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Recently, your police department has received media coverage and community activist criticism because of the detective bureau’s techniques of interrogation. Your chief of detectives has assigned you to develop a general order for the chief of police to consider implementing on this topic. The chief will use your drafted general order to prepare his response to the media at a press conference scheduled for next week. Therefore, time is critical. Consider the following:

  • Miranda warnings and waiver of rights form
  • Use of audio and video equipment
  • Note-taking
  • Developing a plan
  • Knowledge of the subject and incident

This general order should provide sufficient detail on each of the topics, and it should address the legal and ethical considerations and implications of conducting interviews and interrogations. Research general orders so that your submission reflects a format that is typical of what might be seen in a police department general order.

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To effectively complete your assignment, follow these steps:

  1. Research and Understand: Start by familiarizing yourself with the concept of police department general orders and the legal and ethical implications of conducting interviews and interrogations. This could involve online research, reading related literature or case studies, and reviewing existing general orders if available.
  2. Address the Key Points: The assignment requires you to address five key points – Miranda warnings and waiver of rights form, use of audio and video equipment, note-taking, developing a plan, and knowledge of the subject and incident. For each point, describe its importance, how it should be properly handled, and the legal and ethical considerations surrounding it.
  3. Miranda Warnings and Waiver of Rights Form: Explain the importance of the Miranda warnings in protecting the rights of the person being interrogated. Discuss how and when the waiver of rights form should be presented and signed. Outline the potential legal and ethical repercussions if these are not properly administered.
  4. Use of Audio and Video Equipment: Describe the appropriate use of audio and video equipment in interviews and interrogations, such as gaining consent, ensuring clear recording, and maintaining the integrity of the recording. Discuss the legal and ethical issues related to the improper use of this equipment.
  5. Note-taking: Discuss the significance of accurate note-taking during interviews and interrogations, including the details that should be recorded and the ethical obligation to maintain the truthfulness and integrity of these notes.
  6. Developing a Plan: Discuss the necessity of having a structured plan for conducting interviews and interrogations, detailing the steps that should be taken and the considerations that should guide the development of such a plan.
  7. Knowledge of the Subject and Incident: Talk about the importance of having comprehensive knowledge of the subject and incident prior to conducting the interview or interrogation. This involves understanding the person’s background, the nature of the incident, and the legal framework applicable to the case.
  8. Draft the General Order: Using the research and discussions from the previous steps, draft the general order in a professional and concise manner. Ensure the order is clear, precise, and easy to follow, with each point addressed thoroughly.
  9. Review and Refine: Finally, review the draft for clarity, cohesion, and grammar. Check that you’ve addressed all parts of the assignment and the information provided is accurate and well-structured.

Remember, your goal is to provide a comprehensive and usable general order that addresses the concerns raised and upholds the legal and ethical standards expected of law enforcement. Use a formal and clear language style, avoiding jargon unless necessary, and make sure your text flows coherently from one point to the next.

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