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Through this personal statement, I would like to express my interest in the master’s degree program in social work at the University of Southern Carolina in Los Angeles, California. It shows that my biographical information, intentions, motivation, and interests suit requirements of this academic program ideally and demonstrates my competitive advantage basing on appropriate examples. My educational choice is not a random decision, but a logical step in my academic and professional career showing that I have worked consistently and hard to achieve this important goal.

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To explain and demonstrate my motivation, it is necessary to tell first about my personal and professional background and current life. I am a 36-year-old Chicano woman. I was born in the United States, but at the age of two, my family moved to Mexico. Thus, I grew up and was educated in the latter country until the age of 25 years. Generally, my educational background is strong. In 2005, I got a degree in psychology in Mexico. I studied hard and got good grades as education was really an enriching, eye-opening, and engaging experience for me. To support my theoretical background with practical skills, I started to work in different areas of psychology. I have more than 10 years of experience in different positions. At a certain point, I decided to move to the U.S., a country of opportunities and a place where I felt I could develop my potential. Arriving here, I went to a community college to improve my English language proficiency. I started to speak fluently relatively quickly to the extent that I could use English on the professional level easily and freely. Further on, I decided to pursue education at Pacific Oaks College competing the human development program. I felt that getting a degree at the American university would help me update my knowledge and make my skills relevant for needs of the American market in the twenty-first century. The quality of education confirmed my expectations and corresponded to my needs and requirements fully. Obtaining a bachelor degree in human development contributed to my professional development greatly and opened plenty of career opportunities for me. In particular, after graduation from Pacific Oaks College in May 2017, I started working for Nurturing Tots, a company of the Los Angeles Regional Center, in the position of a child development therapist. Generally, the organization provides babies and children with a range of intervention opportunities to maximize their potential in the development of emotional, social, communication, motor and cognitive skills. I like my work and truly enjoy helping families in general and children in particular to meet their potential. This work brings about a meaningful change and contribution to the life of the community. At the same time, the level of my salary is low, and I can be considered as a person with low income. I also feel that I can do more. I am not only capable to make greater professional achievements at this work, but also in other workplaces. I thought about different possibilities to change this situation. After a careful and detailed evaluation of all factors, I came to conclusion that the best option is to continue my education, as it can provide me with necessary knowledge. I started to search for a university. After the analysis of several variants, I decided that the best solution would be a social worker master’s degree at the University of Southern Carolina. My choice is determined by the quality of education at the university, its innovative approach, interesting and focused curriculum, and professional tutors. I do believe that the job of social worker is transformative and meaningful, leading to a positive change for different populations both on the local and global levels. I also like the fact that the quality of university work is constantly acknowledged by students, professors, and external educational organizations.

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Talking about the curriculum, I have checked courses that are studied within the program. I consider them interesting and valuable, as they give a possibility to study human behavior, their perceptions, feelings, and motivation in different social environments and conditions more. I am eager to discover more about social work practice with groups, families and individuals, basing on a range of practical examples. It is also important for me to find out more about social policy and advocacy in social work. I feel interested in completing research work, and evaluation and practice courses tailored to this department. In addition, I think that conversations with professors and like-minded people will create a favorable academic atmosphere that will help to develop and progress at a fast and qualitative pace.

I also really like the fact that the university offers field education, which can actually give additional experience and prepare a student to challenges of the profession. Even though, I already have professional experience in this field, I would like to try myself in other positions (for instance, e ones that require management and leadership skills). I think that professional placement will help me evolve and find the workplace where I will be able to realize my potential and use my skills in order to bring about a positive change in the community and the world.

The more knowledge and experience the person has, the more opportunities are opened. In my particular case, the better education I have, the more profound and qualitative social change I would be able to make in the world I live in. For instance, now with my diploma and qualifications, I am eligible mainly to low-paid jobs that bring about changes on the small-scale level. However, with the master’s degree from the University of Southern Carolina, I will be able to work on a larger scale, making greater transformations and impacting lives of the larger amount of people.

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I think that the best social workers are those who have experienced problems of the target audience themselves. For instance, it is difficult for a rich person to understand motivation, feelings, emotions, and actions of poor people because their environment, background, and relations are totally different. At the same time, a person who has experienced poverty at least once will comprehend how other people feel and how it is possible to help them. Thus, I would like to help others, advocate for them, and to offer resources for their personal development. In other words, I share close comprehension bonds with my target community and think I can learn to make a difference in their lives through the master’s degree in social work from the University of Southern Carolina. Through the position of social worker, I want to fight with social injustice, poverty, social inequality, and the lack of respect for human rights. Examples of Victoria Climbie, Baby P, and numerous others have confirmed my intention to pursue education and career in the sphere of social work, as they have clearly demonstrated horrible consequences of the absence of the necessary amount and expertise of social workers on the national level. Inequality, poverty, discrimination, and other related factors are present today even in the most developed countries of the world. The more people address this problem, the more finances are invested in it, the more chances that there will be positive results and solutions to the issue. I take this master’s program very seriously, and it is of great value to me. Thus, I intend to overcome all obstacles and challenges on my academic and professional way.

My past demonstrates that university education is extremely rewarding and stimulating. I am eager to participate in conversations and debates over different topics with other students, as well as to take part in university seminars and other academic activities. In addition, I am an outgoing and sociable person that is ready to be integrated into the university life and to contribute to the student community actively. I am an empathetic, patient, generous, and caring individual, and self-sufficient enough to motivate myself, manage my workload, and produce high quality standard work. In addition, I have good leadership and organization skills and high work ethics. I would also like to mention that I constantly try to improve my knowledge in the sphere of social work outside of the classroom through reading specialized literature and watching educational programs and films. I try to communicate with professionals within this sphere and sometimes even make observation visits in order to discover recent trends, improve my knowledge of certain topics, and to generally understand issues better. Talking about my personal life, it is important to state that I have a wonderful family (a husband, eight-year-old boy, and a three-year-old girl), who totally support and encourage my educational and career development.

All in all, as seen from this personal statement, I am a dynamic and competitive applicant with a strong academic background and commitment to the mission and values of the social work profession. I am prepared and confident that the social worker master’s degree program at the University of Southern Carolina is a logical, natural, and well-thought decision in my academic development. Moreover, it will fit my professional career perfectly and will motivate me to work even harder and better in the future.

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