Living with Roommates: Guide to Follow

Roommate Rules

In different life stages, most of us have to share space with roommates. Living alongside another person is rather complicated. To some extent, it is an art of mutual cooperation, patience, forgiveness, and endless compromises. As all humans are unique and have own inner demons, tenants have to set clear roommate rules and follow them precisely. Want to have a happy home and pleasant rental experience? Here are some tips for your special benefit.


Remember Sheldon Cooper? “Bazinga!” Of course, that strange fellow is an embodiment of exaggeration itself. Nevertheless, his Roommate Agreement is a perfect example of how to arrange a common living of completely different personalities. When you finally decide with whom to live, be it a friend or a stranger, the first thing you have to do is sit together and have a conversation about all house rules. When I say “all”, I do mean all! Talk to each other honestly and openly and discuss every tiny detail ranging from the bathroom scheduling to what coffee to buy.

Respect and Patience

It is important to become friends with your roommate. This goal is of utmost importance! A 500-square-foot apartment should be a place of fun and not a trap. Do you know how to make friends? Respect and huuuuge patience are the best tools.

When you face any matter of argument (and I say “when” not “if”), be patient and talk to your roommate with deep respect even if you are ready to use your father’s gun. Every issue can be solved if the two want it to happen!


Keeping organized will help you avoid conflicts and fulfill promises to your roommates. Living together predisposes some specific chores. If you develop a schedule and assign duties, you will easily overcome or even avoid attendant conflicts.

Having Fun

The best relationship advice is simple – just have fun together! It is difficult to be specific in this regard as there is no accounting for tastes. Try to find some activity that will be equally interesting to both of you, be it playing Jenga, wine tasting, poker night, or watching all episodes of Star Track. Even an hour of quality time with your roommate will contribute to your relationship and will make all roommate rules easy to follow.

Tips for how to living together don’t differ from that of how to make friends, so take it easy and have a great renting!