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Demonstration Speech Outline

To inform your classmates how to fold an origami frog.

I. Introduction
A. Teaser: Story about the princess and the frog.
B. Thesis: A hopping origami frog is simple to make.
C. Preview Statement: Folding the frog will require three steps: first folding the base; second, the bottom; and third, the top.

Transition: Let’s hop to the first step: building the base.
II. Body
A. Main Point 1: The base involves two folds and a squeeze.
1. Fold one
2. Fold two
3. The squeeze

Transition: Now that we have a base, we can fold the bottom.
B. Main Point 2: The bottom folds allow us to give the frog legs.
1. The diamond
2. The chest
3. The legs

Transition: With the bottom completed, it’s time to finish the frog.
C. Main Point 3: Once we fold the top, we can finish the frog and make it hop.
1. The back legs
2. The spring
3. Transition: Now you know how to fold an origami frog.

III. Conclusion
A. Restate Main Points: Just remember the three simple steps: folding the base, folding the bottom, and folding the top.
B. Restate Thesis: Making an origami frog is easy.
C. Clincher: Not only do you have a frog, but also a ready-made prince!

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Let’s break down your homework assignment for creating a demonstration speech about how to fold an origami frog.

Step 1: Kick-off with an Intriguing Introduction
Your opening should grab your classmates’ attention and set the stage for your demonstration. You’ve decided to start with a story about a princess and the frog, which is a fantastic way to draw in your audience. Make sure your story is quick and fun but sets the stage for your origami instruction. After that, you’ll present your main message, “A hopping origami frog is simple to make”. Finish up the introduction with a brief rundown of the steps: folding the base, the bottom, and finally the top.

Step 2: Smoothly Transition to the Main Part
After your introduction, you’ll need to smoothly transition to the main part of your speech. Saying “Let’s hop to the first step: building the base” is a fun way to keep your classmates engaged while staying on theme.

Step 3: Let’s Dive into the Main Body
This is where you’ll explain the origami process step-by-step.

  • Main Point 1: Describe how to craft the base of the frog. Ensure to explain each fold and the squeeze in a clear and simple way.
  • Main Point 2: Go over how to create the bottom of the frog. Clearly describe each fold – the diamond, chest, and legs – and how they shape our frog.
  • Main Point 3: Finally, teach your classmates how to complete the frog by folding the top. Be clear about each fold’s purpose and how this final step will give us a fully-formed, hopping frog.

For every main point, remember to be clear and go at a slow pace that everyone can follow. Using a physical demonstration or even visual aids can make your instructions easier to understand.

Step 4: Moving from Point to Point
Use transitional phrases or sentences to move from one point to another. This will create a nice flow to your speech and alert your classmates when you’re about to shift to a new step.

Step 5: Wrap it Up
Finish strong with a solid conclusion. Briefly review the steps involved in making an origami frog to reinforce what they’ve learned. Then, revisit your main message to remind everyone that folding an origami frog is a piece of cake. Finish off with a fun clincher – something like “Not only do you have a frog, but also a ready-made prince!” would be a hit!

Step 6: Practice Makes Perfect
Before the actual presentation, be sure to rehearse your speech several times. This will help you get a feel for the flow of your speech and make you more at ease when presenting to your classmates.

Remember, a great demonstration speech is clear, easy to follow, and fun. Best of luck!

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