Report Writing Guide

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Report Writing Guide

Report writing is usually based on concrete facts. It identifies a problem and suggests its possible solution. Some papers of such type are very short and have an informal character. They provide information about certain road accidents or unexpected calamities that cause damage. Others are much longer and more formal. They give a more detailed description of certain events. Such academic works can be focused on examining various subjects. For example, a proposition to make some changes in running one’s business, investigation of a case, or analysis of a situation. In addition, report writing may describe certain research projects or present serious difficulties that have to be immediately overcome.

The format of such academic work usually depends on three items: readers, information, and its objective.

Tips To Make Your Next Report Stand Out


If readers do not know anything about a specific item or analyzed program, they need a full report about it. It means that your paper has to contain reliable data so that users can easily understand everything. In the majority of cases, reports are written for people who do not work for a certain organization. Now, you understand why all the reports of authorities are very long. They are supposed to be understood by anyone, i.e. a citizen or a member of parliament. These works can be prepared in various academic fields, such as Economics, Sociology, Management, etc. Thus, it is very helpful to use handy report writing tips, in order to succeed in completing such an assignment.

Each paper has to include relevant material on the discussed issue. Otherwise, what is report writing without considerable details about the subject? All students should realize that the main purpose of such college work is to help readers get its key point. If learners are assigned to do a project within a given company, they should make it shorter than the formal one. The thing is that the co-workers know what they are going to deal with.


Long reports, which present a lot of various data, have a specific structure. They should include such a unit as an abstract. This section goes at the beginning of the paper. It provides readers with the following information: the purpose of the work, research results, and suggestions for the examined items. Therefore, those, who do not want to read the whole report, can get valuable information from the abstract. By the way, you may use some examples of report writing, in order to see how the paper should look like. While producing such academic work, do not forget to include a table of contents and appendices. They will help readers find the items they are interested in. It is worth mentioning one more time that the above-mentioned units are not used in informal college writing reports.


A report writing format depends on the aim of your work. If you write about an incident, which happened in a particular place, you have to mention some important details. They are the following: who was hurt in it, when it happened, what the total loss is, etc. Each piece of information has its significance. Therefore, it is necessary to be attentive in order not to omit something meaningful. Then, your paper will be complete and you will get an excellent grade for it.

If you prepare a proposal paper, you have to state the reasons for which it has to be taken into account. Try to present some strong arguments to produce a powerful effect on readers.

While writing an evaluation essay, give the definitions of the notions used for evaluating a situation.

Common Report Writing Formats

To make your report informative and easy-to-read, you need to follow specific algorithms established by reputed scholars. Actually, a proper report writing format greatly facilitates understanding of the essence of your report. By dividing your report into several sections, you will help your reader understand if your paper contains the information they have been looking for. Pay attention that your introduction and conclusion should be written in simple language providing your reader with general information about the purpose and value of your report. The main body, on the contrary, may include sophisticated terms and concepts helping you investigate your topic in detail.

Typically, a report consists of the following parts:

  • Title

    The title of your report should be concise and informative. Very often, the title just repeats the topic. If you want to find out how your title page should look like, make sure to refer to your prompt. As such, if your report guide says that you need to follow the APA guide, you need to follow the latest APA standards when composing your title page.

  • Abstract

    An abstract is the mini-version of your report that should include all the meaningful information. Pay attention that the primary goal of your abstract is to inform your reader what is your report about. Therefore, in your abstract, you need to indicate the topic, objectives, methods, potential findings, and limitations clearly. Though an abstract is the first part the reader sees in the report, it is usually written after the whole report is completed.

  • Introduction

    The introduction follows the abstract. You probably know that the introduction serves to familiarize your reader with your research goals. As such, you have to clearly indicate which objectives you are pursuing in your report. If it is necessary, you need to provide your reader with the background information that should facilitate understanding of your report.

  • Main Body

    The main body is reasonably considered the main part of the report. No wonder, it includes the analytical discussion on the topic suggested in the introduction. Your main body should be divided into several sub-sections that will be dedicated to the separate points within the scope of your topic. In this part, it is appropriate to include direct citations that will support your arguments. However, you should not forget that the authors of all the citations should be mentioned in your report in order to avoid plagiarism.

  • Discussion

    Whereas in the main body of your report, you had to present your findings, a discussion part serves for interpreting this data. Along with interpreting your findings, you should point out their significance.

  • Conclusion

    In your conclusion, you should not include any new information as this part serves only for summarizing the aspects discussed previously. Pay attention that the conclusion, along with the introduction, is usually given maximum attention. Therefore, you need to do everything perfectly in order to make a good impression on your target audience.

  • Recommendations

    In this part of your report, you need to share your recommendations with other researchers, who will investigate your topic further.

  • Appendices

    In case there are some images, tables, and graphs that are worth attention but you cannot include them in your main body, feel free to put them in your appendix. Very often, the appendix includes the technical details that are very helpful for understanding your report.

All in all, when working on your report, you should always think about your audience. Try to understand what aspects will be interesting for your readers and which ones are not quite appropriate to focus on. It would be great if you could predict the questions in the heads of your readers and answer them in your report.

In addition to the proper structure of your report, you need to know some formatting report writing tips that will turn your report into a masterpiece that will bring you the outcome expected.

Font. You need to make your font readable. Times New Roman is a perfect choice. Do not use different fonts as it will confuse your reader.

Lists. Whenever it is possible, organize your information in the lists of bullet points. The studies show that the information provided in the lists can be comprehended better.

Headings and subheadings. To make your report easy-to-navigate, make sure to divide it into headings and subheadings that will identify the themes discussed in your report.

Different Types of Reports

Whereas the essence of every report remains the same, one should understand that there are various types of reports including business reports, technical reports, and academic reports.

Academic reports

In the academic environment, reports are very common assignments as they allow them to investigate various academic topics in detail. In such a paper, using the first person and other means of informal language is forbidden. Depending on the subject, academic reports are as follows:

Business reports

In a business setting, a report is one of the integral means of communication. As well as academic reports, they have a formal tone. The primary purpose of the business report is to introduce new initiatives.

Technical reports

A technical report explains how a certain thing works. Being descriptive in nature, this report is usually very detailed and logical.

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