How to Write an Analysis Essay: Tips and Hints 

What is an analysis paper? When you are a college student, it is important that you learn how to write an analysis essay. Writing an analysis essay is useful because it is not merely a summary of the text, but shows that the student can examine it beneath the surface and express evidence-based opinions about the content.

Critical Analysis Paper

Many students do not know how to write an analysis paper because they are used to just summarizing the main points. However, this is not the purpose of this assignment. It is also not enough to state that you thought the text was interesting. You must identify passages in the writing to support your claims. 

Analysis Paper Outline

Before you start writing the essay itself, you should start with an analysis paper outline. A lot of students do not like this step, but it is very important since you want the paper to stay on topic. It is also a good way to utilize your notes. Your outline will be broken down in the following way:

Analysis Paper Outline

Now let us go into more detail about these parts

  • Introduction. Those who know how to write a good analysis essay – or any essay for that matter – understand how important it is to hook the reader right away. Surprising them with statistics or a controversial statement can be effective. You should also provide some background about the topic, although you do not want to give too much away. After all, that is what the rest of the paper is for. Finish the introduction with a thesis statement. This is an argument that you will defend for the rest of the paper.
  • Body. For conventional essays, this will consist of three paragraphs, each of which contains a separate point that is tied directly to your thesis statement. Each paragraph begins with a topic sentence and then you will use passages in the text (or even secondary sources) to support your arguments. 
  • Conclusion. You will briefly summarize your main points and discuss why writing your essay was a useful exercise. It is the last thing that the reader will remember, so end the paper on a memorable note!

5 Tips for Writing a Successful Analysis Paper

If you are having a difficult time writing an analysis paper, you are not alone. This assignment requires you to do more than just present what is stated. This means thoroughly examining the contents. As frustrating as it might seem, once you gain experience you will know how to write an analysis essay that impresses your instructor. If you take the suggestions of this article to heart, you too can succeed in writing your analysis paper. Here are five important steps that you should take. 

  1. Be patient. You are not going to become an accomplished writer overnight. The analysis paper is time-consuming and creates some anxiety, but with a good amount of practice, it will become like second nature to you.
  2. Pick a good topic. If possible, choose something that you find interesting. If the topic is boring, you will not likely feel motivated. You should also choose something that is relatively unique. Nobody wants to read an analysis of the same tired poems or “how to” processes. 
  3. Take a stand. After you have read the material, it is time to formulate an opinion. Try to think outside the box as you decide on your approach. This will help the reader to understand the content in ways they might not have considered. You will use the thesis statement to let the reader know what you are going to argue.
  4. Gather evidence. You should make sure to use evidence from the material or find scholarly sources in order to support your arguments. Just make sure the sources you use are reliable and based on facts. Carefully read them so that you do not accidentally misinterpret their meaning. 
  5. Make an outline. As noted, this is the best way to ensure that your paper stays focused. A lot of students who do not know how to write an analysis paper will turn the assignment into a stream of consciousness, typing whatever comes to mind without any plan. Worst of all, they are inclined to throw in irrelevant information or they will express an incomplete thought. The outline is the perfect way to avoid this. 

While the critical analysis paper might seem like a hassle, it really is something that you will find useful both in the course of your academics and even your future career. For starters, it allows you to dive deep into a piece of writing (or movie, TV show, music) and understand it on a whole other level. The critical thinking skills required will make you a better problem solver as well. Ultimately, if you want to succeed, it helps if you pick a topic that you find enjoyable. But even if your instructor pre-selects the topic for you, keep an open mind and try your best. You might ultimately find that it is interesting! 

20 Process Analysis Essay Topics

A process analysis essay is different from a literary analysis essay in that it examines how to do something rather than critically weigh the strengths and weaknesses of an author’s work. A lot of students like writing process analysis papers because it allows them to share advice on how to do something they are good at. As you think about process analysis essay topics, try to pick one that you are knowledgeable about and consider to be useful. 

  1. The ways of negotiating the price when purchasing a car
  2. Losing 15 pounds in a month in a healthy way
  3. How to form better study habits
  4. How to adjust to college life during your freshman year
  5. How to raise chickens
  6. How to travel on a budget
  7. How to learn to become a speed reader
  8. How to get along with a roommate
  9. How to get over an argument with a significant other
  10. How to plan a party
  11. How to survive on a deserted island
  12. How to teach English as a foreign language to young children
  13. How to play chess
  14. How to get a good night’s sleep
  15. How to choose the college that is best for you
  16. How to train a dog to play dead
  17. How to plan an interesting date
  18. How to train for a long distance race
  19. How to cook traditional Ukrainian borsch
  20. How to make friends wherever you go.

If you have written analysis papers before, you might not find it to be a difficult assignment. However, if you need help, you can always hire a professional essay writer to do the work for you. Our website can show you how!