Demystifying How to Write an IB Extended Essay

Experiencing challenges while penning down or even have no idea how to write an IB extended essay? Rest easy - Essays Panda has the perfect solution! This all-inclusive tutorial will explain the whole procedure for crafting a top-notch IB EE.

This article aims to enlighten you on all essential points necessary to accomplish an impressive IB project. This includes selecting a suitable topic, organizing your essay, and conducting thorough research, among other aspects. After getting acquainted with this tutorial, you will have a distinct insight into how to write an IB extended essay, and you will leave equipped with the requisite tools for success.

So, whether you are fresh in the IB curriculum or you are knee-deep into your final project, this tutorial will furnish you with indispensable tips and techniques to triumph. Let’s dive in!

What Is IB Extended Essay?

An IB extended essay, often called EE, is a mini-thesis that should be written by any student enrolling in the International Baccalaureate Program. The main goal of this paper is to demonstrate the student’s level of preparation, as well as the skills and knowledge attained in the process of the study. For this essay, the student needs to choose an accurate and relevant topic and explore it with the help of in-depth research. While there’s no definite answer to the question, “how long is the extended essay?”, we suggest the length of this paper should be approximately 4.000 words. An IB EE is always based on research work, which means that the student needs to collect and evaluate credible and peer-reviewed academic sources pertaining to his or her research topic.

A Detailed Breakdown of IB Extended Essay Layout

The prospect of crafting such a project might seem formidable initially. Yet, with a clear grasp of how to structure an IB extended essay, it becomes a walk in the park. Here is a comprehensive guide to aid you.

An IB EE, as any other academic paper, a consists of several obligatory parts: title page, abstract, table of contents, introduction, main body, conclusion, and bibliography.

IB Extended Essay Structure

The Title Page: The first page should include such information as the title of your work, your name, and your candidate number.

The Abstract: A synopsis of around 300 words in length. It should encompass your research question, the range of your investigation, your methodology, your conclusion, and any recommendations.

The Table of Contents: This section should encompass the titles and sub-titles of your work, along with their corresponding page numbers.

The Introduction: This section should present your topic and offer some contextual information. It should also encompass your research question and your thesis statement.

The Main Body: This part should be partitioned into several paragraphs that bolster your thesis statement. Each paragraph should focus on a distinct point and should encompass proof to support it.

The Conclusion: This section should recap your primary points and should reiterate your thesis statement. It should also offer some final reflections and recommendations.

The Bibliography: This part should encompass a record of all the references that you employed in your writing. Make sure to apply a consistent citation style throughout your paper.

Ensure to revise your work for any inconsistencies or typographical errors before submitting it.

Armed with these straightforward pointers, you can effortlessly structure your work and achieve recognition of your efforts.

A Stepwise Procedure to Selecting the Ideal Topic for Your IB Extended Essay

What is more, the topic of your IB extended essay should fall into six main categories:

  1. Language Acquisition;
  2. Studies in Literature and Language;
  3. Arts;
  4. Individuals and Societies;
  5. Mathematics;
  6. Sciences.

Picking the right topic is a critical element for accomplishing a successful paper. Here are some pointers to assist you in selecting a suitable topic and will ensure you score high grades.

Initially, opt for a topic that captivates you. It’s vital to select a topic that you’re fervent about and enjoy investigating in depth. This will keep you engaged and tuned during the writing process.

Next, brainstorm probable IB extended essay topics by contemplating your interests and strengths. Jot down a list of prospective topics and narrow them down by taking into account their scope, relevance, and the availability of resources.

Having a list of prospective topics, pick a research question that is suitable for you. Your research question should be focused, unambiguous, and solvable. It should also be pertinent to the subject area and go in line with your interests.

Ensure to discuss your topic and research question with your supervisor. They can provide you with invaluable insights and direction and can assist you in refining your topic and research question further.

In a nutshell, selecting a topic for your IB EE is a pivotal step that demands thoughtful contemplation. By picking a topic that interests you, brainstorming probable topics, and selecting a research question suitable for your paper’s purpose, you can accomplish a successful paper that will ensure you do well.

Great IB Extended Essay Topics

If you lack some interesting ideas for writing your EE, you can have a look at the list of topics mentioned below. Who knows, maybe some of these topics will boost your writing inspiration helping you understand what subject you want to explore in your essay?

  1. The effect of Stalin’s rule on culture and art (Category: Arts);
  2. Discussion of the efficiency of the environmental protection policies (Category: Sciences);
  3. Lyrics as a poetry element (Category: Arts);
  4. Dance choreography and improvisation (Category: Arts);
  5. The innovative ideas in physics of elementary particles (Category: Sciences);
  6. Different perception of happiness in The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald (Category: Studies in Literature and Language);
  7. The use of pathos in media (Category: Studies in Literature and Language);
  8. A discussion of expressionism in the works of Tim Burton (Category: Arts);
  9. Ethics vs. medical research (Category: Sciences);
  10. A comparison and contrast of Ancient Greeks and Ancient Egyptians (Category: Arts).

This list contains only a few topics whereas you can choose from a plethora of variants. Make sure to follow the suggestions mentioned above and you will be able to pick up a subject that will bring you the best outcome.

