Problem Solution Essay Topics

In this article, we would encourage you to compose your own list of the most topical and important problem and solution essay topics as well as brainstorm ideas one may come up with while investigating some of them.

Problem Solution Essay Topics: Get Original Ideas for Writing from Experts

With the new academic year, you get more and more opportunities to investigate new topics and research some new subject areas. Moreover, as you gain more experience, you find out new ways of writing specific essays or narrating a specific topic in a variety of ways. When it comes to the world of academic writing, you may notice that each type of essay writing has its own goals, purpose, and value. For example, when you take a look at problem solution essay topics, you will see that such essays deal with providing a way out to a specific problem. If to have a look at the meaning of essay writing by default, you may definitely agree that essay writing is a great training ground for students who plan to continue their academic careers in the future. Moreover, essay assignments help one to gain practical writing skills and make sure one can research different topics from various perspectives. All in all, essays are a perfect means of expressing one’s ideas and opinions, so topics for essay writing should be chosen accurately and carefully.

What Is a Problem and Solution Essay?

If you do not have a clear understanding so far concerning what a problem and solution essay is, take a look at some problem solution essay topics provided online. They will probably give you a hint of what such essay type should deal with.

Specifically, this type of essay writing focuses on revealing the importance of specific social, cultural, ethical, or other issues, identifying some challenges or problems within its realm, and providing effective ways to deal with them.

Problem solution essay topics are not merely educative and interesting – they can also provide room for some innovations or developments on the nationwide level, specifically when it comes to relief programs or writing grants. Inferring from such a serious role of problem solution essays, it can be stated that such an essay should be convincing in nature in order to address significant social challenges. Resultantly, such essays may be a bit complicated and challenging for the majority of students but still anything is achievable when it comes to presenting appropriate solutions. If you have been assigned to write a problem solution essay, be sure that there is a huge and versatile problem solution essay topics list containing pressing problems and issues.

When focusing on the ideas development, keep in mind that your topics should not merely be interesting in the academic scope but also regarding what impact they could have on the community.

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When you have a central problem to focus your essay on, keep in mind that you need to come up with at least three potentially viable solutions and provide their detailed discussion. If the problem is really complex and if you are expected to provide a really long essay, then you may choose to discuss more than three solutions. However, what is really unacceptable when working on a problem solution essay is to present only one solution. In such case, your essay will not be argumentative and you will not be able to bring some adjacent solutions for rebuttal. Furthermore, when it comes to the evaluation process, if you provide just one solution to the problem, your professor might think that you have not spent sufficient time on investigating the topic in depth.

Check out the most interesting problem solution essay topics for high school

problem solution essay topics for high school
When it comes for high school essay topics, keep in mind that they should not be overly complicated. It is better to choose simpler topics but make sure you can demonstrate good analytical and critical thinking skills and your ability to come up with solutions. Moreover, when working on a high school essay, try to keep in mind your target audience. For example, if you provide an essay in front of high school students, make sure that you choose appropriate vocabulary and clearly pinpoint to how different issues may be addressed. As well as that, the topics should be relevant to high school students and evoke their interest in the process of discussion.

Topic 1. School shootings
Investigate why it is a real problem nowadays. Specifically, point out that a school should be a safe place as parents would not like to send their children to a potentially dangerous place, where children spend half the day.
Solution 1: before admitting students for school, the school administration should make sure that students are mentally healthy. In case some students were spotted to demonstrate violent or aggressive behavior, they should undergo counseling.
Solution 2: there should be automatic lockdown systems in all educational establishments including schools. If there is a shooting outbreak, students will be able to find a place where they stay safe.
Solution 3: the school administration should regulate levels of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) intake by school shooters. Specifically, it will aid in the process of eliminating risks of students’ anger breakouts.

Topic 2. Low rates of students’ graduation in urban areas
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Highlight the role of education, namely that it is a backbone of a prosperous society. Consequently, if few people graduate from higher educational establishments, than the society can deteriorate in a variety of aspects (e.g. cultural).
Solution 1: Urban areas should be made more respectable, specifically one should care for the overall well-being of people living in a specific area. Attention should be paid to cleaning streets, eradicating crime, and tackling the problem of children dropping out of school.
Solution 2: It is essential to make schools more technologically savvy, in particular make sure that students of each school have access to technological tools that make the learning process more interesting and easy. In this way, children will have a reason to go to school since they will be more motivated and interested to study.
Solution 3: More emphasis should be put on graduation and its huge role in a student’s life. The more importance students find in it, the more eagerly they will pursue their education.

