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How can you guarantee validity and feasibility in your research study with a mixed method?

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To effectively ensure validity and feasibility in your research study with a mixed method, follow these outlined steps:

  1. Define Research Objectives: Be clear about your research objectives and how using a mixed-method approach will help achieve them. Make sure that the use of both qualitative and quantitative methods aligns with your study’s aim and questions.
  2. Design a Robust Research Plan: Begin with designing a well-structured and detailed research plan. Ensure that it outlines your methodologies in a clear and precise manner, and that the qualitative and quantitative methods complement each other.
  3. Triangulation: This is a key strength of mixed methods research. Use multiple sources, investigators, methods, or data points to cross-verify your findings. This can increase the validity of your research.
  4. Pilot Test: To guarantee feasibility, consider running a pilot test to identify any potential issues with the methods or instruments you intend to use. This allows for necessary adjustments to be made to your procedures or data collection tools before the actual study.
  5. Validity Measures: Ensure validity by using reliable measures and instruments, building rapport and trust with participants (for qualitative data), and clearly defining and consistently applying categories and codes in your analysis.
  6. Sample Size: To increase the validity of the study, the sample size must be large enough to be representative of the population you’re studying. For feasibility, it should also be manageable given your resources and timeline.
  7. Data Analysis: Ensure your data analysis techniques are suitable for the data collected and your research questions. Quantitative validity can be checked through statistical measures, while qualitative validity often involves more subjective, yet systematic and transparent, procedures for coding and interpreting data.
  8. Interpretation of Results: Be objective when interpreting results. Your conclusions should be based on the data collected and not personal bias. Compare and integrate findings from both qualitative and quantitative strands to draw comprehensive insights.
  9. Ethics: Maintain ethical considerations throughout the research. This includes maintaining confidentiality, obtaining informed consent, and being transparent about the research process.
  10. Peer Review: Engage peers or supervisors to review your work for unbiased feedback. This helps ensure that your research is valid, reliable, and feasible.
  11. Transparency: Document every step of the research process, including data collection and analysis, in detail. This ensures that your research can be replicated and scrutinized, which is a key aspect of validity.

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