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To start my application, I would like to introduce myself. I was born and raised in a Christian family in Iran where we suffered from immense discrimination. When I reached the age of 18, my family took refuge in the United States of America and initially resided in Chicago. While in Chicago, I had to learn the language and work for many hours in order to take care of my parents and two sisters. I was also pursuing a certificate in computer science to better my skills in the field of technology. However, my mother got into a car accident and partially lost her sight. The hope to see her recover and the frequent visits to optometrist and ophthalmologist inspired me to become an optometrist. I must admit that since then I have retained my focus on becoming an optometrist. Later on, we moved to LA and I attended the Glandele Community College before transferring to the California State University where I graduated from in 2012. My urge to become an optometrist necessitated my appearance at various optometry offices. My relentless urge to become an optometrist is motivated by several factors that I am going to highlight below.

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First, I want to be involved in identifying and treating any form of persistent eye illnesses. These illnesses come naturally or can be induced by particular occurrences in the individuals lives. For instance, I am motivated by my mothers case, and I want to ensure that other individuals get the required level of treatment and attention in their lives. The case of my mother motivated me to get into the field and ensure that I accord the required services to other individuals suffering from eye illnesses. I am ambitious and focused to ensure that the problem of eye illnesses in the society is dealt with properly. I believe that I will come into the field with a high level of passion to achieve my targets and embrace a high level of trust in dealing with patients in the country. Therefore, I have a strong belief that I will come into the practice of optometry with zest for helping individuals dealing with eye illnesses.

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Second, I also want to gain the required skills and experience in the field of optometry and enlighten individuals all over the society about the problems. Eye illnesses are becoming a menace in the society and many individuals are being left either partially or totally blind because of the cases some of which could be prevented. It is always significant to inform and enlighten the society on the common eye illnesses and the manner in which they could be managed. I have a dream to acquire enormous skills in the field of optometry and get out assisting all individuals in the society. I want to gain sufficient skills that will boost my morale and teaching skills that will facilitate the campaigns against preventable eye illnesses. The required level of care would ensure that the most cases of eye illnesses are understood by the entire society.

Last, the field became my passion after witnessing the activities performed by optometrists who attended to my mother. As noted earlier, my mother suffered a partial loss of eyesight after being involved into a car accident. This meant that I had to take her to the hospital where I saw optometrists performing their relevant duties. The manner in which they worked was motivating and it made me develop enormous urge for optometry. Their approach to work was inspiring and satisfying, and I encouraged myself that I also still had the opportunity to establish myself as an optometrist. I envisioned myself as an optometrist and wanted to stick to the field with increasing desire. The operations of the optometrists were extremely interesting and I came to realize that this was what my heart wanted. The push to become an optometrist has been existing in me since then and I have remained focused on the urge of achieving this target.

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The urge of becoming an optometrist has been gradually growing within me and I have realized that I need this thing. In most instances, I have visualized myself as an optometrist and this has played a contributory role in pushing my passion toward the practice. I understand that given an opportunity I will learn with a high level of diligence and professionalism to ensure that individuals are treated properly and get a second chance in life. The only way to achieve my goal is by pursuing my degree as an optometrist. I am confident that I have all the necessary skills and attributes to pursue the course. The career prospects involved in the course would give more opportunities to upgrade my skills and I believe that I will be able to become an excellent optometrist. The demanding aspects of the course would be vital in putting me on my toes and ensuring that I move forward and become a highly qualified individual. The urge and the passion that I have for this course would take me to the greatest potential I need. I will boost it with my computer skills to ensure that I become more successful at every instance.

The application for this course is pushed by personal initiative and spirit. The spirit in me is so strong and I believe that I will be able to work accordingly toward the attainment of my goals. I apply for the course in optometry with the understanding that I am a highly committed individual following my dream. This is what my heart has always wanted and I believe that I will never regret making this choice. Since my interest and decision to get into the field of optometry, I have never looked back and I have remained focused on the belief that I will make it. I want to attain the required level of professionalism and satisfy the deepest point of my heart. I will also be able to take care of my mother effectively with the skills that I attain from being trained as an optometrist. Therefore, I also aspire to become an optometrist because of my mothers situation and the support that I want to provide my entire family with. My mother would be better off to have an optometrist ready to take care of her.

With the information presented, I believe that my application for the course in optometry would be accepted. It would be with great humility for me to accept the admission to pursue the course of optometry as it is a part of me. I will wait for positive response for this application that is geared to satisfying the dreams of my heart. The acceptance of this application will also be important to me as it will help to give hope to my family. I come out strongly and will want to lead my siblings by my personal example. Therefore, it is my belief that my application would be accepted. Thank you in advance for the acceptance of my application.

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