Research Paper Topics That Will Make Your Paper Impressive

This article explains how to deal with the most common challenges students face when working on their research papers, lists the best research paper topics by disciplines, and shares practical tips on how to find the most suitable approach to writing this type of assignment.

What Is a Research Paper?

This kind of papers frequently pose the biggest challenge for students not only because they should follow numerous requirements but also because research papers have to be written rather often. Writing a research paper takes much time because students have to do individual research, so they spend hours on gleaning information from different sources.

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Genius Research Paper Topics 2023

Research topics represent the ideas which students prefer to focus on in their research. Examples of such ideas include issues related to subjects, current topics and events, or some issues in which the researcher takes personal interest. Good research paper topics are not limited to topical issues and could present unique subjects or fresh views on some familiar issues. A successful research topic is supposed to keep a researcher motivated along the way and the reader interested in the research paper.

List of Top-Rated Topics for a Research Paper with Samples

Finding a good topic is the first step students make on their way to writing a research paper, so some might think that once this step is made, there is nothing to worry about. However, selecting a topic is only a tiny part of the work that has to be done, even though this choice is very important. Once the choice is made, you will have to find trustworthy scholarly sources. This task can also be demanding, especially if there are not so many publications dedicated to your topic. As you choose your topic, keep all the subsequent stages of writing in mind. Are you planning to create an argumentative, controversial, or informative paper? The choice of the topic should be based on your intentions and goals.

    Easy College Research Paper Topics

  1. How did anime evolve and why did become popular globally?
  2. Diversity in sports team – how does it contribute to success?
  3. Traditional music vs. pop music – which is better for your country?
  4. What makes some music popular than another?
  5. Imagine what the world would look like without the discoveries of Nicola Tesla?
  6. Why do people’s preferences change with age?
  7. Discuss some of the most popular hobbies among children and adults in your country
  8. Are there any pastime activities you enjoy doing in your home country but you cannot do when you travel abroad? Explain
  9. Should we solve the procrastination issue? Can we?
  10. Discuss and ruin some of the most popular stereotypes about your country
  11. Interesting Research Paper Topics

  12. Are older your parents always wiser and know better?
  13. Does technology cause generation gap?
  14. Do you think that friendship between men is different from that between women? Why?
  15. Can video games have an educative purpose in addition to the entertaining one?
  16. How do people come up with brilliant marketing campaigns?
  17. What makes you satisfied with who you are?
  18. Are developed countries happier than the developing ones?
  19. Does beauty determine person’s success in life?
  20. What are the merits and demerits of plastic surgery?
  21. Why does everyone speak about emotional intelligence these days and why does it matter?
  22. Amazing research paper topics

  23. Can you call yourself a couch potato?
  24. How did Halloween Day become popular in Europe?
  25. What are some advantages of energy drinks?
  26. How can you buy a trip around the world if you are broke?
  27. Who is the most amusing historical figure? Justify your choice
  28. If you could become an animal, which one would you be?
  29. What makes people mispronounce words?
  30. Can stand-up comedians teach us life lessons?
  31. Discuss the philosophy behind Avatar?
  32. Why do people suffer from brain fog and how to cope with it?
  33. Best Business Research Paper Topics

  34. What activity could bring you passive income?
  35. Can creative advertisement boos sales?
  36. Will high taxes kill small business in your country?
  37. Why books on time-management do not work?
  38. Should employees be involved in multi-tasking?
  39. Is there a way to prevent sexual harassment at work?
  40. How to boost intrinsic motivation among employees?
  41. Why do big corporations get away with breaking the law?
  42. Should international organizations control minimal wages in developing countries?
  43. Discuss the most successful businesses in the 21st century?
  44. Topics on Politics

  45. Did current German chancellor change Europe?
  46. Will impeachment against the current US president happen?
  47. Discuss some of the consequences of Brexit for Europe
  48. Do certain countries sponsor and support terrorism?
  49. How can other countries stand up to Putin’s terrorism?
  50. Should separated countries, such as Korea, unite?
  51. How can we and should we eradicate dictatorial regimes?
  52. List and discuss some of the causes of political conflicts in countries
  53. What threat do refugees pose to countries that host them?
  54. Will unity among people fight racism?
  55. Topics for Research Paper Writing on Medicine

  56. The ethics behind life-sustaining therapy?
  57. Is placebo treatment unethical?
  58. Can we avoid animal testing at all?
  59. Why do people oppose medical marijuana?
  60. Some of the disadvantages of cow milk?
  61. Should parents make their children vegetarian?
  62. Why is obesity a disease?
  63. Are concerns associated with vaccination justified?
  64. Why should not we advertise drugs to consumers directly?
  65. How doctors make their patients drug addicts?
  66. Topics on Education

  67. What are the disadvantages of standardized tests?
  68. Do diplomas guarantee higher salaries?
  69. Should education be free?
  70. Do modern technologies change education for better?
  71. Can we trust experts who studies online?
  72. How do social media platform shape school life
  73. Do social media make bullying worse?
  74. Contemporary vs. old teaching methods
  75. Lesson planning and technology
  76. How to make education for blind people more effective?
  77. Research Topics on Psychology

  78. How to deal with PTSD
  79. The causes of suicide among teenagers
  80. How does insomnia impact our mood?
  81. How to identify children suffering from home violence?
  82. Is modern sex education effective?
  83. Single sex education
  84. How to fight social media addiction? Should we?
  85. Social impacts of child abuse
  86. Does AI impact our thinking cognitive abilities?
  87. Pros and cons of home schooling
  88. Informed consent in psychological research
  89. Research Topics on Sociology

