Epigenetics History

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Epigenetics is the continuous control of the genes by factors other than the person’s DNA (Public Broadcasting Service, 2007). The changes involving epigenetics are vital since they can interchange the genes, which will determine the proteins involved in transcription. The process of epigenetics occurs in most cellular processes. Human body cells are of the same DNA, but the cells in various bodies differ. Human bodies have different types of cells, such as liver cells, inflammatory cells, neurons, and pancreatic cells, among others (Jones & Baylin, 2002).

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The cells and tissues in our bodies differ since people have a particular set of genes, expressed or inhibited. Epigenetic silencing involves turning off the genes, which result in differences in expression. The behavior of an individual does not largely depend on the DNA. The epigenetic factors might influence the behavior of a person to some extent. The changes in some of these factors contribute to the occurrence of diseases. The effects of the external environment on the genes can manipulate diseases, while some of the effects are succeeded by human beings. In some parts of the world, where the social systems are centralized, vital information concerning the influence of the genes upon families is available (Jones & Baylin, 2002).

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The epigenetic change is natural and its regular occurrence to some extent is because of such factors as the lifestyle, age, and health condition. The process of epigenetic modification results in the terminal differentiation of the cells into liver cells, skin cells, and brain cells. Moreover, in some cases, epigenetic modifications can lead to terminal diseases such as cancer. Many types of research conducted aim at uncovering the responsibility of epigenetics in different human disorders and terminal illnesses (Jones & Baylin, 2002).

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Family History – Dr. Oz

Most of the deadly or terminal diseases are hereditary, and, thus, it is important that every person has an idea of his/her familys health. Dr. Oz argues that it is imperative for every individual to take preventive care by knowing the risks of certain diseases. The first step involved in uncovering the terminal disease is sitting down with the family members and noting their health conditions. Dr. Oz came up with a simplified method of recording the health status of household members.

The initial process of identifying the disease in my family involves talking to my immediate relatives, that is my siblings and parents, concerning their health conditions and disease history. Additionally, it is important to include closest family members, such as uncles, aunts, and cousins in case their health information is unavailable. The family history worksheet primarily helps to come up with a conclusive research. This sheet consists of four columns with the first containing the condition of disease, the second – the parent who experienced it, the third – the sibling, and the fourth – any other relative. The first column consists of terminal diseases like lung cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and depression among other diseases.

The information collected from my family history implies that some diseases are hereditary, since they happen to more than one person. Other diseases are not genetic, since they happen to some particular individuals. Since the modification of epigenetic cause, some disease, lifestyles, and age cause differences, and I believe that some people in my family suffering from cancer experienced epigenetic modification. The family history is important since it enables to take different precautions and avoid the occurrence of the genetic diseases.

Blue Zones – Vitality Compass

The Blue Zones website is important since it enables an individual to decide on the healthy life expectancy. The healthy life expectancy is important since it allows to improve some particular health conditions. From the result, my healthy life expectancy is average, and I need to focus on my diet, lifestyle and other external factors to improve health. The healthy life expectancy primarily influences the length of life of an individual. Everyone wants to live to a ripe old age free of the disease and thus it is necessary to focus more on the health of at a younger age.

An individual who is healthy and leads a better life at the young age tends to live a longer life. The life expectancy of an unhealthy person is shorter than that of a healthy one. Everyone wants to stay young, and this desire raises the question of how an individual can live for more years. A healthy life does not only depend on a diet, but also on a lifestyle and some other external factors. In some areas of the world people have longer life expectancy due to differences in lifestyle and environment. It is important that everyone emulates the lifestyle of people with longer life expectancy. Below are some of the general measures that I consider when improving my life expectancy and health (Jones & Baylin, 2002).

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How to Improve Health and Life Longevity

In order to improve my life longevity, I will take into consideration several measures. First, I will ensure that I conduct a thorough research concerning my familys health and ensure that I visit the doctor frequently for medical check-ups and cancer screenings. The epigenetic mutations can cause cancer under different circumstances, and this fact makes it more important to have a medical check-up as often as possible.

In order to improve my health, I will ensure that I am active throughout my life. It is important to have an active body, and thus I will incorporate some quiet intensive work into my daily routine. A walk or a hike is necessary since it helps to strengthen muscles and establish balance. Nevertheless, I will ensure that I cut down on some calories by avoiding overeating when the stomach is full, which will help to lower the blood pressure. I will also avoid the consumption of processed foods and meat regularly and include almonds, peanuts, and hazelnuts in my diet. Lastly, I will ensure that I consume more water regularly and avoid stress (American Psychological Association, 2011).


In conclusion, epigenetics cause some deadly diseases, and the solutions to these problems are necessary. The familys health history is important for an individual, since it reveals some hereditary diseases and enables one to take special precautions. It is important for a person to do a frequent the medical check-up, especially in the case of presence of a genetic disease in the family. The health of an individual determines his/her life expectancy, which emphasizes the importance of good health for a person.

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