Long Distance Friendship: How Not to Fail

4 Tips on How to Be a Good Friend

Many people don’t believe in “long distance relationships.” However, it is also true that many of us face this issue and decide to give it a try. Even though I’m no expert, I know how to be a good friend even if miles separate you (1,497 miles, a 24-hour driving or 4-hour flight between Boston and Miami, between Jeremy and me). After three years of living apart, our friendship is still developing. Thereof, I believe I can give the best relationship advice, to be specific, four healthy relationship tips.

Be realistic

Even if you two have been friends for eternity and know how to be a good friend, remember that living a distance away is a new experience that requires a lot of efforts and time. Be realistic! You won’t be able to call each other every day and talk for hours. However, arranging a Skype-Beers at least once a week (let it be Sunday evening, for example) is a good option. \"\"

Develop own virtual friendship language

Get over it! Now, no direct contact is possible between you two. Of course, modern technologies allow people to feel as if being together, but this “as if” determines a lot. Most likely, your communication will acquire a typed form. Therefore, make sure that your friend understands your typed word because the lack of emotions and mimic can be confusing. Be ready to explain anything. “Are you mad?!” can mean sarcasm, joke, or insult, etc.

Set Priorities

Any relationships, especially the one of a kind, are a non-stop work. If you want your friendship to grow and develop, try to find as much time to talk to your friend as possible. Sometimes, you will have to miss a party or waste a concert ticket just to listen to Ann (or John, or Alice), who needs to cry on your shoulder (or rather ear), at least virtually but definitely right now.

No Room for Jealousy

Be ready that your friend won’t sit with one hand twiddling a cellphone nervously and waiting for your call. Even though you leave, the life continues. You will make new friends and have new experiences, and so will your friend. No one should be jealous for this new life. Otherwise, your long distance friendship will fail.

Be friends! It is the best relationship advice!