Topic 3: Playing truant: why students skip school on a regular basis?
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Discuss the problem of poor attendance at school and highlight its connection with students’ lack of interest in studying and lack of motivation to achieve success academically.
Solution 1: Provide conditions for students to be more motivated to attend school. For example, provide them with specific job opportunities even while they are still studying. Ensure they have a chance to receive full-time job offers after they graduate.
Solution 2: Parents should be delegated a role in their children’s studying process. In particular, parents should be made more involved since students should start learning from home that education is an important asset nowadays. In such a case, teachers and parents should cooperate.
Solution 3: Teachers should be more active when it comes to home visits. Only in this circumstance will school become a more evident part of students’ (and their parents’) lives.

Topic 4. Low civic engagement
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. If a democratic society wants to be prosperous and function in an effective way, all its citizens should take an active part in tackling the issues arising within a community. If citizens are not involved, the problems will hardly ever be properly solved.
Solution 1: Civic mindfulness should be promoted on all levels, starting from school education and ranging to workplaces, churches, etc.
Solution 2: Community members should be kind of motivated when it comes to active civic engagement. For example, individuals actively participating in community life should be given tax breaks or other perks.
Solution 3: More power should be granted to people (community level). It is generally better than centering all power within the government.

Topic 5. Fragmentation of cultures
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Pinpoint to the importance of culture, specifically its role of bringing people together and uniting them. If a culture is fragmented, it would hardly unite people – on the contrary, this culture fragmentation will be a cause of people’s breaking apart.
Solution 1: Promote mutual respect when it comes to different cultures.
Solution 2: Think of one culture that is viewed by people as an ideal one and try to shape the society based on its values and ideals.
Solution 3: Provide limitations concerning the extent contrary values and ideals may be highlighted in the media.

Topic 6: Fake news is around us
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Analyze reality vs. fake news. Discuss the situations in which fake news are presented as a form of reality. Focus on the tension created in the society concerning the information passed on from one person to another. How to actually differentiate between what is real and what is fake?
Solution 1: Focus on the credentials of those who spread fake news.
Solution 2: Think of the restrictions on can be imposed to when it comes to spreading fake information.
Solution 3: Investigate more in-depth matters that are beyond spreading fake news.

Good Problem Solution Essay Topics for Middle School Students

Problem Solution Essay Topics for Middle School

Topic 7. The digital divide
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Outline how the Internet helps people to stay in touch with each other. Besides, focus on one’s ability to access any type of information with the help of the Internet. Just imagine: if some part of the population was prohibited from using the Internet, it would be cut off from the rest of the world.
Solution 1: Free access to the Internet for all people. Make the Internet free, which is actually paid from taxes.
Solution 2: Focus on investigating Loon – Google’s project – which utilizes hot air balloons to help remote areas of the world get free Wi-Fi.
Solution 3: Come up with ideas regarding what legislation can be passed that would encourage large tech corporations to donate computers to remote areas of the world to help more and more people become technologically savvy.

Topic 8. Cyber bullying
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Provide the following reasons: cyberbullying may hurt people’s feelings, may have a deteriorating impact on their mental health, and may even lead to the increased rates of suicide.
Solution 1: It would be prudent to refer to cyberbullying as to a kind of criminal activity. Consequently, the abusers detected for cyberbullying should be sent off to juvenile detention.
Solution 2: Restrict the usage of social media by children. Since children are really susceptible to cyberbullying and can be most affected by its outcomes, it would be recommended to restrict excessive usage of the Internet.
Solution 3: Make parents more involved in children’s online communication and their spending time online.

Topic 9. Drug abuse among youths
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Such drug substances as heroin and opium are the cause of many deaths nowadays. Moreover, drug addictions are becoming more and more widespread.
Solution 1: Death penalty should be initiated for all those involved in drug trafficking.
Solution 2: Pharmaceutical companies should be restricted from producing opiates on a mass-market level.
Solution 3: Medicines containing drugs should be better regulated when being sold to the public.

