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  1. Identify the occupational health and safety topic. Provide background information about the topic. Give reasons why it is a concern.
  2. Three(3) Research Questions
    Identify 3 questions that you would like to research and provide an answer for each question. The questions should be relevant to your topic and to workplace health and safety.
  3. Recommendations
    Provide recommendations for concerns raised in your research.

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This is a research-focused assignment. You are required to explore a topic within occupational health and safety, pose research questions related to this topic, and provide recommendations based on your research. Here are some steps to guide you:

  1. Choose Your Topic: Kick things off by pinpointing a subject in occupational health and safety that grabs your interest. This might be something like “the effects of noise pollution in factories” or “the impact of sedentary work on physical health”. Once you’ve got your topic, give some background info. What’s the scoop on this issue? Why should people sit up and take notice? Remember, your aim is to shed light on why this is a significant issue in the world of workplace health and safety.
  2. Craft Your Research Questions: Now it’s time to create three questions you’ll answer in your research. These questions should zoom in on your topic and be relevant to health and safety at work. If your topic was “the impact of sedentary work on physical health”, your questions might look something like this:
    • What are the key physical health issues linked to sedentary work?
    • Are there particular sectors more prone to these health issues and why?
    • How do health outcomes differ across countries with different work cultures and labor laws?
  3. The trick here is to make sure your questions are focused, clear, and something you can tackle with research.
  4. Offer Recommendations: Once you’ve dug into your research and answered your questions, you can come up with recommendations. These should be practical tips that could help solve the health and safety issues you’ve highlighted. For example, you might suggest introducing mandatory movement breaks, ergonomic office equipment, or promoting a culture of regular exercise.

While you’re writing, keep your language clear and engaging, stay on topic, and make sure your work flows well from start to finish. Don’t forget to double-check your grammar and punctuation for any sneaky errors. And, of course, make sure you’re citing your sources correctly, according to whatever format your instructor has asked for.

Just remember, the key to a great assignment is good research, thoughtful questions, and actionable recommendations. Take your time, and you’re sure to create a piece of work you can be proud of. Good luck!

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