Psychology Assignments

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Psychology Assignment 1

For this assignment, you will provide a long-answer essay response to each of the questions below. For each question, you are encouraged to use the peer-reviewed resources provided throughout the units to support your responses. Please do not copy and paste the whole question into the document. Rather, use APA format section headings to organize your paper, with separate sections for each question. Use the rubric and the assignment prompts as guides to be sure you address all topics. Be sure to use the sources provided so far in the course and support your work throughout with in-text citations and a reference list at the end of your paper.

Please respond to the following:

  • Compare the three branches of behavior analysis (behaviorism, EAB, and ABA).
  • Explain how the evolving historical and philosophical perspectives of behaviorism have influenced the study of applied behavior analysis as a natural science.
  • Name at least four important figures who have developed and furthered the science of behavior analysis and, specifically, discuss their contributions to the field.
  • Define radical behaviorism.
  • Explain the ways in which radical behaviorism attempts to create a set of universal laws to understand all behavior.
  • How does radical behaviorism differentiate between private events and public events?
  • How does the distinction between private events and public events relate to a distinction between mentalistic and environmental explanations for behavior?
  • In radical behaviorism, which explanation is preferred and why?
  • Explain the six attitudes/assumptions of experimental analysis of behavior, the goals of behavior analysis as a science, and the seven dimensions of applied behavior analysis.
  • Examine how each of these areas contribute to the development of a technology that is used to influence socially significant behavior.

Psychology Assignment 2. Research Paper

The following are the Dimensions of professional ethics

  • Having sufficient knowledge, skill, and judgment to use efficacious interventions
  • Respecting the human dignity and freedom of the client(s)
  • Using the power inherent in the professional’s role responsibly
  • Acting in ways that promote public confidence in the profession
  • Placing the welfare of the client(s) as the professional’s highest priority

In this research paper assignment, research each dimension and explain its application. Then identify 1 type of ethical violation for each. For example, respecting the human dignity and freedom of the client. How does the counseling professional show respect for human dignity and freedom? Then present an example of what it looks like when they do not.

Psychology Assignment 3

Most of us including our families and children are engaged in Social Media and the Internet to some extent.

How would you determine as a Counsellor if this is ‘normal healthy’ recreational use of social media or if this is an addiction? Use examples from your own or someone you know (no names).

Psychology Assignment 4

Look at the different therapeutic models of addiction treatment:
The disease model

The behavioral model

The family systems model

Choose one and describe the treatment approach then present the pros and cons to the model you selected. Conclude with an evaluation of whether you would advocate for this model if someone in your family was struggling with an addiction issue.

Psychology Assignment 5

In this research paper you are to research the history of treatment for individuals with substance use and abuse issues. Historically define the differences between substance abuse and mental illness. Specifically focus on the issues that prevented treatment professionals from including the family and explain why that is changing so that today’s concept of healing from chemical dependency seeks to address family-of-origin issues.

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Multicultural Counseling and Research Issues

You are a clinical counselor operating out of an urban Christian counseling center. You are a PhD candidate (all but dissertation), licensed professional counselor (LPC), with two years of supervised experience. Your clinical orientation is cognitive-behavioral therapy, specializing in issues related to depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. You are given a couple to assist with a presenting problem of marital tension in a biracial marriage, struggling with a cultural issue that is creating a wedge in the marriage, which is made worse with problems related to anxiety. You have very little experience with this type of presenting problem.

How would you handle this? After the initial meeting with them, would you be inclined to refer them to another professional more qualified than you on the specifics of the presenting problem? Would you be inclined to seek the help of a cultural ‘broker,’ and then ask for supervised assistance and attempt to help them? Be specific with your rationale and course of action.
The post is a minimum of 250 words with 3 citations.

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