Topic 10. Terrorism
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. The problem of terrorism is a vicious circle since people who initiate terrorism are frequently terrorized back. Consequently, such activity leads to severe destruction.
Solution 1: Funding intended to fight regime in the Middle East should stop since the money mainly goes into terrorists’ pockets.
Solution 2: Take measures to stop bombing in the Arab states.
Solution 3: Demonstrate diplomatic approach towards states that take an active part in fighting terrorism.

Topic 11. Single-parent families
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Children are in strong need of a guardian during their young years – specifically at the period when they are developed and when their mindset is formed. An ideal situation is when both parents cooperate together to help a child grow hence the need of active participation of two parents.
Solution 1: A bigger tax break should be provided for two-parent families as a way to encourage couples stay together.
Solution 2: Principles of marriage should be taught to adolescents so that they are aware of all the problems and situations that await them.
Solution 3: It is essential to promote a culture where two-parent families are considered as a backbone of civilization.

Topics for Problem and Solution Essay at College

Topics for Problem and Solution Essay at College

Topic 12. Continuing war in the Middle East
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. The Middle East needs stabilization more than any other area of the world. Countries are deteriorating there and people do not get sufficient help.
Solution 1: Iran and Russia should collaborate in order to stop the spread of ISIS.
Solution 2: Saudi Arabia and Israel should be prohibited from supporting terrorist groups.
Solution 3: Troops should be withdrawn from areas where they are not welcome.

Topic 13. The national debt
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. The greater the debt is now, the more difficult it can be to deal with it for the next generation.
Solution 1: The national debt should start to be paid off gradually right from this moment.
Solution 2: Interest rates should be considerably increased in order to prevent the debt from growing.
Solution 3: The size of over-bloated military should be decreased. Besides, payments should not be promised to retirees any more as the government cannot make its ends meet to afford it.

Topic 14. Pollution levels
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. The more polluted the earth gets, the more difficult it can be for different species to survive. Plans, animals, and humans can in the long term be under the risk of extinction.
Solution 1: Restrict large industries from emitting harmful particles into the air.
Solution 2: Put more emphasis on the alternative sources of energy. Minimize the carbon footprint.
Solution 3: Find a way out to the cow situation as these animals emit the biggest amount of greenhouse gases.

Topic 15. Teens’ addiction to video games
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Teens play a lot of video games instead of spending their precious time on quality rest or self-development. Video games prevent them from advancing their careers in the future.
Solution 1: Restrict the number of video games a teenager can buy or play (especially if these are online video games).
Solution 2: Each teenager should be encouraged to master a specific skill or trade, such as coding, plumbing, carpentry, etc. In such a way, teenagers will spend more time outdoors.
Solution 3: Teens should be motivated to spend their time outdoors and be actively engaged in sports.

Topic 16. Sports and gambling
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Gambling involving sports has a chance to make the games more corrupt on a professional and nationwide level.
Solution 1: Gambling should be banned.
Solution 2: If a sportsmen is caught gambling, he/ she should be restricted from participating in sports competitions forever.
Solution 3: Sporting events should not be broadcasted on TV.

Simple Problem Solution Essay Topics in Psychology

Problem Solution Essay Topics in Psychology

Topic 17. Mental health
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. There are numerous reasons to mental health problems: from incomplete families and bullying at schools to deaths of close ones and mass shootings. Whatever the reason is, mental problems are worth paying attention to since they have a negative impact not only on an individual but on the society as a whole.
Solution 1: Promote mental health education as obligatory in schools.
Solution 2: Promote values and ideals that align with the most common way of conduct.
Solution 3: Pinpoint to the relationship between psychology and philosophy. Think of some newly designed strategies that can be promoted by the government.

Topic 18. Herd mentality
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Herd mentality may be more overwhelming and dangerous than we have ever thought of: due to it, people hardly ever leave their comfort zones and cannot start thinking outside the box.
Solution 1: Place some restrictions on advertising that makes people victims of ads.
Solution 2: Organize open debates concerning becoming original and starting to think outside the box.
Solution 3: Eradicate political correctness.

Topic 19. Virtue signaling
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. This type of conduct is utilized in the process of justification one’s opinion while eradicating one’s feelings of guilt. As such, instead of focusing on the process of elimination one’s guilt, it places guilt on others.
Solution 1: Virtue signaling should be criminalized.
Solution 2: People should be educated why moral outrage is a contradiction in terms.
Solution 3: It is necessary to promote respect and patience within a community by means of media as well as in the workplace.

