Biology Assignments

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Biology Assignment 1

Describe the main differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, including how the different cell types reproduce.

Outline the structure and function of the following eukaryotic organelles listed below.

Plasma (cell) membrane
Golgi Apparatus
Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum

Biology Assignment 2

One of the goals of this class is to increase awareness about current biology especially as it relates to global topics. Your task is to find an article about a biology topic that has been published in 2018 to the present. (These should be full-length articles and not a brief “digest” summary of an original article).

Your sources may include a news magazine, a science magazine, or a science journal. Be sure that your source is research-based and credible.

Your article review may also be from 2 articles of the same topic. Your review may compare and contrast the articles. This may be an option if finding an article of suitable length is difficult to find.

The review will be graded according to the criteria list below.

Is the topic biology related?
Does the article have at least 2 pages of text? Would a normal reader take about 20-30 minutes to read and fully understand the article?
Is the article technical?
Is it appropriate for a college level biology class?
Is the topic of global significance?
Was it written between 2018 to the present?
Is it from a credible source?
Is the source properly cited (APA format)? Refer to the links below.
Is a link to the original article included?
Is the review written in proper paragraph format? Does it have complete sentences, correct spelling, punctuation, & grammar?
Does the review address all the key ideas presented in the article? Are clear examples and facts from the articles presented to support key ideas?
Does the review include your personal opinion about the topic? Did you include a thorough detail to support your viewpoint?
Does the review have a follow-up question that the article did not answer?
Is it written in your own words?
Does the review have at least 500 words?
Be prepared to give a short (approximately 2 minutes) presentation to the class.

Biology Assignment 3

Inside your body are trillions of microbes collectively known as the microbiota. Over the past decade, scientists have learned a great deal about how the microbiota contributes to our health. However, there are still many questions. Watch the introductory video below for more information:

In your post, address the following questions:

1. Describe two sites on the human body colonized by the normal microbiota and give an example of the type of organisms found at those sites.

2. Describe a situation that could lead to the normal microbiota causing disease.

Biology Assignment 4

In this assignment, you will research the origin, history, and evolution of the causative agent of the plague.

Develop a PowerPoint presentation that includes the components below. Use relevant and supporting images to supplement your research.

Slide 1
Title Slide with Name, Course, and Date

Slide 2: Introduction
Topics to be covered in outline form

Slides 3 and 4: History of the Plague
Describe the bacterium that caused the plague in the 14th century. How was it believed to be transmitted? How does Y. pestis compare with other strains of bacteria in the same genus of Yersinia (select one other variant of Yersinia to discuss).

Slides 5 and 6: Spread of the Disease
Discuss where outbreaks of the disease occurred in Asia and Europe. Describe the symptoms of those infected with the plague and how it spread so quickly. Include supporting images.

Slides 7 and 8: Evolution of Y. pestis
How did Y. pestis evolve over the centuries? Include a discussion of the genetic modifications that may have occurred (gene inactivation, loss, and acquisition). Why do you think the original plague around the 14th century died out?

Slide 9: Reflection/Conclusion
Of all the sources you reviewed on the origin of the plague, which one do you think is most precise and “scientific” in its analysis of the spread of this disease? Explain your reasoning and cite your source.

Slide 10: References
Full list of references in APA format (including citations for any images used)

Biology Assignment 5

1. Research an example of how genetic engineering of microbes has benefited mankind. Some potential topics include the development of medicines (including vaccines), bioremediation (ecosystem improvement), crop production, and gaining knowledge through research. Describe the microbial species involved and the benefits that have resulted from the manipulation of their genomes.

2. Although genetic engineering has been beneficial to humans, it can have drawbacks too. The use of this technology may affect human health, disrupt the ecological balance, cause drug and herbicide resistance or lower the genetic and ecological diversity of organisms.

Genetic engineering, including the manipulation of microbial DNA, is often used to improve the well-being of society and the ecosystem. Its applications span across several areas including the agriculture, chemical, pharmaceutical, and medical industries.

K-12 Counseling

Examine the influences of both heredity and environment on who you have become. For each of the following stages: infancy, early childhood, middle/late childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood, identify inherited characteristics and/or environmental experiences that influenced your life as you were growing up and led you to become who you are today.

Hereditary influences include such things as gender, physical appearance, inherited talents,
conditions, or disabilities; that is, anything else determined at conception.

Environmental influences include everything the person experiences after conception, including prenatal development, birth, family composition and dynamics, socio-economic status, schooling, religion, culture, living conditions, neighborhood influences, current events, and opportunities, or lack of them, in life.

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