The Best Globalization Topics

It is rather difficult to underestimate the importance of globalization in the 21st century because, despite an ambiguous political situation worldwide, as well as the commitment of many states to remain in their cozy shells, the world’s order becomes different. As such, no wonder that globalization became the main topic for many essays, research papers, case studies, and other academic projects in many colleges and universities.

Writing a paper on globalization is not an easy task to do because there are myriads of globalization research paper topics and ideas that require thorough investigation. If your professor allowed you to decide what globalization aspect to analyze, you need to select the one that fits your research interests best of all because, in such a way, you will be able to write an impressive paper that will bring you a good grade, as well as respect from your teacher. However, if you lack interesting ideas, there is nothing to worry about. Below, you will find multiple globalization paper topics that will help you understand your direction. Be attentive when studying this list because it surely has a topic that will help you get the best grade and improve your academic performance.

Globalization Essay Writing

Globalization Topics

The following list will help you investigate the concept of globalization within its historical context:

  1. Analyze the history of globalization from the moment of its emerging until the present-day realms;
  2. In what way the developed and underdeveloped countries can benefit from the growth of globalization?
  3. Globalization and China. Discuss the impact of globalization on Chinese political and economic development;
  4. Discuss the anti-globalization trends emerging in the United States;
  5. Compare and contrast the aspects of regionalization and globalization. What makes these concepts different?
  6. Analyze the relationship between globalization and free trade;
  7. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of globalization at the international level?
  8. How businesses are affected by globalization. A literature review.

Globalization Topics for Descriptive Papers

If you need to write a descriptive essay on a globalization topic, make sure to have a look at the ideas mentioned below:

  1. What is the attitude of the low-income country resident to outsourcing?
  2. Discuss the major economic effects of the rise of globalization.
  3. How does it feel to be a student in a diversified learning environment? Provide real-life examples;
  4. Discuss the effect of globalization on the people from low-income states;
  5. Immigrant’s way of thinking and its characteristic features;
  6. Discuss the cultural effects of globalization;
  7. What are the main benefits of working for an international company?
  8. Globalization and environment;
  9. Why do so many rich people want to live in offshore countries?
  10. Living in the world without boundaries. Is it really great?

Narrative Essay Topics on Globalization

When you need to write a narrative essay on globalization, your task is to create a meaningful story that will demonstrate your own experience. Usually, such essays are very interesting and engaging because they allow to learn more about their writers. If you cannot find a good topic for your narrative essay, have a look at the globalization essay topics mentioned below:

  1. My own understanding of the globalization concept. Why globalization becomes a popular trend?
  2. Having a pen-friend in the foreign country. What are the advantages?
  3. The world is becoming a huge village. Discuss the benefits and shortcomings of this tendency;
  4. My interpretation of the statement “The more languages you know – the better person you are;”
  5. The role of cultural diversity in my life.
  6. Why it is important to respect other people regardless of their color of skin, religion, and background?
  7. Why do I want to travel?
  8. The history of my family from the immigration standpoint;
  9. My experience of traveling to another country. What traditions and customs fascinated me?
  10. “East or west – home is best.” Provide your real-life experience;
  11. My life in a diversified society. Do I feel protected?
  12. What are the main advantages of being an international student? Are there any disadvantages?
  13. Cultural diversity and its meaning in my life;
  14. How to be a leader in a diversified team?
  15. Why do I like to communicate with people from different countries?

Globalization Topics for Persuasive Essays

When writing a persuasive essay, your primary goal is to convince your reader on a certain viewpoint. As such, your topic should provide you with room for discussion:

  1. Is globalization good or bad for underdeveloped countries?
  2. Outsourcing has a positive effect on the economics of the underdeveloped states. Do you support this claim?
  3. Life in the contemporary world is safer than it was fifty years ago;
  4. Discussion of Trump’s statements regarding the Green Card Lottery;
  5. Offshore tax havens as the worldwide practice;
  6. Globalization and its effect on the US international economy;
  7. Working in a diversified community has many advantages. Agree or disagree with this statement;
  8. Can globalization become the reason for World War III? Why? Why not?
  9. Globalization cannot be blamed for the broadcasting of immoral values;
  10. Brain-drain tendency and outsourcing.