  90. Does the sexuality of LGBTQ+ parents affect their children?
  91. How does employment of nannies influence the upbringing of children
  92. How to manage family relationships if both parents are working?
  93. Political education of children.
  94. Gender inequality among children in poor countries.
  95. Social acceptance of LGBTQ+ and its impact on children
  96. The wisest approach to bullying
  97. Sociology and natural law: can we draw the boundaries?
  98. Does wellbeing depend on your salary?
  99. How does sociology help deal with criminals?
  100. Research Topics about Discrimination

  101. The efficient mechanisms for the protection of victims;
  102. Enhancing race relations. How to succeed?
  103. Reverse discrimination and its effects;
  104. Profiling;
  105. Explain why women are still underpaid compared to men?
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    Topics for Research Paper in Nursing

  107. Research across cultures and how it influences nursing
  108. How can we safely transmit data of home-nursing patients?
  109. Should nurses use their The pros and cons of home nursing
  110. The impact of burnout among nurses on healthcare
  111. Does home nursing help reduce depression symptoms?
  112. How to address the issue of abuse of elderly patients?
  113. Caring for patients with dementia
  114. Do nurses really need strong leadership skills?
  115. Caring after newborn children
  116. The Best History Topics

  117. Ancient European civilizations
  118. The legend of Aryans
  119. Mongols and Tartars conquest and their influence on World History
  120. Can a powerful speech change the history?
  121. How would the historical development be different if Malcolm X were not killed?
  122. The history of Middle-Easter art
  123. Cold wars in the 21st century
  124. Modern-day slavery and its impact on world economy
  125. Ku Klux Klan nowadays
  126. How to avoid wars?
  127. Science Research Topics for High School

  128. Explain the significance of the number 0;
  129. Discuss the fourth dimension and its characteristic features;
  130. The most significant scientific breakthroughs of the 21st century;
  131. Analyze the difference between non-parametric and parametric statistics;
  132. What is the importance of the black hole image?
  133. NBA Draft lottery and its relation to math;
  134. Why do fractals have a limited area but quite an unlimited perimeter?
  135. Performing rapid mental calculations. How to do everything right?
  136. Name the main mathematicians of the modern age and analyze their achievements;
  137. Explain a specific concept that was mathematically proven.
  138. Arms control;
  139. Democratization and its effects in the Middle East;
  140. Is America losing the war with the countries of the Middle East?
  141. International trade and its effects;
  142. Shock and awe.
  143. Military Research Paper Topics

  144. Should the US have mandatory military conscriptions?
  145. Intelligence reliability;
  146. The main consequences of the Afghanistan war;
  147. Precision weapons and their effects;
  148. Preemptive strike policy and its implementation.
  149. Censorship Research Topics for College Students

  150. Is censorship needed in public school?
  151. How to make censorship on the Internet?
  152. Should parents prevent their children from reading specific books or watching specific movies?
  153. Is censorship needed in the entertainment industry?
  154. Does censorship increase curiosity? Explain your answer with appropriate examples.
  155. Schools Research Paper Topics

  156. Prayer in school. Pros and cons;
  157. School uniforms;
  158. Do children learn better in girls-only or boys-only schools?
  159. Charter schools. Main benefits and shortcomings;
  160. How to address the problem of junk food?
  161. College Research Paper Topics

  162. Distance education;
  163. College admission policies and their application;
  164. College tuition planning;
  165. Receiving education abroad: pros and cons;
  166. Main benefits and shortcomings of modern education.
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How to Find Good Research Paper Topics?

When considering topics for you research paper, first of all, make sure the one you choose is interesting and you are prepared to invest much time in it. An intriguing topic is one of the ways to make sure your reader will make it through your research paper. If you are run out of ideas and cannot choose a suitable topic, ask for professional help. Below are some practical tips that can help you make a successful choice of a topic for your research project.

  • Something you are genuinely interested in
    In their search for easy research paper topics, students tend to forget that it is virtually impossible to create a good paper if they are not interested in the topic. If the material you have found is intriguing, you will be able to share some insight and make your discussion valuable. Therefore, if the topic is linked to the field you take interest in, think yourself lucky.
    Besides, passion will make it easier for you to explore the subject and read different publications dedicated to it. If you enjoy what you read about, it will be equally pleasant to write about and, consequently, the reader will be interested in the content, as well.
  • Clarity is the key
    Before diving into research, make sure you understand the topic. If it was assigned to you by the professor, do not hesitate to ask questions and clarify everything you need. If you understand the topic well, it will be easier for you to explore it and write about it in a professional manner. Readers can easily tell a difference between an expert and a newbie, so you have to establish credibility if you want your research to be taken seriously.
  • Avoid sweeping generalizations
    Being precise and specific is a must in academic writing. Research is precise work and a research paper has to be based on strong evidence and accurate facts. Spurious arguments and vague statements will get you nowhere, so make sure you do good research if reputable sources before you get down to writing.
  • Gain a fresh perspective
    It might seem that some topics simply cannot be discussed form a fresh perspective. How can you be innovative if you are to explore The French Revolution or Civil Rights movement? Well, you can. Try addressing the topic from a surprising perspective and this approach will put you way ahead of your classmates. You can either come up with a creative way to tell you story or do some deep research and dig out little known facts to intrigue your readers.

How Can Students Receive Professional Online Assistance?

Students are always looking for good topics for research paper because they want their papers to be unique and interesting. However, coming up with an original idea is easier said than done, especially if you are in a hurry or have to deal with several papers simultaneously. What to do in this case? We suggest a solution that will upend your understanding of research paper writing. There is a way to get your paper done according to the deadline and save your energy and time. You can receive an impeccable research paper that adheres to the best writing standards even if you are not good at writing or if you do not have time for the task. Choose a trustworthy company and receive professional help online. It is safe! Hire an experienced research paper writer and let them deal with all the writing stages professionally. Academic writing companies are the ultimate solution to any writing challenge you have!