Interesting Topics for Philosophy Essay

If you want to find out interesting ideas, you may just keep reading our guide and get a lot of philosophical ideas that need in-depth investigation.

Writing an essay on a philosophy topic is not an easy thing to do. Such a paper should be based on solid reasoning and careful analysis. Besides, the work on such a paper involves a lot of reading, as well as evaluation of credible sources. To get a good grade for your paper, you need to showcase not only your good writing skills but also your deep understanding of the subject. However, the first, and perhaps, the most important thing about writing a philosophy essay the choice of the topic. By choosing the wrong topic, you have very low chances to write a great paper. At the same time, a good topic will inspire you for finding the truth and discovering your subject from different perspectives. By choosing an interesting topic, you can forget about the lack of motivation. As such, it is highly recommended to spend some time selecting a topic of interest. This topic should perfectly fit your subject. Besides, it should be interesting for your target audience. What is more, this topic should be broad enough to provide you with room for discussion. Yes, it may take several hours or even days to understand what philosophical issue you want to explore. However, you should realize that by choosing a great topic, you will greatly enjoy the writing process. Looking through our list, you will definitely find some concepts and insights that will grab your attention.

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Why a Philosophy Topic Is So Special?

Writing a philosophy paper has many similarities with any other academic research project. In particular, it has the same structure and contains a thesis statement. However, if you look through the well-written philosophy essays, you will see that they are quite different when it comes to building arguments. Since there are no clear answers, the writer should discuss the specific concepts from different angles. Writing a philosophy essay is a challenge but following our guidelines, you will be able to face it without any difficulties.

Philosophy Essay Writing

Before you start writing your philosophy essay, you need to have a clear picture of what to write about. Otherwise, you won’t be able to write a coherent piece organizing your ideas in the right order. The way you develop your ideas will greatly depend on the nature of your assignment. It means that if you work on an argumentative essay, you will need to find strong arguments and support them with credible evidence. If you need to write a compare and contrast essay, you will have to focus on the main similarities and differences of two or more subjects, ideas, or issues. To write an A+ essay, you need to do the following:

  • Come up with a strong thesis;
  • Explain your thesis statement to your audience and tell why your topic is worth investigation;
  • Support your arguments with good evidence;
  • Present your ideas in a logical order;
  • Make sure your sentence flow is appropriate.

If you have any difficulties with understanding of how your philosophy paper should look like, make sure to find well-written samples available on the web. Having a great example before your eyes, you will be able to create a paper that will impress your teacher. Nevertheless, do not forget that to bring you the desired outcome, your paper should be authentic and full of fresh ideas.

How to Choose Topics for Philosophy Essay?

Below, you will find a few suggestions on how to choose a good philosophy topic:

  • Make sure this topic will allow you to make up a good research question;
  • Choose a topic that will engage your target audience;
  • Make sure your topic allows you to provide several different opinions. 

List of Topics for Philosophy Essay

To help you boost your writing inspiration, we have created a list of philosophy paper topics and categorized them for you to choose the subject that attracts you the most attractive. 

Ancient Greek Philosophy Essay Topics

  1. Discuss Plato’s idea of the republic. What is democracy according to his philosophical paradigm? What is an ideal society? Does this work help understand the nature of communism and totalitarianism?
  2. Trivium. Discuss the three arts of discourse.
  3. Evaluate the concepts of ethics and logic in works of Antisthenes;
  4. Sophists opined that the universe is ruled by intelligence. Explain this paradigm from a critical perspective. Do you agree with the claim that politics and ethics are philosophical aspects?
  5. Discuss naturalism and materialism of the pre-Socratic period. Do you agree with Pre-Socratic philosophers who claim that only matter was real, totally rejecting the ideas of spirituality? 
  6. What is pathos according to Aristotle and other philosophers?
  7. Analyze Plato’s ideas about harmony, happiness, virtues, and other philosophical concepts.
  8. Evaluate the main elements of Socrates’ philosophy. Explain why Socrates is considered an enigmatic figure in the world of philosophy. Focus on how his philosophical outlook influenced all areas of human life.
  9. Analyze Aristotle’s opinion about euthanasia.
  10. Discuss Pre-Socratic studies of perception and knowledge. Analyze the idea that people get information by perceiving images of the things surrounding them.
  11. The doctrines of Eleatic school. Make sure to focus on the concept of one God as opposed to many gods, as well as brand new standards of logical reasoning.
  12. Stoicism and Epicureanism. A compare and contrast study;
  13. Analyze the philosophical outlook of Empedocles as a philosopher who introduced the idea of fundamental forces and cosmogony.
  14. Analyze Ionian school and its teachings;
  15. Discuss Democritus and his belief about the matter that is made of small particles that date back to ancient times.