Globalization Topics for Expository Essays

An expository essay aims to discuss a certain concept from different perspectives allowing the reader to gain a multifaceted understanding of this concept. Check out our list of great globalization topics for expository essays:

  1. Do you agree that a Green Card lottery is a good decision?
  2. What are the main effects of globalization on culture?
  3. What are the main causes of outsourcing?
  4. Why being an international student is a great experience?
  5. What is the effect of the Cold War on the globalization?
  6. State three major triggers of globalization and explain them;
  7. In what way did the concept of globalization change its meaning since its appearance?
  8. Name the socioeconomic impact of globalization;
  9. Discuss the impact of globalization on the formation of the national identity;
  10. Discuss the influence of globalization on the US labor market.

Globalization Speech Topics

The topic for a speech should allow you to find good convincing arguments to help your audience understand and support your viewpoint. If you want to get some interesting ideas for your speech, make sure to check the list below:

  1. The impact of social media on the concept of globalization;
  2. The concept of globalization in popular TV shows;
  3. The influence of globalization on the South Korean industry;
  4. The impact of globalization on the US social environment;
  5. The positive impact of globalization on the everyday life of the individual;
  6. Globalization and its effects on education in the 21st century;
  7. Globalization in Singapore.

Globalization Topics for Discussion

A good topic for discussion is always controversial and debatable. Below, you will find a list of burning issues that will definitely help you understand what topics are relevant today:

  1. The relation between globalization and feminism;
  2. The effect of globalization on the relationships between the US and other developed states;
  3. Globalization as the destructive power worldwide;
  4. Globalization and its destroying effect on the US distinctive culture;
  5. Globalization trends in the rhetoric of the White House.

Globalization Topics for Research Proposals

A research proposal is usually written when the student wants to approve the topic and objectives for writing a lengthy research project. The ideas mentioned below will help you boost your writing inspiration and understand the areas you need to focus on:

  1. Globalization and population problems in Italy;
  2. Globalization and cultural development in India;
  3. A discussion of three main types of globalization: cultural, economic, and technological;
  4. The positive impact of globalization on Chinese economics;
  5. Globalization and Ukraine;
  6. Is globalization just an another name of Americanization? Explain your rationale;
  7. In what way does globalization influence consumer behavior?
  8. The role of Disney and other major companies in globalization;
  9. Globalization in South Africa and its characteristic features.

 How to Write a Great Globalization Essay?

If you want to get a good grade for your globalization essay, you should take care of its content, structure, and formatting. Developing your ideas in the right order will greatly help you explore your topic from different angles. If you lack sufficient writing skills, have a look at the common essay outline suggested below, and you will get an understanding of how your ideas should be developed:


In your introduction, you need to inform your reader about your topic and explain what makes this topic relevant. Also, your introduction should include a thesis statement that will indicate the overall idea of your essay.

Main Body

In the main body, you need to analyze the topic in detail providing the accurate in-text citations supporting your claims. Your main body needs to be divided into a couple of paragraphs and each of these paragraphs should be dedicated to one single point related to the thesis statement. Move from one paragraph to another smoothly with the help of proper transition phrases. Allow your reader to follow the flow of your ideas and try not to confuse them. 


A conclusion is the final paragraph of your essay that should help you wrap up your discussion and emphasize the theoretical and practical value of your study. Please, note that your conclusion should not include new information as the primary purpose of this part is just to summarize everything being said.

Reference Page

If you used some credible academic references when writing your essay, make sure to include all of them in your reference list. Otherwise, your work will appear as plagiarized, which is very bad for your reputation.

All in all, you should know that writing a paper about globalization can be a very interesting process. However, if you have no idea how to do it, do not hesitate to find a reliable writing service and ask for help. Cooperating with the trustworthy writing platform, you will be able to get good grades for your papers without spending days and nights on their writing.