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Introduction – Provide a brief synopsis of the film that includes the ethical dilemma present in the film. Introduce the ethical theory you will use to analyze the film.

Ethical Analysis – Apply one ethical theory to the medical ethical dilemma presented in the film. First, describe this ethical theory in your own words, using evidence for your explanation of the moral view. Next, discuss how this ethical theory could provide solutions or recommendations for remedying the ethical dilemma featured in the film. In your analysis, be sure to address the following questions:

  • What moral values are present in the film (as they relate to the ethical theory you have chosen)?
  • Are there instances of moral values in conflict with one another?
  • What moral guidance does the ethical theory that you selected provide the characters in the film?
  • Reflection – Summarize what you have discussed in the essay and reflect on what you have learned. Lastly, discuss how what you have learned could be applied to your professional and personal life.

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Alright, let’s approach this assignment in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. Here are your steps:

  1. Film Synopsis and Introduction of Ethical Dilemma: Start by watching the movie carefully, noting key scenes that bring out ethical dilemmas. Once you’ve identified the ethical dilemma in the movie, introduce it briefly and lay down the foundation for your analysis. A synopsis isn’t about retelling the entire movie but highlighting the central narrative and its ethical challenges. Also, at this stage, introduce the ethical theory you’ll be applying in your analysis.
  2. Ethical Analysis with Theory: Here’s where you dive deep. Choose an ethical theory relevant to your film’s dilemma. It could be anything from utilitarianism to deontology, depending on what fits best. Explain this theory in your own words and provide evidence to back up your explanation. Next, apply this theory to your movie’s ethical dilemma. Discuss how the theory can provide potential solutions or ways to deal with the issues highlighted in the movie. Make sure to answer these questions:
    • What moral values are evident in the film, especially in relation to the ethical theory you’ve chosen?
    • Are there any instances where these moral values clash?
    • How does the ethical theory guide the film’s characters in their moral quandaries?
  3. Reflection: Here’s your chance to wrap everything up. Summarize your points and your analysis. Reflect on what you’ve learned from the exercise and discuss how it can be applied in your personal and professional life.

Remember, the key is to use language that is clear and engaging. Stay on topic, maintain a logical flow to your paper, and ensure you’re using proper grammar and punctuation. Don’t forget to cite any sources you use according to your school’s citation style.

Enjoy the process of blending film analysis with ethical theory! It’s a unique way to explore complex moral issues. Good luck with your assignment!

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