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If you aren't good at essay writing and haven't advanced writing skills, you will definitely need to read our free essay! This paper compares essays Neat People vs. Sloppy People by Suzanne Britt, and Batting Clean-up and Striking Out by Dave Barry.

Both of the compared essays Neat People vs. Sloppy People by Suzanne Britt, and Batting Clean-up and Striking Out by Dave Barry are dedicated to the topic of dealing with mess, and both include comparisons. Perhaps, it is the main thing, which can be determined as similar in the essays. Nevertheless, it is necessary to analyze both essays point by point in order to understand in which ways they are similar and different.

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First paragraphs of both essays serve as introductions and represent theses of the essays. Although, the topic of the essays is related to mess, Britts thesis is, neat people are lazier and meaner than sloppy people (Britt 1). The author proves this statement through further explanation of how both kinds of people deal with mess. The thesis of Barry is the following, The primary difference between man and women is that women can see extremely small quantities of dirt (Barry 1). This thesis is explained in the first part of Barry’s essay.

Each essay can be also divided into two parts. Britts essay consists of the part dedicated to sloppy people, and it includes four paragraphs from the second to the fifth; and of the part, which describes neat people from the sixth to the twelfth paragraph. The second paragraph points out a reason, which explains why sloppy people are sloppy. The third paragraph represents sloppy people from the point of view of their attitude to mess and things they possess. The fourth paragraph tells about how sloppy people do not manage mess in their houses. In the fifth paragraph, the author makes a conclusion concerning sloppy people and their attitude to mess. The sixth paragraph describes neat people in general. The seventh and eighth paragraphs give more specific information about neat people. The ninth paragraph is dedicated to neat peoples attitude to mail. The two following paragraphs represent how neat peoples character is reflected on other things. In the last paragraph, the author makes a conclusion about neat people.

Batting Clean-up and Striking Out by Dave Barry can be also divided into two parts. The first part from second to the fourth paragraph is dedicated to mens and womens view on mess and dirt. The second part from the fifth paragraph till the end is related to another topic, which is sports and opposite mens and womens understanding of it. Perhaps, while reading the second part of the essay, one understands that the main topic of it is not mess, but difference between men and women in general. The second paragraph of the essay can be regarded as introduction, because the author covers some historical facts in order to explain why modern men do not do housework. In the next two paragraphs, the author represents how mens and womens understanding of dirt and cleanness differs. In order to do it, the author gives an example from his own experience. The fifth paragraph of the essay covers another topic, and can be regarded as an introduction to it. The last three paragraphs also represent the story from life of the author in order to show differences between men and women. If the first part of the essay was built around cleanness, the second one is about sports. It seems that Barry represents difference between men and women with the help of things, which they are most sensitive to.

The above mentioned division of the essays into sections shows that the essays have more similarities than it was stated at the beginning. Thus, not only topics of the essays are similar, but both essays compare and contrast different people, and their attitude to this or that issue. Moreover, Neat People vs. Sloppy People and Batting Clean-up and Striking Out are structured in the same way both essays have introductory parts, and then, each is divided into two parts dedicated to different aspects of the covered topic. One more thing, which is peculiar to both articles, is that they do not have general conclusions both of them are ended with the second part, and the authors do not summarize their thoughts. Perhaps, it is made in order to let the readers make their own conclusions after reading the articles. Moreover, one can understand the main thought of each author even without summarizing the ideas.

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However, in spite of similarities, which can be found in two essays, there are also differences. First of all, the authors use different ways of representing the topic. Britt covers the topic of different people basing on their attitude to mess. Her comparison is not complicated she just writes about two different kinds of people in turns. At first, she speaks about sloppy people, and then about neat people it is evident from the essay structure. The only thing, which somehow varies her comparison, is the only example from her life, I knew a neat person once who threw away a perfectly good dish drainer because it had mold on it (Britt 2). In contrast to Britt’s way of covering the topic, Dave Barry represents the topic with the help of different devices by referring to history in order to make the essay more interesting, by giving examples from his life. In fact, examples play a great role in the essay, because the author uses them many times. The first example is about his and his wifes different views on dirt. The second example is met at the beginning of the second part of the essay, I always get irate letters from women who say they are… sensitive to sports (Barry 2). Lastly, in order to explain differences between men and women on the example of sports, the author uses one more example from his life, telling the readers how he and his wife spent time together with their friends. Thus, different examples make the essay of Barry more interesting and colorful and help readers to understand the essence of the topic better.

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The next point, which differs in the two essays, is point of view, from which the topics are covered. Britt writes her essay as a critic. However, the authors criticism is not fair. It is evident that she sides with sloppy people. Thus, her position is not objective. One can find numerous evidence of it in the essay. First of all, it is obvious from the very beginning, when the author tells, Neat people are lazier and meaner than sloppy people (Britt 1). Moreover, sloppy people are described by the author as those giving attention to every detail (Britt 1), of… extreme moral rectitude (Britt 1). It is evident that characteristics are positive. In contrast, Neat people are bums and clods at heart (Britt 1). In authors opinion, such people have cavalier attitudes toward possessions (Britt 1), they have no sentimental salvaging of birthday cards (Britt 2), and they even can throw children out of the house just to cut down on the clutter (Britt 1).

In contrast to Britts way of talking about people, Barry is more loyal. Perhaps, it happens on the fact that he does not separate himself from people he is writing about. He is able to accept people as they are. He does not talk about men and women as a critic in contrast, he is a simple person, who can understand both sides. One can see it from the authors attitude to men and women. First of all, he devoted one part of the essay to women, and another one to men thus, he made them equal. Secondly, he does not insult either men or women he writes what he thinks in a very cautious way. For example, he writes that women can see dirt at the level of molecules (Barry 1). In the next line, one can see that men dont generally notice it until it forms clumps large enough to support agriculture (Barry 1). Thus, it is evident that the author makes fun of men and women, but he does it in a way that does not hurt anyone.

Having analyzed Neat People vs. Sloppy People by Suzanne Britt, and Batting Clean-up and Striking Out by Dave Barry, the following conclusion can be made. The essays have similarities as well as differences. As for similarities, both articles tend to compare two different kinds of people in Britts essay they are sloppy and neat people, and in Barry’s article, they are men and women. These people are compared according to their attitude to mess and cleanness. The essays have similar structure introductory parts, and two main parts in each essay. Conclusions are avoided by both authors. As for the differences of the essays, they are the following. The authors chose different ways of covering information. Britt represented the topic simply by talking about sloppy people, and then about neat people. Barry described men and women referring to his life experience. The attitude of the authors to the people they are talking about is also different. Thus, Britt is represented as a critic, who supports only one group of people thus, she is subjective in her essay. In contrast, Barry explains the topic not separating from people he talks about, and it makes his essay objective and honest in relation to men and women.

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