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Environmental Studies Assignment 1

Reflections on the food environment in your neighbourhood.

Note: if public health restrictions are still in place, please carry out this activity respecting them. You may choose to use online resources, such as google maps, to learn more about your neighbourhood rather than be outside. If you are living with other family members, you might survey their understanding of food related resources in the neighbourhood to gather a fuller picture of the situation.

Neighbourhoods are food environments, with corner stores, restaurants, supermarkets, farmers markets, food banks, mobile carts, shelters, community gardens, school food programs, etc. But these food environments are often not conducive to population health and sustainability, i.e., too much junk food, inaccessible to low mobility residents, unaffordable good food offerings, culturally inappropriate, etc.

I want you to present your observations and reflections in a journal style, identifying 3 problems (Part I) and 3 solutions (Part II) you observe in your neighbourhood. Some people like to do scrapbook style with photos or clippings, but it has to be done in a way you can submit to us electronically via eClass. Keep the entries to 250 words/problem or solution or 750 words total for each assignment. Tell us about the new things you notice. Describe what you’re seeing, but more importantly, tell us what you think and feel about what you observe. Are you dismayed, pleased, perplexed, angered, eager to get involved, etc.? Do the solutions appear to have a positive impact? When you discuss solutions, they can flow from the problems you identify or they can be integrated solutions across many problems including some you might not have discussed in your first assignment.

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