Topic 20. PTSD
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. PTSD (specifically post-traumatic stress disorder) is experienced by those who suffer some kind of trauma. The common symptoms of this disorder are anti-social behavior, isolation, and forms of self-medication.
Solution 1: It is important to be aware of signs of PTSD and specific situations that may signify it.
Solution 2: Free counselling services should be provided if a person suffers from PTSD.
Solution 3: Children suffering from PTSD should be offered help so that they can become functioning adults without severe mental problems.

Topic 21. ADHD
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. A large percentage of children suffer from attention-deficit hyperactive disorder nowadays.
Solution 1: Parents should be provided with training and counselling concerning how to deal with children suffering from ADHD.
Solution 2: It is essential to be patient with ADHD since losing temper is number one foe.
Solution 3: A child should be provided with a room to develop, make mistakes, and set specific aims to reach.

Check out what are the best problem solution essay topics in the field of health care

problem solution essay topics in the field of health care
Topic 22. Obesity
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Obesity should be analyzed not as a separate problem but as a condition that influences the whole organism and all systems within it. People are prone to obesity due to poor diet and excessive amounts of sugar in food. Diabetes is one of the worst consequences.
Solution 1: People should give preference to organic and sugar-free diets.
Solution 2: People should get regular exercising.
Solution 3: A kitchen should be turned to a place where people want to eat and would prefer it more than McDonald’s or fast-food restaurants.

Topic 23. Affordable health care
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Healthcare prices are going up and up, so it is more expensive than ever before to afford quality health care.
Solution 1: Government subsidiaries should be stopped as they merely boost the price for health care.
Solution 2: Monopolies should be eradicated. Competition in the healthcare industry is what will make it prosper.
Solution 3: Health care should be made universal, namely the taxes going to war expenditures should also be spent on health care.

Topic 24. Doctors opt for specialized medicine and leave primary care settings
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Few providers are left in primary healthcare settings. As such, people cannot get quality health care.
Solution 1: People should focus on taking primary care of their bodies, specifically through the means of holistic medicine.
Solution 2: Doctors should be motivates (especially financially) to stay as primary care providers.
Solution 3: Nurses should fulfill the function of primary care providers instead of doctors (if needed).

Topic 25. Few APRNs
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Nurses were encouraged to enroll on further education so that they could work without being dependent on doctors. Thus, community could access health care more than before.
Solution 1: The cost for obtaining advanced practice for regular nurses should be decreased.
Solution 2: Working regular nurses should get a compensation for their studies.
Solution 3: Independent practice of advanced nurses should be legalized.

Topic 26. Powerfulness of pharmaceutical industry
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. The biggest flow of drugs is taking place over the counter – not somewhere “beyond.”
Solution 1: Natural treatments and homeopathy should be encouraged.
Solution 2: Potency of pain-killers should be limited.
Solution 3: Special relation of pharmaceutical companies with the government, specifically the Congress and the FDA, should be limited.

Other Topics for Problem Solution Essays

Other Topics for Problem Solution Essays

Topic 27. How to save space in the bathroom?
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Space is precious, especially if you live in a small apartment.
Solution 1: Adjust the sink over the toilet.
Solution 2: Organize a half bath.
Solution 3: Put the toilet in the shower stall.

Topic 28. Advertising
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Due to being excessively susceptible to advertising, you start buying things you actually do not need.
Solution 1: Ensure your browser has ad blockers.
Solution 2: Learn to ignore ads.
Solution 3: Think of getting a better-paid job if you want to buy more things.

Topic 29. Boredom
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. As you find yourself being boredom, you are probably wasting more energy than you might have been doing something.
Solution 1: Focus on some creative things. Get more inspiration.
Solution 2. Get a second job – as you are busier, you will hardly ever have time for philosophical questions.
Solution 3: Take up a new hobby, start watching some engaging TV series or read an interesting book.

Topic 30. How to pick the right coffee?
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. People are bombarded with the vast variety of places where one can drink some coffee.
Solution 1: Spin a circle and just go to the place that you have chosen at random.
Solution 2: Try all coffees and then choose the best one for yourself.
Solution 3: Select the cheapest brand.

