Community Health and Patient Care Assignments

Here we present a wide-ranging collection of academic assignments tailored to assist students studying community health, patient care, and related disciplines.

Assignment 1. Community Health Promotion Project

  1. Identify the population you chose and analyze relevant information pertaining to the chosen population.
    • demographics
    • socioeconomics
    • environmental hazards
    • access to healthcare
  2. Analyze and discuss four mortality and morbidity risk factors for your selected population.
  3. Suggest a health promotion activity for each health issue identified from your analysis.

Nursing Assignment 2

You will select one research report with a qualitative design and one with quantitative design and answer the following questions regarding the following categories:

Discuss what is meant by the term Qualitative Research

Briefly, describe the characteristics of qualitative research and identify nursing issues/phenomena that lend themselves to a qualitative research approach.

Compare and contrast three different qualitative research methodologies.

Briefly, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of qualitative research evidence for informing nursing practice.

Communicate how this research design used in research.

The study, sampling, data collection, analysis, rigor, findings and limitations

Identify the purpose of the study.

Briefly, describe the design of the study and explain why you think it is either appropriate or inappropriate to meet the purpose.

Identify ethical issues related to the study and how they were/were not addressed.

Identify the sampling method and recruitment strategy that was used.

Discuss whether sampling and recruitment were appropriate to the aims of the research.

Identify the data collection method(s) and discuss whether the method(s) is/are appropriate to the aims of the study.

Identify how the data was analyzed and discuss whether the method(s) of analysis is/are appropriate to the aims of the study.

Identify four (4) criteria by which the rigor of a qualitative project can be judged.

Discuss the rigor of this study using the four criteria.

Briefly, describe the findings of the study and identify any limitations.

Use the information that you have gained from your critique of the study to discuss the trustworthiness and applicability of the study. Include in your discussion any implications for the discipline of nursing.

Discuss what you understand by the term Quantitative Research – Use the following dot points to guide your discussion (give reasons for your argument and support with references):

Describe the characteristics of quantitative research.

Identify nursing issues/phenomena that lend themselves to a quantitative research approach.

Differentiate between observational and interventional research designs and also between experimental and quasi-experimental designs.

Briefly, outline the difference between inferential and descriptive statistics and their relationship to levels of measurement.

Communicate how this research design used in research.

Critique the Quantitative Research Report – Use the following headings to guide your critique (in all discussions and explanations give reasons for your argument and support with references):

The study

Identify the purpose and design of the study.

Explain what is meant by ‘blinding’ and ‘randomization’ and discuss how these were addressed in the design of the study.

Identify ethical issues related to the study and how they were/were not addressed.


Explain the sampling method and recruitment strategy that was used.

Discuss how the sample size was determined – include in your discussion an explanation of terms used.

Data collection

Briefly, outline how the data was collected and identify any data collection instrument(s).

Define the terms validity and reliability and discuss how the validity & reliability of the instruments were/were not addressed in this study and why this is important.

Data analysis

Outline how the data were analyzed.

Identify the statistics used and the level of measurement of the data described by each statistical test – include in your discussion an explanation of terms used.

Findings and limitations

Briefly, outline the findings and identify any limitations of the study

Use the information that you have gained from your critique of the study to briefly discuss the trustworthiness and applicability of the study. Include in your discussion an explanation of the term statistical significance and name the tests of statistical significance used in this study.

Nursing Assignment 3

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing healthcare environment, technology has become an integral part of the nursing profession. This activity focuses on the intersection of nursing and technology by selecting a nursing topic or concept and identifying a technology tool that can be used to enhance student learning and engagement with the topic.


Choose a nursing topic or concept: Select one of the following nursing topics or concepts: patient safety, medication administration, or nursing ethics.

Identify a technology tool: Choose a technology tool that can be used to support learning and engagement with the selected topic. Some examples of technology tools are virtual patient simulations, online case studies, interactive videos, mobile applications, and gamification platforms.

Design a technology-based learning activity: Develop a technology-based learning activity incorporating the selected tool and supporting student learning of the topic or concept. The learning activity should be designed to meet the needs of the target audience and be aligned with the learning objectives.

Create a plan for implementing the learning activity: Create a detailed plan for implementing the learning activity. This should include information on how the technology tool will be used, how it will be integrated into the curriculum, and how the activity will be evaluated.

Assess the effectiveness of the learning activity: Evaluate the effectiveness of the learning activity using appropriate assessment methods. Some examples of assessment methods are pre- and post-tests, surveys, focus groups, and rubrics. The results of the evaluation can be used to improve the learning activity and inform future technology-based learning activities.

