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What Is Personal Essay Writing?

The very first thing you have to do once you have been assigned a personal essay writing task is to find out what a personal essay is. A college personal essay is a brief piece of academic writing of college-level that refers to personal characteristics and highlights the most important aspects of your professional expertise or some other part of your life. When you are writing a personal essay, be sure it is encouraged to share something personal about you and your experience. Moreover, if it relates to the topic, you may even focus on the ways you have managed to tackle the issue or overcome some problem.

A personal essay is not simply a narrative or descriptive piece of writing. It is strongly encouraged to organize it in form of an argumentative paper, where you put forward a clear idea and try to make it clear and comprehensible to the reader. One of the main tips for writing a personal essay in relation to its argumentative part is to be able to provide examples and evidence clearly and vividly.

When it comes to different kinds of personal essays, they can be long-form, short-form, as well as an op-ed.

How to Write a Personal Essay

Importance of Personal Essay Writing

When it comes to personal essays in general, they cover numerous topics. One of the major focuses of personal essay writing is to write about some famous or prominent people or focus on oneself. The main function of a personal essay is to inform your reader about something (experience, ability, skills, and so on). If you have little practice in personal essay writing, you are strongly encouraged to use personal essay writing tips since they will help you get a clear vision of what your essay should look like, what points it should include, and how it should be structured.

When you practice much in personal essay writing, be sure that you will be able to express your opinion in a more comprehensible and effective way. Another benefit is that you will improve the overall writing fluency as well as express one’s opinion. A personal essay may be written on its own as well as be a part of a larger writing project or assignment. For example, personal essays are frequently required when one is applying for a job or admission vacancy and, apart from the admission essay, needs to submit a personal essay.

Personal Essay Structure

  1. Introduction. As any other essay type, it is essential to start with an opening paragraph. Be sure to make the introduction appealing to the audience, so provide a sentence with a hook somewhere at the beginning. If you want them to read till the end, you need to come up with some attention-grabbing strategy. If you suffer from writer’s block or simply lack topic ideas, take a piece of paper and just try writing everything that comes to your mind concerning the topic (even if it does not relate to the topic at first sight). You will see how this magic works out for you.
  2. The main body. Be sure to provide body paragraphs for the main body, where each of them is devoted to a specific problem/ idea of the paper. If you want to provide a perfectly organized paper, compose an outline so that you do not need to spend more time on organization and planning during the very writing procedure. Structure the paragraphs logically and make sure you develop ideas consistently. Ensure there are logical transitions between the ideas and paragraphs. Each subsequent paragraph should be logical progression from the previous one. Moreover, all paragraphs should be united by a single central idea, which leads to the conclusion. Take into consideration the length of the body paragraphs and make sure you do not exceed the word count limit.
  3. Conclusion. You need to summarize the main points you have made in the paper as well as provide your final opinion. You need to highlight the lessons learned or the most important aspects you have derived from the experience or situation you have discussed.

Personal Essay Structure

Steps to Writing a Personal Essay & Effective Writing Tips

  1. Show and tell. When it comes to creative writing (fiction specifically), your focus is on telling. Still, when working on a personal essay, be sure that you should not only show but also tell and explain. With the help of telling and explaining, you will definitely attract readers’ attention and help them maintain focus on your essay.
  2. Appeal to your viewpoint. In many essay types, it is not encouraged to express your personal opinion (unless it is an opinion essay). In the personal essay, you are actually expected to comment on different situations and express your opinion regarding some issue.
  3. Express ideas. You are encouraged to share ideas from your life and personal experience. Anything that you draw inspiration from may be used for the essay subject. Try not to look any important aspects.
  4. Attention hook. You can grab the attention of your readers with jokes, interesting stories, humor, rhetorical questions, etc. Normally, a person is attracted to your piece of writing just within 10 seconds of reading it.
  5. Write in the first person. When working on a personal essay, prefer active voice and use first-person pronouns. Still, mind your language and avoid colloquial language as well as jargon, slang, etc.
  6. Be concise and detailed. Each writing assignment requires specific format and writing style. So, be sure to be consistent with it and follow all its requirements. If you were not given a specific format to follow, choose it on your own but be consistent with it.
  7. Connect ideas. Be sure that the core idea is vividly expressed throughout the body paragraphs. Provide logical connections and transitions and make sure it is easy to trace the central idea.

College Personal Essay

Personal essay for college is a kind of paper that may help you distinguish yourself from the great number of applicants. Professionally written paper can provide a great understanding of what kind of person you are, your accomplishments, thoughts, weaknesses, and strengths, etc. Different personal essay examples may give students a notion of how the paper should be organized and what information it should provide. You may be asked to describe your personal experience or events that have changed your life, explain your intention to apply to this specific college and give your reasons why you will be important to the college community. In order to submit a high-quality essay, please read the following tips.

  • Think of what you are going to write. Do not start writing your paper the last day before submitting it. Reflect on the data you are going to use for writing and on personal essay topics. Make a draft of your paper, revise it and rewrite its final version. It is also useful to read the paper a couple of times or ask some of your friends or family members to read you essay and make necessary comments.
  • To get the necessary feedback regarding your paper, you can ask your teachers or councilors to assist you. You can ask them to read your essay and get their opinion. It is clear that your essays may contain personal information, and it may be a little unpleasant to reveal it to a third party. Still, they will be able to find some mistakes you have overlooked and even give their recommendations on improving your grammar, spelling, structure of sentences. Moreover, they can offer new ideas to incorporate in your paper.
  • If you do not know how to write a personal essay, just think about the college you are applying to. Make your paper correspond to the level of the institution. It does not mean that your essay should look like an academic piece of writing. Still, you must be able to show that can perfectly fit the program of the establishment you are going to study at.

The name “personal essays” speaks for itself. Such kind of essay requires the provision of information on your own achievements, valuable experience, your personal ideas, and explanations on how your knowledge and skills can influence the community you are going to study in. Be original when writing a personal essay and success is guaranteed!

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Great Personal Essays Topics

If you lack creative ideas and do not know where to start, be sure that you can get help writing a personal essay from Our company’s professionals will not merely help you with the very writing process but we will also assist you on the stage of choosing an effective topic. Check out the most appealing options:

  • Write about a person who gave you a valuable lesson in life;
  • Write about a relative of yours who you honor the most;
  • Write about the most striking change in your personality;
  • Write about a minor but impactful thing from your past;
  • Write about one of the significant aspects of your life;
  • Write about three life lessons that shaped you;
  • Write about three or five specific things that you have managed to learn from your past mistakes;
  • Contemplate on the idea of a place that suits you most;
  • Think of ways you can personally change the society;
  • Write about how you see yourself in 10 years;
  • What thought usually comes first to your mind in the morning;
  • Write about the best place you have ever been to.

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