Renaissance Philosophy Topics

  1. Discuss Plato’s influence on the Renaissance era. This topic will help you explore the popularity of humanism during the Renaissance.
  2. Make an in-depth investigation of how did Machiavelli manage to bring humanism into politics. Explain how this philosopher revolutionized political science. Focus on his idea of innovation and ambition as opposed to virtue.
  3. Discuss the contribution of Roger Bacon to science and philosophy. Focus on Bacon’s ideas about semiotics, logic, and other concepts. Explain why Bacon is considered a “renaissance man” who excelled in many areas.
  4. Analyze the ideas suggested in “The City of the Sun” by Tommaso Campanella. Given the fact that the philosopher was inspired by Plato’s Republic and describes a perfect world, can this work be considered a perfect representative of utopia? Explain your rationale;
  5. Compare and contrast the Humanist idea of freedom and Calvinist concept of predestination;
  6. Explain how Calvinists managed to influence capitalism and the concept of the American Dream.
  7. Analyze the concept of “renaissance man;” 
  8. Analyze François Rabelais as a humanist focusing on his famous work “Gargantua and Pantagruel;”
  9. Explain why scholasticism lost its popularity with the rise of humanism;
  10. Analyze Petrarch’s criticism of ancient authors. In what way his writings gave rise to a Renaissance philosophy of humanism?

German Philosophy Research Paper Topic Ideas

  1. Explain in what way Nietzsche influenced the ideas of the National Socialists? Explain your rationale;
  2. Discuss the concept of paralogism providing good examples;
  3. Analyze the concept of consciousness and subjectivity and in German Idealism;
  4. The understanding of nature expressed by Schelling;
  5. Analyze the philosophy of pessimism by Arthur Schopenhauer.

Modern Philosophy Topics

  1. Analyze Lyotard’s Postmodern Condition in regards to communication, technology, and mass media.
  2. Julia Kristeva, Rosa Luxemburg, and Sandra Bartky, as the famous feminist philosophers. How these women managed to overcome male domination?
  3. Key concepts and legacy of Marxism-Leninism philosophical paradigm. Explain world revolutions and other events that led to the rise of Marxist-Leninist philosophy;
  4. Analyze Walter Benjamin’s concept of history, as well as the importance of remembering the past events exactly as they are;
  5. Explain what role did the theory of quantum mechanics and relativity play in the idealism in the 20th century?
  6. Analyze the concept of three worlds suggested by Karl Popper. Focus on the analysis of three categories of reality (mental works, physical objects, and objective knowledge) along with their interactions.
  7. Discus Foucault’s concepts of knowledge, subjectivity, and freedom. Make sure to explain in what way the philosopher has shaped postmodernism;
  8. Compare and contrast Freudism and Marxism;
  9. Discuss the concept of The Real suggested by Slavoj Zizek;
  10. Do you agree with the statement that the philosophy of modernism reflected societal changes? Focus on the massive influence of art on modernism. 

Easy Philosophy Paper Topics

Whereas the teacher allowed you to choose the topic for your philosophy essay on your own, it means that they want to check how creative you can be. Below, you will find the list of topics that include many interesting ideas and concepts worth investigation:

  1. Discuss the concept of utopia providing the real-life examples;
  2. Analyze the main advantages and disadvantages of communism;
  3. Law and religion. What is the relation between these two?
  4. Discuss the relationship between science and religion. Why there were a lot of conflicts between the representatives of two parties?
  5. Discuss the main benefits and shortcomings of egoism;
  6. Do you agree with the statement that some people are evil by nature?
  7. Analyze the main benefits and shortcomings of artificial intelligence;
  8. Can God change human nature? Why? Why not?
  9. Discuss the main strengths of the ideas suggested by Niccolo Machiavelli;
  10. Why cloning is banned in many countries? Focus on the religious aspects;
  11. Discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of euthanasia;
  12. Can the person be completely happy? What are the factors that do not allow the person to reach ultimate happiness?
  13. What things can make human life absolutely senseless?  How to cope with the loss of the close person with the help of philosophical knowledge?
  14. Discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of total control;
  15. Analyze the concept of power providing the real-life examples;
  16. Analyze the concept of love. Why it is still not fully explored?
  17. What can make human life meaningful? Provide your personal experience;
  18. How can humanity reach peace in the contemporary globalized world?
  19. Designing an ideal world. Is it a self-deception?
  20. Do you agree that genetics define human behavior? Why? Why not?
  21. Analyze the concept of eternity;
  22. What does it mean for you to be conscious?
  23. Evaluate the role of integrity in human life;
  24. Is hedonism a good choice? Focus on the key benefits and shortcomings of being a hedonist;
  25. Can thoughts appear without language? Explain your rationale;
  26. Discuss the role of art in human life. Why some people cannot live without it?
  27. Can a small action affect the world?
  28. Does knowledge make the human happier?
  29. Good vs. evil. Is it necessary to choose?
  30. Do you believe in destiny? Provide your real-life examples;
  31. What makes a human?
  32. What is the role of power? Why are so many people drunk about it?
  33. Is religion equal to morality?
  34. Would you like to live forever? Explain your answer;
  35. The role of choice in human life. 
  36. Is it possible to reach peace in the contemporary globalized world?
  37. Should religious sects be banned? Why?
  38. Can the experiments on animals be justified?
  39. Why people treat happiness differently?
  40. What does it mean to be a good person?

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