Submit the completed activity: Submit the completed activity, including the nursing topic or concept, the selected technology tool, the technology-based learning activity, the plan for implementing the activity, and the assessment of its effectiveness. Be sure to include any necessary materials, such as screenshots of the technology tool, handouts, or instructional videos.

Nursing Assignment 4

Choose one example of the three different epidemiologic studies, the case report, case series, and cross-sectional study.

Post links to each type of article and briefly describe the characteristics of each article that indicates it is either a case report, case series, or cross-sectional study.

Your reaction may be based on personal experiences.

Contribute a minimum of 450 words to the initial post. It should include at least three academic sources, formatted, and cited in APA.

Nursing Assignment 5

Submit an annotated bibliography that includes 3-5 peer reviewed sources on the topic Body Dysmorphic Disorder versus Gender Dysphoria.

Nursing Assignment 6

Explain the controversy that surrounds Narcissistic personality disorder.

Explain your professional beliefs about your selected disorder, supporting your rationale with at least three scholarly references from the literature.

Explain strategies for maintaining the therapeutic relationship with a client that may present with the disorder.Finally, explain ethical and legal considerations related to the disorder that you need to bring to your practice and why they are important.

Nursing Assignment 7

Each student will develop a teaching strategy/assignment with a grading rubric for an on-line or hybrid course. The teaching strategy is to be creative and innovative, aimed at registered nurses in a RN-BSN program. The presentation grading includes:

Course name and number for the intended assignment

Topic for which the strategy is intended to teach

Learner outcomes/objectives

Description of the teaching strategy/assignment

Grading rubric that will measure learning outcomes

Nursing Assignment 8

Ms. Jones is 60 years old and obese. She has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and will be started on glyburide. She is very nervous about this diagnosis and concerned that she will need to give herself “shots.”

Explain the difference between diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2.

How does glyburide help decrease blood sugar levels?

What are the key teaching points for patients taking oral antidiabetic agents?

Nursing Assignment 9

Explain why an Ace Inhibitor is recommended for a patient who has just experienced an ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI). Which pharmaceutical agent (include dose, route, frequency) would you prescribe for this patient? Explain your rationale. Determine whether the Ace Inhibitor will protect the patient from having a cardiac arrhythmia post STEMI? Explain your rationale. 

Nursing Assignment 10


Locate a peer-reviewed article that utilizes a meta-analysis design and examines a population health topic that interests you (Diabetes Type II). Your article must be a meta-analysis specifically, not just a systematic review.


Identify your selected article. Explain what characteristics make this a meta-analysis.

Were the inclusion and exclusion criteria clearly stated? How were the articles that were included selected? Do you agree with the researchers’ approach? Explain why or why not.

Do you agree with the conclusions? Explain why or why not.

Explain how you could apply implications from the study to your nursing practice.

Nursing Assignment 11

Compare and contrast the two certifying FNP bodies. Which test interests you, and why are you choosing that certification? Review the requirements for testing and recertification. What steps will you take to ensure that you meet all of the recertification requirements?

Nursing Assignment 12

  1. Develop a lesson plan for a class on health promotion using the following guidelines.
  2. Topic must be approved by instructor.
  3. Document must be completed as a Microsoft Word Document. Individual assignment.

Assignment Format (narrative):

Develop a teaching plan using the following format (MS Word Document)

Use in-text citations with corresponding references for the teaching plan and cite it in APA format

  • Who is the audience for the presentation? (The number of clients expected, age of audience, reason they are together (e.g. members of a Head Start Class, clients with high blood pressure at the clinic)
  • Why is a class on this topic needed?
  • What prior knowledge and/or experience do you anticipate that the expected audience members have on this topic?
  • How have you assessed readiness to learn and what were your findings?
  • What are the educational, cultural, or other unique characteristics of this group that impact the class?
  • How will you modify the environment to promote learning?
  • If you are working and can teach at work, please complete the assignment report including the narrative analysis paragraph as instructed on the assignment guidelines. (deliverables: full report and completed lesson plan)


After the presentation evaluate the process and content. Include analysis narrative paragraph of the audience’s reaction to your teaching. What did/did not work? What would you do differently next time?

Nursing Assignment 13

Describe a time when you experienced cultural incompetence in the health care delivery process.

As a manager, what could you have done to prevent that incident? Now think about that question as a believer of the Christian faith or another worldview.

Some Christian values include loving one another, promoting unity in a diverse group, tolerance of others with differing viewpoints, valuing each person’s unique purpose and place on the face of this earth, concern for the welfare of the least among us, compassion and support for those in need, among others. In Matthew 25:40 Jesus states, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

How do Christian values prepare someone to be culturally competent and able to relate to a diverse population?

To prepare for the final assignment, respond to the following:
If you have been invited to lead change in the area of cultural competence initiatives in a health service organization, how would you apply the Kotter model?

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