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Fashion is not a personal choice. Fashion is a mission and vocation. I apply to FIT to make my mission come true.

The major I apply to is ITM. This program is unique and highly promising for my aspirations. Therefore, I do my best to become a part of the FIT. I am eager to transfer from Ohio University to FIT. I have notable results at Ohio University, but dream of continuing my fashion education further on at FIT. The ITM program is an excellent opportunity for me to become a famous fashion artist in the future. The motto of ITM which sounds like “Think globally. Act strategically” became my motto as well. These words drive fashion nowadays, and I am confident of myself.

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My dream is to run my own fashion studio named “Brand Renaissance.” The peculiar feature of the studio will be the following: the brand clothes will be transformed into a version that is more appropriate to modern trends and preferences. The process of clothes transformation will concern colors, style, design, and other aspects. The transformation will stick to the initial concept and alter only details. Therefore, the renewal of notable garments will be an innovative and inevitably creative approach to the concept of fashion in the 21st century.

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Besides, I dream about my own collections and brand name. It is natural for every fashion professional. My aspiration will rely not only on my own taste, but also on the topical trends and the expectations of the audience. Moreover, the innovative approach and creative thinking will be directly involved not only in the process of collection creation but also in the course of its promotion and presentation.

My future collections will be absolutely exclusive and will embody different images of modern person in the IT world of virtual dimensions and living online. For example, the clothes will express freedom the Internet grants us with in the course of time or the threat of the network capable of capturing the whole real world. I will create fashion according to topical concepts and relevant topics and issues in modern society. Such kind of response to the contemporary situation will increase its popularity and extravagance. As a consequence, the brand will evolve and thrive.

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I have numerous creative ideas and intentions. Therefore, I am willing to enter FIT and improve my skills, enrich my knowledge, and trigger my imagination.

Personally for me, fashion is a lifestyle, not a luxury or whim. It may be created with significant details, selection of color, relevant emphasis, or even gestures with which the clothes are presented. It is more than great taste, because fashion comprises of such notions as relevance, trend perception, and new point of view concerning trivial or traditional issues and phenomena. For example, I was inspired and astonished by the Spring/Summer 2014 Collection by Karl Lagerfeld. His Spring 2014 Collection amazes with stylish and mod approach as well as with the creative vision of spring trends and looks. Besides, the extraordinary mixture of innovative techniques, luxurious airy organza, and trendy Twiggy-Esque hairstyle are perfect for inspiration.

As well, I appreciated the contribution to the fashion industry worldwide made by Vera Wang. The wedding dresses created under the inspiration of architectural forms and shapes apparently confirm royal luxury of the collection, creative approach to modern concept of the bride, and obvious talent of the fashion artist. Besides, Vera Wang provided diversity within the Spring/Summer 2014 collection. This step is crucial as she presented different, often quite opposite variants of the modern bride’s dresses, from lavish and glamorous to contemporary minimalistic and stylish. It is additional proof of multi-dimensional talent of Vera Wang.

I am eager to achieve the goal I pursue. I am persistent, responsible, and looking forward to new opportunities and new challenges. Moreover, I am absolutely ready to meet all the requirements and expectations. I realize that in order to succeed in the fashion industry, I should be not only professional, goal-oriented, and strong-willed, but I also should implement in the practice such crucial criteria as creative approach, innovative technologies, and global outlook. Therefore, it is evident that my perspectives eventually coincide with the priorities established by FIT.

Fashion is a necessity which happens to stay with a person who chooses it once. I happened to choose it and now, I feel my vocation to move further on the fashion highway. Fashion is not my life, but I want my life to become a fashion in the nearest future.


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