Social Sciences Assignments

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Social Sciences Assignment 1

The paper: you are asked to exhibit your skill at using (and show your understanding of) the Socratic method (critical thinking) on any aspect of the Gorgias; or on the paper by Gregory Vlastos on the difficulty that Plato encounters in the Gorgias. Please interpret the topic as broadly as you wish, but please ensure that your paper exhibits your use and understanding of the Socratic method.

Social Sciences Assignment 2

Please write a “problem statement” identifying the problem of Substance Use Disorder among adolescents. Also, write a theoretical approach (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) to address this problem using group therapy. Please use DBT as your theoretical approach in treating this group. Please include knowledge of a trauma informed perspective and cultural competence.

Social Sciences Assignment 3

Select a policy from the list below:

  1. NDIS
  2. Homelessness policy (for your state)
  3. Family Violence policy (for your state)
  4. Refugees Policy

In 1000 words, undertake an analysis of the selected policy. Your analysis will:

  • Provide a brief history of this policy in Australia, key moments of change in either the problem and/or the policy and some social and political drivers of that change.
  • Describe and discuss the ideological influences apparent in the policy as it stands today.
  • Provide an example of another welfare regime’s response to a similar problem.
  • Evaluate the extent to which this policy contributes to a more socially just Australia.

The paper will demonstrate that you understand:

  • That welfare and social policy is contested. (There are many points of view).
  • How history influences current policy and a history of your policy topic
  • The meaning and influence of ideology in social policy and you can identify ideologies in policy documents
  • Key features of another welfare regime
  • The meaning of social justice, one or two theories of social justice and an ability to recognise approaches to social justice in current policy

The essay will follow formal essay structure including an introduction, a body with your main points, and a conclusion which summarizes your points and reiterates your position on the question of social justice for community service workers. Assume 4 body paragraphs of 200 words and 1 each of introduction and conclusion at 100 words.

Social Sciences Assignment 4


Jurisdictions provide the courts with authority to make legal decisions or administer justices within a certain area. Often, these jurisdictions are determined based on geographic location, but sometimes there are other factors that go into determining jurisdiction. For example, the United States recognizes that juveniles involved with the criminal justice system have different needs and as such fall under the juvenile justice jurisdiction.

In this assignment, you will explore the juvenile justice system as a separate jurisdiction. In 50–150 words for each question, explore the juvenile court’s jurisdiction and answer each of the following:

Why does this court exist?

What is the importance of its jurisdictional difference?

What are some of the issues that can arise from this jurisdiction?

Specifically, the following rubric criteria must be addressed:

Explain why this court exists.

Describe the importance of its jurisdictional difference.

Describe some of the issues that can arise from this jurisdiction.

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