Personal Statement for a Major in Economics and Accounting

Question One: Describe how you have prepared for your intended major, including your readiness to succeed in your upper-division courses once you enroll at the university.

Since my childhood, I have always admired the way my parents carried on their business, and I spent my free time with them at work in order to understand and learn how to do it successfully. My passion for business made me think of a business career; thus, I have settled for a major in economics and accounting. I am confident that such skills will help me emulate my parents in doing business. Before entering the college, I have put many efforts when preparing for my major, and I feel that I am ready to achieve the first-division score.

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I have had many opportunities that I feel made me well-prepared for the course. First, when I joined the senior high school, I made my parents aware of my preference, namely economics and accounting. Thus, I have been spending all my free time with them at work helping them in calculations. Second, in high school, I have participated in numerous contests and symposiums to get more knowledge about economics and accounting and obtain necessary skills. Moreover, I have read many books on economics, which boosted my knowledge in subject as I prepared for the course. Therefore, I am sure that I have enough knowledge about the course. My major is the best for me, and I am capable of scoring upper-division courses.

In conclusion, accounting and economics have been my preferred major since my studying in high school as I am keen on learning the ways to do business. I feel the course will enable me to work effectively in the future. In preparation for my major, I made many efforts to obtain knowledge, including assisting my parents in their business calculations, participating in student contests, and reading many books about the major. Regarding all the mentioned activities, I have expanded my knowledge about the course. Thus, I believe that I am well-prepared for the course and I am confident I will score the upper-division courses.

Question Two: Describe an example of your leadership experience in which you have positively influenced others, helped resolve disputes or contributed to group efforts over time.

I believe that leadership is a talent in which one can nurture through doing practice in settings that may not be so complex. In this regard, I am passionate about being a leader in a significant setting after school, which has made me start practicing leading others. In my former high school, I decided to try myself as a class monitor that was an important chance for me to exercise leadership.

As the class monitor, I was sharp academically and in leadership in the third and fourth years. I formed discussion groups to assist those who were poor in sciences. I persuaded the best science performers to volunteer and take part in discussions. I also talked to low-performing students, and I successfully persuaded them not to lose hope but seek help from the team of those students who performed well. I sought permission from the school administration to allow meeting in school during the weekends in the absence of teachers, and the majority of my colleagues accepted the move. Our activities for the weekend were discussions in the morning and games in the afternoon. Within a year, academic performance improved, and the school administration recognized my efforts. When passing the final exams, the lowest grade in our class was C. In this regard, I feel that my leadership experience as a class monitor was useful in making the changes.

In conclusion, I am confident that the small things I have done in life have influenced my leadership skills. My opportunity as a class monitor in my former high school provided a platform for me to develop my leadership skills. In my tenure as a class monitor, I formed class discussion groups to help those who had some difficulties in learning sciences. To my surprise, grades improved in my class, and the administration recognized my efforts. The overall outcome was that every student scored above C in sciences. Considering the results, it is obvious that the position of a class monitor was a leadership experience.

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Question Three: What have you done to make your school or your community a better place?

My former high school had a bad record due to bullying of newcomers and first-years. Since I was a victim of bullying in my first year, I understood the emotions individuals feel when facing such an issue. When I proceeded to my second year, I empathized with the newcomers who kept facing the problem of bullying. Due to my compassion and empathy, I was determined to end the bullying culture in the school when I joined my third year.

As a class monitor in my third year, I decided to address the issue. I approached all prefects and class monitors in a meeting. I expressed my sadness about bullying and persuaded them to unite for the benefit of the rest. We began by launching a campaign against bullying. Therefore, we summoned all the first-year and new students to advise them to resist bullying, be vigilant, watch over each other, and always report any incident of abuse to the prefects. We persuaded the newcomers to unite and refuse to sit and watch when one of their friends faces harassment. Solidarity started developing, and thus the new students slowly gained resistance against aggression. Moreover, we encouraged the group not to bully but to protect the students who will join the school after them. My actions were fruitful as the culture of bullying slowly disappeared, and the new students did not experience abuse.

In conclusion, the students of my former high school frequently faced bullying. Since I also experienced the harrassment, I decided to stop the culture when I got the position of a class monitor. I mobilized all the student leaders and persuaded them to take action through a campaign. We advised the newcomers and first years to unite against bullying and resist all attempts as well as reporting them. With time, the culture faded, and the students began embracing the new ones. In this regard, it is evident that I made my school a better place by ending bullying.

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Question Four: What would you say is your greatest talent or skill? How have you developed and demonstrated that talent over time?

Every person has a special talent, which he/she can develop through practice as it will give the individuals experience as well as expose them to challenges that will strengthen them. In this regard, I cherish leadership as my best talent as I believe that I have significant skills I have been polishing since my childhood. My leadership has not emerged suddenly without any efforts, and I aimed to develop it over time.

Since my childhood, I was interested in leading others. As a child, I mobilized children in my neighborhood to play, and I would create a program for plays that included hide-and-seek and races among others. When I went to school, I continued patronizing the play, and whenever we got instructions from the teacher or heard the bell ringing, I was always the first to respond; hence, I was ahead of others. In high school, I was a class monitor as well as a leader in the school environmental club whereby I oversaw the activities in class and club. This leadership prepares me for managing after school that is more crucial. However, I adhered to the school program by handling co-curriculum issues during break times, after school, and at the weekends. In this regard, my passion for engaging in leadership has been developed since my childhood.

In conclusion, every person has a talent, and nurturing it through practice leads to perfection. My greatest talent is leadership that I have practiced since my childhood. I patronized plays in my neighborhood and school as well as was the first to respond to any call. In my high school, I was a class monitor as well as a leader of the environmental club., I feel that all these activities shape my future leadership skills in greater contexts. Regarding the provided information, it is evident that my leadership has helped me coordinate and assist those in need.

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