Summary Writing

Summary writing is a complex process and it should be treated with utmost seriousness. If you don't know how to write a summary correctly - get help from us.

Definition of Executive Summary

In order to do summary writing properly, it is important to understand what kind of writing it is. A summary is a short introduction to a paper or business plan. It provides the key issues of the paper, outlines the problems that the paper solves, defines the target group, etc.

It is known that summary writing is an indispensable part of producing various types of academic works. Research papers, book reviews, annotated bibliographies, etc. often include this unit. However, it is necessary to remember that each synopsis has its peculiar features. Thus, a common summary differs from that included in a term paper, for example.

How to Write a Summary

The information provided below will help you learn how to write a summary that is not part of a certain academic paper. You will also find out how to identify the main components of an article written for the annotated bibliography.

It is worth mentioning that preparing summaries is not a piece of cake. Learners have to possess great skills in order to succeed in completing such an assignment. What are these skills?

  • You should clearly understand what the author’s message is.
  • It is important to get the key point of the article or book you are analyzing. Draw your attention to its structure and present arguments that justify the main idea.
  • You have to decide which facts are of utmost importance and which ones are not worth considering. Your essay should not contain useless information.
  • Shorten the content. While writing a summary, you have to express the author’s ideas in a few sentences. It does not matter that the author produced the material on several pages.

Summaries of superior quality present the paper’s aim, its thesis statement, accurate data, and a conclusion. The concluding paragraph shows the results of the research.

The Kinds of Summaries

In order to know how to write a good summary, it is necessary to distinguish between its types. Therefore, students should take the following into account.

  • The so-called outline method: It is really good to use this approach for short pieces of writing. At first, it is made in the form of a plan. Then it is transformed into plain text. It should start with the thesis. It should also contain headings and subheadings. The former name the sections of the paper and the latter present the items included in each section.
  • Unit method: It is rather helpful to use it when it goes about large articles. Each unit of the academic work has to be summarized in a few sentences. Remember that you should use transition words to join your thoughts and provide a smooth flow of information.

When you are supposed to make an essay summary of a particular article, follow detailed instructions given below:

Read the assigned article:

  1. Read the work attentively and underline the items you consider to be essential.
  2. Try to find the phrase that fully illustrates the argument of the whole piece of writing.
  3. Do not forget to pay attention to its structure.
  4. Write simple language. Do not use ambiguous words.

Start writing your summary essay:

  1. You have to include the author’s name, the title of the discussed article and its subject in the first sentence of your paper.
  2. Make sure that you have written a great thesis. Is there anything you have forgotten to mention? Do not forget that you have to write the thesis in your own words.
  3. After each section, you have to write some sentences that will sum it up.
  4. Remember that you are to put forward the arguments offered by the author to develop the main idea.
  5. The last sentence summarizes the conclusion which the author arrives at.

Make a revision of your work:

  1. Make sure that your summary writing expresses the ideas of the article.
  2. Avoid stating your opinion about the article. You should remember that your paper is just a description of a specific matter.
  3. Do not forget that your essay has to contain the conclusion and arguments provided by the author.


You do not have to share your viewpoint on the discussed material in your work. The following tips will help you:

  1. Check whether you have written a good thesis.
  2. You may put minor details in parentheses.
  3. Look at how the author summarizes the article.

Summary Format

Here are the important tips regarding format that should be considered in the process of summary writing:

  • In the process of writing an executive summary, the writer should provide information in paragraphs;
  • Usually, summaries start with an introductory sentence. This sentence provides information on the title of the text, its author, etc.;
  • Write summary in your words;
  • Summary provides ideas taken from the original text and does not provide ideas taken from other sources;
  • Summary provides ideas of the author used to support the main claim;
  • Use passages from the text you find useful for proving the main point of the text;
  • Use citations in case you provide quotes in your summary and provide information that will help the readers to find these passages in the text (use page numbers and number of paragraphs);
  • It is strongly recommended to use source materials in your paper. It can be used when you defend your claims;
  • Finish your summary by restating the main point of the paper.

Professional Services of Summary Writing

Get Summary Writing Help Online

Many people ask themselves: What is summary writing? Summarizing information and different long texts takes its roots from ancient Greece. It was an important process, which helped to shorten long texts and explain their meaning briefly. Surprisingly, summaries turned out to be more popular than the original texts. The reason for it is that people who did not want to read the whole text could easily understand what it was about from its summary and save much time. Nowadays, there are also people who provide professional summary writing service. Our company specializes on completing different writing assignments, including summary writing. We will easily help you with writing a summary to your proposal, research, thesis, etc. Our services is the best choice for you if you do not know how to do summary writing.

Types of Summaries

Our writers can easily deal with different kinds of summaries. Here is the list of the most popular summaries types:

  1. Summary of a book. Such summaries provide a brief report about a particular book. The information in the summary tells about the plot, and its main ideas and also provides introductory and concluding parts. The difference between a summary of non-fiction and a fiction book is that for the first type, its major ideas and conclusions are described, while for the latter, main characters, plot, etc. are mostly paid attention to. If you hire us as your writing assistant, you get more than simply a summary. Our writers will approach their work with utmost seriousness and provide a superb piece of writing in terms of content, format, structure, grammar, etc. We can help you with writing a Stephen King’s summary if it is a part of your assignment.
  2. Research summary. This type of summary resembles an abstract to a big paper, such as a dissertation or thesis. It deals with summarizing information about paper’s main problem, its methodology, findings, conclusions, etc. This type of summary is very important as it serves as an introduction to the big research and is important for presenting your work briefly to an audience who has not read the whole paper yet.
  3. Summary of an article. It can deal with summaries of articles in magazines, journals or newspapers. This summary is written as an annotated bibliography to the article or as a short abstract in a database. It is one of the most widespread assignments the students get, as it helps the professors to check whether the students read the assigned articles and managed to understand and outline their key points.
  4. Executive summary. Generally, the executive summary is a 1-page summary of a report or an academic paper. It is written in order to introduce the main points of the report to the readers who do not have much time to read the whole report. As a result, this summary should be clear and precise. It must be written in a way to get people interested in the whole report. This summary type is a bit longer than an abstract and provides more information on the report. Is Your Best Writing Partner

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