Topic 31. How to make friends?
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. One can be either good at making friends or totally fail at it.
Solution 1: Read some motivational or psychological literature on how to establish contact with people.
Solution 2: Learn how to turn small talk into a more meaningful one.
Solution 3: Get married, have kids, and you will not have time for friends and bothering about lost friendships.

Problem Solution Essay Topics on Business

Problem Solution Essay Topics on Business

Topic 32. Cyber security
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. If one’s business is not properly protected, some third parties may easily steal data.
Solution 1: Utilize the latest cyber security system updated by highly skilled developers.
Solution 2: Always have Plan B in case some data is stolen.
Solution 3: Outsource some really important data to some company you are sure of in terms of security.

Topic 33. How to find good and inspiring leaders?
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. People are still not sure whether leadership is an innate or an acquired ability.
Solution 1: It is good to provide internal trainings for leadership positions within a company.
Solution 2: It is recommended to work on expanding one’s network.
Solution 3: Make other people to look up to you. Inspire them with your own qualities.

Topic 34. Marketing
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Marketing has revolutionized with the onset of the Internet and the rapid growth of technology.
Solution 1: If you wonder how to market your business, try using social media.
Solution 2: Purchase some ad space on Google.
Solution 3: Consider outdoor advertising.

Topic 35. Corporate social responsibility
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. Customers want to be informed in-depth about how much companies and businesses care for them.
Solution 1: Think of a specific vision that can play a role of a platform for your CSR.
Solution 2: Establish a rapport with stakeholders to better know what they are searching for and what they expect from businesses.
Solution 3: Get to know the target market.

Topic 36. Employee turnover
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. It becomes more and more difficult to retain employees, particularly as representatives of the Millennial generation search for better job opportunities. Commitment in the workplace is something that no longer makes employees loyal.
Solution 1: Encourage your employees to contract a long-term commitment to your business or company by incorporating to more favorable conditions in the workplace and corporate culture.
Solution 2: There is hardly anything that makes employees more content with their job than appealing remuneration. If employees enjoy competitive salaries at your company, you will be more likely to tackle the problem connected to the turnover rate.
Solution 3: Find out if there are stress factors in the workplace that may lead to employees retention. Help your staff to handle the issues properly, and thus lower the risk of resignation. 

Topic 37. The economy
Investigate why it is a problem nowadays. According to some critics, the world has never managed to fully recover from the global economic crisis of the year 2008. The aftermaths of the crisis are still here and the most topical issues have been just hidden under the rug by the banking system. The main trouble is that sooner or later all the secrets will be revealed.
Solution 1: Get ready right now. There has never been such a business cycle that has not come to an end. Therefore, a prudent decision is to perceive the current economic status as any other business cycle of the recent times.
Solution 2: Find out the main weaknesses in your business plan as well as the business model. Try to improve them and turn them into strengths or opportunities. The more resilient your economy is, the easier it will be to handle the pending troubles or weather the situation when the economy collapses.
Solution 3: Become more creative. In the current period when fake news is spreading, it is important to stay tuned and adjust to any upcoming situations. 

Problem Solution Essay Topics on Education

Problem Solution Essay Topics on Education

In the list below, you can even find 5th-grade problem solution essay topics:
Topic 38. Sexual abuse of students in the USA
Solutions 1: Reinforce strict measures concerning offenders.
Solutions 2: Teach students how to say “no.”
Solutions 3: Carefully check teachers who are newly enrolled for the position.

Topic 39. Cases of violent behavior at schools
Solutions 1: Improve security.
Solutions 2: Teach teachers principles of self-defense.
Solutions 3: Prohibit the usage of guns at schools.

Topic 40. The problem of poor grades among students
Solutions 1: Apply an individualized approach to every student.
Solutions 2: Make sure there is enough time for each student to explain his/ her cause of falling behind.
Solutions 3: Provide thorough and detailed reviews of grades during each session.

Essay Topics on Family Relationships

Topic 41. The Issue of Domestic Violence and Abuse
Solutions 1:
The necessity to educate girls and women on how to defend themselves.
Solutions 2:
Informing men on the issue of domestic violence and its hazards for children.
Solutions 3:
Collaboration with different US counseling institutions.

Topic 42. Problems in the Socioeconomic Sector
Solutions 1:
Motivating families to start their independent earning of income.
Solutions 2:
Coming up with relief programs.
Solutions 3:
Discussing and monitoring of different options of relief programs for this category of people. 