Once you are done with choosing a topic for your EE, you need to choose an advisor (a teacher in your school), who will guide you through all the stages of the writing process. This person will provide you with effective tips and suggestions on how to write such an essay, as well as will check on your progress.

But what to do if you feel that you are not able to meet the IB EE guidelines and write a great paper? Should the student accept a bad grade? No, because there are a lot of solutions allowing the student to submit a great paper without sacrificing time on its writing. You just need to find a reliable IB extended essay writing service and buy yours there.

How to Write an Extended Essay? Handy Tips

Below, you will find a couple of helpful suggestions that will allow you to organize the writing process properly and create an impressive essay:

  • White about something that fits your research interests. You will not be able to write a compelling and intriguing essay if you are not a fan of your topic. To make your reader interested in your essay, you need to write it on a topic you are passionate about. But how to choose an appropriate subject? To answer this question, you need to do preliminary research to find out what topics intrigue you most of all. Do you enjoy reading literature? Or maybe you cannot imagine yourself without exploring scientific concepts? Pay attention that there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing a topic for your paper. All you need to do is listen to yourself. Be ready that the writing process will take a few weeks or even months. Thus, it is better to work on a topic that is interesting to you. If you find it difficult to choose a topic right away, break this problem into pieces. First, choose the category that attracts you the most, and then try to find out what topics within this category require in-depth investigation. Spending a few hours brainstorming your ideas, will greatly economize your time on the writing process. Finally, if you got stuck, make sure to discuss it with your advisor. Having vast experience, he or she will gladly guide you on the issues that need to be discovered.

  • Make sure your topic is neither too narrow nor too broad. The best way to write a great IB EE is to write it about something specific. However, it is very difficult to discuss a specific issue within approximately 13 pages. As such, it is better to pick a topic that would be neither too broad nor too specific. If you lack writing ideas, you can always look for pre-written essays on the web. Finding a reliable database, you will find it easier to understand what topics provide room for discussion. If you have chosen the topic, it is better to spend like 30 minutes to make basic research and find out where there is enough information to explore it. Once again, if you are not sure whether your topic is narrow enough, feel free to ask your supervisor for assistance.

  • Cooperate with your advisor. Your supervisor is not the person who will criticize you or point out your mistakes. During your work on this important project, this person will become one of the most meaningful people in your life because he or she will support and encourage you providing you with helpful tips and suggestions that will help you get the anticipated outcome. If you experience some problem in the writing process, do not fall into despair because you can always talk to your advisor, who will help you solve this problem in the most effective way.

    Unfortunately, many teachers take on students just because they have to and they have no time to read the drafts and provide their assessment. As such, if you want to make the writing process smooth and convenient, you need to choose a teacher, who will have the time to cooperate with you. After all, the success of your paper greatly depends on the interaction with your supervisor.

  • Make sure your paper is structured properly. When working on your IB extended essay, you need to take care of not only its content but also its structure and formatting because developing the ideas in the right order is one of the integral requirements for writing an academic paper. As such, when working on your EE, you need to make sure it has a clear and engaging introduction, which will contextualize the topic providing your reader with the background information necessary for proper understanding. The introduction is always followed by a detailed and analytical main body that presents the actual analysis and discussion on the topic. The main body is divided into paragraphs and their number depends on the number of points discussed in the paper. Finally, your essay should include a strong conclusion that will summarize your paper in a clear and comprehensive way. In other words, you should understand that a poorly structured paper will never bring you the desired grade. Thus, you need to pay attention to every single detail.

  • Start writing sooner. Pay attention that you will not be able to write an A+ paper in just one night because this essay requires spending a considerable amount of time and effort. Be ready to read many academic sources thoroughly finding the benefits and shortcomings in the approaches taken by their writers. If you want to get a good grade for your paper, it is imperative to manage your deadline properly. After all, you need to have enough time for the pre-writing, writing, and revision stages. We assure you that by doing everything right, you will be able to create an impeccable academic paper and invest in your future.

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Mastering the IB Extended Essay: An Exhaustive Manual

By now, you should be able to answer the questions, “what is IB extended essay?” Yet, we’d like to wrap up our tutorial with a recap of major points and crucial tips on how to write an extended essay for IB, coupled with some final success tips.

First, pick a topic that fascinates you and select a research question suitable for your project. Ensure to discuss your topic and research question with your supervisor and gather relevant resources.

Next, arrange your essay using the suggested structure, which includes the title page, abstract, table of contents, introduction, main body, conclusion, and bibliography. When unsure how to format IB extended essay, ask your advisor for guidance.

While crafting your essay, ensure to adopt a clear and succinct writing style, buttress your arguments with evidence, and adhere to the appropriate citation style.

Finally, revise your essay for any inconsistencies or typographical errors before submitting it. By following these crucial steps, you can deliver a successful IB extended essay that will ensure you receive high grades and recognition for the work done.

Here are some final success tips:

  • Begin preparation for the writing process early and plan your time efficiently.
  • Take breaks and evade procrastination.
  • Seek reviews from your supervisor and peers.
  • Remain motivated and focused during the writing process.

When you know how to write an IB extended essay, the process of developing yours can be a rewarding endeavor that enables you to delve into your interests and cultivate vital skills. Approach the task of writing with confidence and enthusiasm, and remember that with the right strategy, you can emerge victorious. Best of luck!