.” You will become more skillful with practice. You can practice even while at home – start speaking on some topic in front of the mirror, for example. Pay attention to how you feel, what feelings and emotions you can notice, etc. Also please consider the body language since it is vital in the process of delivering a speech or a presentation. Do not stop training till you are satisfied with the result.

Extemporaneous Speaking: How to Succeed in Speaking without Lengthy Preparation?

Almost every person will have to be involved in extemporaneous speaking at some point of his/ her life but for the majority of students extemporaneous speaking seems like a challenge. Mostly, it is because students are used to preparing at home thoroughly before presenting some topic or delivering a speech. One can encounter the challenge of extemporaneous speaking on different occasions: in academic settings, on some special events, etc.

One of the fundamental examples of extemporaneous speech is natural communication. Still, if you have a college or university assignment to present extemporaneous speech, be sure to get the rules and principles of giving a speech. One of the primary things to do is to get acquainted with the speech topics list in order to find out what impromptu speech ideas are worth consideration and what not.

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50 Extemporaneous Definition Speech Topics

  1. How can one tackle the problem of inequality among different social classes?
  2. Should people be imposed restrictions in form of an ethical code and social rules?
  3. Specific negative effects of environmental pollution that has influenced people’s lives.
  4. Why are there increasing rates of apathy resulting from politics nowadays in comparison to the past years?
  5. Should people be encouraged by the government to always maintain sustainable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle?
  6. How can you personally foster people’s responsibility for the environment?
  7. What is the most pressing environmental issue in the area where you live?
  8. Introduce yourself and tell us about the most special character trait you can boast off.
  9. Narrate about the most memorable day of your life. Do you remember how you felt back then?
  10. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
  11. Top 10 things you like most about your place of residence.
  12. What are the ten things you like about your institutional affiliation?
  13. Do you remember the last time you acted bravely? What is the most courageous thing you have ever done in your life?
  14. Recollect an event or story of your life that is in some way important for you and from which you have derived some kind of lesson or message.
  15. Your favorite book author. What makes him/ her so special?
  16. Try to describe your best friend as vividly as possible. What do you like and dislike about him/ her?
  17. When was the last time that you had to provide an honest feedback to somebody?
  18. Is there one thing in life that could make you successful?
  19. Is there a person who motivates you in life?
  20. Why do you think that tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving is still present?
  21. Do you agree that Paris is a really unique place for travelers? Why?
  22. Is there any television show that, in your opinion, should be canceled?
  23. Is there any way to eradicate cyberbullying and online fraud?
  24. What is the central geopolitical problem that should be tackled nowadays?
  25. Is there any way people can resist automation in order to save their workplaces?
  26. What is your greatest concern about the future?
  27. Can money measure real wealth?
  28. Do you think it is fair that animals are still killed for meat, fur, and leather in the modern world?
  29. Do you believe in destiny?
  30. What is the least useful invention in the world?
  31. If you had to choose on your own to be a boy or a girl before birth, which gender would you choose?
  32. The role of communication in your life.
  33. What is more important personally to you: practical skills or theoretical education?
  34. Do you agree with the proverb that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder?
  35. Imagine that you have become extremely rich one day. What would you do with all the money you have?
  36. Would you like to choose a country where you would like to live?
  37. If you could become an animal for one day, what animal would you become and why?
  38. What is the happiest moment of your entire life?
  39. Is there anything that people can do to save the planet?
  40. Are exams still effective for evaluating one’s performance?
  41. Is there a possibility to achieve peace all around the world?
  42. If you could make an invention, what would it be?
  43. Should fur clothing be banned on the governmental level?
  44. When shopping, do you pay more attention to quality or prices?
  45. What are the components of a healthy lifestyle?
  46. Is there any thing in your life that you could be proud of?
  47. Is it a prudent idea to be a vegan?
  48. If you knew that you had only one day to live, what would you do?
  49. What is the meaning of family for you?
  50. What does a perfect day look like?

Tips on How to Improve Speech Topics and Succeed in Impromptu Speaking

  1. Analyze and evaluate which of the current events are most pressing. To find some information, look through online sources as well as newspapers and magazines.
  2. Surf the net and find some interesting information about the current events. Pay attention to peer-reviewed sources and what the experts say on the issue. Use quotes, statistics, and some specific evidence.
  3. Watch some interesting videos or television programs. Pay specific attention to the documentaries.
  4. Seek advice from experienced competitors how they prepare for extemporaneous speaking. Ask some tips on how they prepare, how they present the topic in front of the audience, how they interact with the audience, etc.
  5. Structure and update all gathered information and files so that you can find your notes really quickly when needed.
  6. Consult encyclopedias or reference books to get creative and new ideas.

Remember that succeeding in extemporaneous speaking is a skill that should be mastered. As such, your task lies in being able to engage listeners listen to your speech carefully and be involved in the topic. Even if you have little practice in presenting such speeches, you might even evoke interest of your audience with your charismatic personality. So, keep in mind that it is not merely what you talk about but how you do it.

Things to Avoid When Presenting Your Speech

  • Try to avoid a fear of the audience. Imagine that you are presenting your speech before hundreds of people. Your palms are sweating and you cannot breathe. If you think that you are the only person suffering from this problem, you are not right. Even the best public speakers are afraid of presenting their thoughts and ideas in public. However, keep in mind that the way you interact with your audience defines the success of your speech. Thus, you need to try to relax and use some techniques to manage your fear and anxiety;
  • Avoid speaking too fast. Pay attention that the human brain can absorb information effectively only if it is given in a relaxed and calm manner. Even if you have much information to share with your audience, try to make logical pauses that will help your readers think over the value of your ideas. To improve your skills, make sure to check the famous speeches available online. Having great samples, you will understand how to engage your audience and how to keep their attention;
  • Avoid pretending. Many speakers commit the same mistake pretending to be the experts in the topic, though they are not able to answer the simplest questions. If your audience catches you on cheating, you will lose your reputation and respect from your listeners. All in all, a good public speaker is always sincere with the audience. Pay attention that a word has an immense power, which can either bring you a lot of attractive opportunities or close all the doors. 

If you are struggling with writing your speech with no luck, you can always rely on our professional writers. Allowing us to take care of your speech, you can relax knowing that some of our experts will create a true masterpiece in accordance with your guidelines.