Topic 42. Insufficient Time for Children
Solutions 1: Applying for less problematic jobs where it is available to work from home.
Solutions 2:
Going out with children regularly. Scheduling some leisure activities, encouraging and supporting their efforts.
Solutions 3:
Giving prerogative to children’s issues and questions instead of focusing merely on work. 

Topic 43. The Issue of Favoritism
Solutions 1: Bring up the topic of equal treatment of children within a family.
Solutions 2:
Never demonstrate that one child in a family is praised more than the others.
Solutions 3:
Provide equal reward or praise to each child in a family for something properly done. 

Topic 44. Misrespect within a Family
Solutions 1: Do not present yourself as a superior in front of children.
Solutions 2:
Mind your language when you are discussing something or arguing with your spouse or a partner.
Solutions 3:
Be respectful to all family members alike no matter what their age is. 

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Enviromental Problems and Climate Change

Topic 45. The Issue of Global Warming
Solutions 1: Introducing some laws that will help eliminate emissions and tackle the global warming problem.
Solutions 2:
Eradicate desctructive human behavior that provides an adverse effect on the ecosystem.
Solutions 3: Bring awareness to the issue of greenhouse effect and global warming. 

Topic 46. Deforestation
Solutions 1: Let the government create more allowances for the reserves of forest areas.
Solutions 2:
Spread information among people on the importance of preserving forests.  Educate students on the importance of planting trees.
Solutions 3:
Introduce initiatives that will motivate people to replant. 

Topic 47. Poaching Problem
Solutions 1: Preventing free access to reservational areas and wild parks.
Solutions 2:
Introducing good care of the animals to help them reproduce in wild nature.
Solutions 3:
Introduce laws that will protect animals, especially endangered species, from being killed or hunted for. 

Topic 48. Flooding
Solutions 1: Build dams on water.
Solutions 2:
Create opportunities for drainage to be possible in the rural areas.
Solutions 3:
Encourage people to plant trees. 

Topic 49. Erosion
Solutions 1: Introduce penalties for cutting trees, which is predominantly illegal.
Solutions 2:
Cooperating with others in order to control the process and eradicate limbering.
Solutions 3:
Conduct revision of laws that focus on the issues of protecting the environment. 

Topic 50. Water Pollution
Solutions 1: There is a need to conduct some study that will aim at finding ways to disinfect water.
Solutions 2:
Ensure adequate waste disposal from industries.
Solutions 3:
Introduce laws that aim to ensure access to drinking water sources. 

Topic 51. Air Pollution
Solutions 1: Industrial sites should be built and developed far from residential areas.
Solutions 2: It is essential to come up with other means of waste disposal apart from burning.
Solutions 3: Bioenergy should be given preference in comparison to fossil fuel usage.

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Essay Topics on Health Problems

Topic 52. Obesity
Solutions 1: The importance of regular workout.
Solutions 2: Reducing high intake of calories.
Solutions 3: Have regular medical checkups that help you to monitor health state.

Topic 53. High Blood Pressure
Solutions 1: Research relevant ways and tools aimed at stress reduction.
Solutions 2: Have regular checkups with your general practitioner.
Solutions 3: Be sure to use prescribed medicine appropriately according to the doctor’s recommendations.

Topic 54. Atherosclerosis
Solutions 1: Get medical treatment as early as possible.
Solutions 2: Reduce fatty products and foods in your ratio.
Solutions 3: Start exercising regularly.

Topic 55. Gastric Ulcers
Solutions 1: Get medical checkups. Try to diagnose the disease as early as possible.
Solutions 2: Reduce the intake of spicy meals.
Solutions 3: Eat regularly and do not skip important meals.

Topic 56. Constipation
Solutions 1: Make sure your body is hydrated.
Solutions 2: Eat foods rich in fiber.
Solutions 3: Do not wait for a long time when there is a need for defecation.

Topic 57. Bloating
Solutions 1:
Reduce the intake of fizzy drinks.
Solutions 2: Cut down on legumes.
Solutions 3: Add to your ratio with foods rich in fiber.

Topic 58. Addictions
Solutions 1: Get help from counselors.
Solutions 2: Stop consuming all addictive substances and foods.
Solutions 3: Introduce law enforcement policies that will help deal with operations on the black market.

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