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For this assignment you will write an academic paper exploring the use of group or family therapy with mending broken bonds with military couples. The paper should explore the population and issue from either a group therapy or family therapy approach. The paper should cover the following concepts and structure.

Section 1: Introduction.

  • The population you are identifying (Military Couples). Give as much information about working with this group as possible.
  • The issue you are focusing on. (the application of emotionally focused therapy to couples therapy with military couples and identify factors that can facilitate the therapeutic process with this unique population- specifically for children and families.)
  • Introduction of Group Therapy or Family Therapy.
  • Discuss Group therapy or Family Therapy and the different aspects of it through a social work lens (Person in environment and code of ethics).
  • Choose an approach to group therapy and discuss the literature around its use for your chosen population and problem.
  • Family therapy and group therapy, with the chosen population and problem. What does the research suggest is best? Does it recommend a combination or a staggered approach?
  • Discuss your personal thoughts on the two approaches and what you feel as a clinician would be best.
  • Discuss your comfort with the 2 models (family and group) and how that comfort could influence your use of the 2 approaches.
  • Complete the paper with a summary and recommendation. In the recommendation include ways that you can strengthen your own skills in relation to both approaches.
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In order to successfully tackle this assignment, follow these steps:

  1. Research: Begin by researching the topic extensively. Look up articles, papers, and other resources about the use of group or family therapy with military couples, particularly focusing on healing fractured relationships. Understand the intricacies of working with military couples, the challenges they face, and how therapy can help.
  2. Introduction: Start your paper by identifying the population you are focusing on, in this case, military couples. Discuss their unique challenges and the prevalence of broken bonds among this group. This should give the reader a clear picture of the importance of your chosen subject.
  3. Issue Focusing: Delve into the specific issue you are tackling in the paper – the use of emotionally focused therapy with military couples. Describe how this method works and why it might be particularly useful for military couples, focusing on its applications for children and families.
  4. Group/Family Therapy Overview: Introduce the concept of group therapy or family therapy (whichever you choose). Discuss its principles, its application, and its relevance in a social work context. Be sure to tie in aspects like the ‘person in the environment’ and code of ethics as per social work practice.
  5. Therapeutic Approach: Choose a specific approach to group therapy and explore what the literature says about its efficacy with military couples.
  6. Research Findings: Analyze the available research on the use of family therapy and group therapy with military couples. Discuss what the research suggests is the most effective approach, whether it recommends a combined or staggered approach.
  7. Personal Thoughts: Reflect on your personal opinions about the two approaches. As a future clinician, which approach do you think would be most effective and why?
  8. Comfort Level with Approaches: Consider your comfort level with both family and group therapy models. Discuss how this comfort level could influence your preference for and use of these approaches in your future practice.
  9. Summary and Recommendations: Conclude the paper by summarizing the main points discussed. Offer recommendations on how you, as a clinician, can strengthen your skills in relation to both family and group therapy.

Remember, an effective academic paper needs to be well-structured, with clear arguments backed by research. Use a diverse range of vocabulary and sentence structures to keep the text engaging and ensure all points are clearly explained. Make sure your grammar and punctuation are correct and that the text flows coherently from one point to the next.

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