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The paper should be organized into the following sections:

  1. Introduction (Identification of the problem) with a clear presentation of the problem as well as the significance and a scholarly overview of the paper’s content. No heading is used for the Introduction per APA current edition.
  2. Background and Significance of the disease, to include: Definition, description, signs and symptoms. Incidence and prevalence of statistics by state with a comparison to national statistics pertaining to the disease. If after a search of the library and scholarly data bases, you are unable to find statistics for your home state, or other states, consider this a gap in the data and state as much in the body of the paper. For instance, you may state something like, “After an exhausting search of the scholarly data bases, this writer is unable to locate incidence and/or prevalence data for the state of…” This indicates a gap in surveillance that will be included in the “Plan” section of this paper.
  3. Surveillance and Reporting: Current surveillance methods and mandated reporting processes as related to the chronic health condition chosen should be specific.
  4. Epidemiological Analysis: Conduct a descriptive epidemiology analysis of the health condition. Be sure to include all of the 5 W’s: What, Who, Where, When, Why. Use details associated with all of the W’s, such as the “Who” which should include an analysis of the determinants of health. Include costs (both financial and social) associated with the disease or problem.
  5. Screening and Guidelines: Review how the disease is diagnosed and current national standards (guidelines). Pick one screening test and review its sensitivity, specificity, predictive value, and cost.
  6. Plan: Integrating evidence, provide a plan of how a nurse practitioner will address this chronic health condition after graduation. Provide three specific interventions that are based on the evidence and include how you will measure outcomes (how will you know that the interventions have utility, are useful?) Note:  Consider primary, secondary, and tertiary interventions as well as the integration of health policy advocacy efforts. All interventions should be based on evidence connected to a resource such as a scholarly piece of research.
  7. Summary/Conclusion: Conclude in a clear manner with a brief overview of the keys points from each section of the paper utilizing integration of resources.
  8. The paper should be formatted and organized into the following sections which focus on the chosen chronic health condition.
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To tackle this nursing homework assignment on depression, follow the given steps to ensure a comprehensive and articulate result:

  1. Introduction: Begin by introducing the problem (Depression) clearly. Discuss the significance of the issue, giving an overview of the content you will present in the paper. This should not have a heading as per APA guidelines.
  2. Background and Significance: Define and describe depression including its signs and symptoms. Look for recent statistics on the incidence and prevalence of depression both in your state and at a national level. If you cannot find state-level data, mention it as a gap in the data. Be sure to use credible sources for this information.
  3. Surveillance and Reporting: Investigate the current methods of surveillance and mandatory reporting processes related to depression. Make sure your description is specific and relates directly to depression.
  4. Epidemiological Analysis: Conduct a descriptive epidemiological analysis of depression. Cover the 5 W’s: What (the condition), Who (it affects), Where (geographical distribution), When (occurrence), and Why (causes or risk factors). Also, discuss the financial and social costs associated with depression.
  5. Screening and Guidelines: Review how depression is diagnosed and present the current national standards or guidelines for diagnosing depression. Choose one screening test for depression and discuss its sensitivity, specificity, predictive value, and cost.
  6. Plan: Here, you’ll outline a plan on how you, as a nurse practitioner, would address depression after graduation. Suggest three evidence-based interventions, detailing how you would measure the outcomes of these interventions. Remember to consider primary, secondary, and tertiary interventions as well as the importance of health policy advocacy efforts.
  7. Summary/Conclusion: Wrap up your paper by summarizing the key points from each section. Make sure this conclusion ties all your sections together neatly.
  8. Format and Organization: Ensure your paper follows the given structure and that each section focuses on depression. Each section should flow naturally into the next, ensuring a coherent reading experience.

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully complete your assignment on depression. Good luck with your work!

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