September 6, 2017

Types of Essays

Types of Essay

Types of Essays: Effective Workshop

For academic success, students must be able to write different types of essays competently. This task is common to all students in every college and university. It is a part of the standard testing and is compulsory for admission to university. Often, high test results can be achieved by selecting the right type of essay. Obviously, students must not get confused in the variety of writings.

There are over a dozen different types of essays, so you can be confused very easily. However, essentially, there are just four basic types of essays with different variations.

Definition of essay type depends on what intention the author has. The main writers’ goals are telling about personal experience, explanation of particular problem, description of something or convincing the reader to accept writer’s opinion. The main types of essays are:

  1. Narrative Essays: sharing personal experience

In an essay of this kind, the author tells about his own experience. While telling the story may seem an easy task, many students can face difficulties with writing about themselves, so many people like to write other essay types. When writing an essay of this kind, the author has to make the essay so bright and exciting as it is possible, in order to attract readers. Often, the reader may be interested in the narrative essay written in first person. “I” sentences help the reader to feel like he is a participant of the story.
Writing a Narrative Essay: Essential Information
Storytelling and listening are among basic human instincts. Therefore, many people consider a narrative essay as a perfect instrument for sharing important information with others. Such an essay allows the writer not only keep the reader entertained but also share an important message with the audience. When written in a specific historical context, a narrative essay help people learn more about the cultural background, traditions, and beliefs of the writer. In other words, a narrative essay usually gives a deep insight into the writer`s identity. Performing such an important function, narrative essays are a binding force in uniting the peoples.

  1. Descriptive Essays: describing something

When talking about different types of essays, it is important to mention a descriptive essay. A writer can describe a person, object, place or feeling in a special way. However, the main purpose of this kind of essay is not just a description. In a descriptive essay, the author tries to convey a deeper meaning through the description. He should not tell but show something, using sensory details and colorful words. The best descriptive essays, unlike the examples of analytical writing, appeal to reader’s emotions, and remain in his memory for a long time.

Essential Features of the Descriptive Essays
When writing a descriptive essay, you need to consider the following features:

      Addressing to 5 human senses;
      Use of literary figures;
      Use of vivid and descriptive language.

When working on such an essay, you have to be maximally precise helping your readers imagine themselves a part of your story. For this purpose, you need to address five human senses to create a mental picture that will please your audience.
Key Functions of a Descriptive Essay
A descriptive essay is usually written to describe a particular event, issue, person, or place in such a detailed manner so that the reader could feel that they are facing it before their eyes. As such, when writing a descriptive essay, the writer should use sensory information and present the description in an honest manner.

  1. Expository Essays: telling strict facts

This type of essay is an informative writing, which contains a deep analysis of the topic. This can be, for example, chronological writing, where the writer defines the subject, using statistics and facts. The expository writing covers many different variations of essays. The most common among them are the “how to” or process essay, the cause and effect essay, compare and contrast writing. Since in this form of essays facts and not one’s emotions are the basis of writing, writers do not describe their own feelings and avoid writing in first person.
Key Functions of the Expository Essay
The main function of the expository essay is to clarify and discuss in detail a particular event, thing, policy, or issue through the methods of comparison and contrast, process, problem/solution, and many others. The essential aim of the expository essay is to make the reader fully aware of the thing or things discussed in the essay. Providing the reader with detailed information, you prove that you are knowledgeable about your topic.

  1. Persuasive Essays: convincing the reader

The task of essay of this kind is to convince the reader to accept writer’s point of view about something. This is one of the most difficult tasks, because to get a quality persuasive essay, unless the situation with descriptive writing, student has to use logic and facts, as well as experts’ opinions and examples. You will have to present each side of the argument and be able to explain why the chosen assumption is correct.
Key Functions of a Persuasive Essay
The fundamental function of a persuasive essay is to convince the reader to take a certain position. Speaking figuratively, it is a call for action accompanied by strong arguments. The arguments suggested in a persuasive paper should be credible. Also, you need to back up all your statements with solid evidence.

What Is an Essay?

An essay is a form of academic assignment that aims to clarify, analyze, evaluate a specific thing, issue, event, place, or a person from a specific angle. There are many different types of essays, which are distinguished in accordance with their nature. When writing an essay, the author should provide the reader with a specific glimpse on the topic. Each essay has a topic that is relevant to a particular subject area. For instance, pursuing their degrees in the literature-related fields, the students can be asked to create essays about particular literature styles, famous writers, and their works, as well as the specific genres and movements in literature.

What Are the Common Types of Essays?

If you find it difficult to recognize the essay type, we recommend you to study your instruction thoroughly to understand what your teacher expects to see in your essay. Look into the list of words given below and try to identify the right type of essay for each of them:

      Compare and contrast;

Additionally, in the professor`s requirement, there can be some hints suggesting that you need to express your opinion. For instance:

      What do you think about…?
      How do you opine…?
      What is your position regarding…?

If you have some questions about the 4 types of essays that are frequently assigned to the students, ask your professor to provide you with the efficient manual that will guide you through the essay writing process. We recommend you to figure out everything before you start writing to avoid further revisions.

It is impossible to know everything about all types of essays, however, we assure you that constant practice will bring you the expected results, sooner or later. If you have to write an essay, don’t give up and learn the key peculiarities of this type. After all, practice makes perfect. We do hope that the tips and techniques suggested in our article will help you create an amazing essay that will bring you the expected outcome!

How to Get Professional Help with Various Essay Types?

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