My Friends Hate My Boyfriend!

It has finally happened – you’ve met the love of your life! He is the one and only, forever. The problem is your friends do not seem to share your excitement at all. In fact, they think you’ve gone crazy. Sadly, the scenario I had was all too similar, so I’m going to share my experience with you. Read attentively and do not repeat my mistakes!

Relationships with Friends vs. Love

Your friends have an obvious advantage in the situation because you know them better than your new SO. Therefore, to avoid conflicts, try to do the following things:

  1. Have a change of perspective. You are in love, which means you see la vie en rose. Be honest with yourself. Are you absolutely sure you haven’t fallen for a bad guy who’s going to break your heart? We all love to say we didn’t see it coming, but, the thing is, we most often do. Analyze his behavior and the way he treats you. Does he borrow money from you because he doesn’t have a permanent job? Has he ever been disrespectful, especially in public? Has he ever gone ghost? If the answer is “yes” to at least one of these, you’d better listen to your friends.
  2. Say it’s your choice and they have to respect it. If you see the guy is good, but your friends keep finding reasons like “his jokes are dull” or “his style is flashy,” you can simply ask your friends to get over it and respect your choice. We all tend to like or hate certain things about other people, but, as long as your friends’ comments do not reflect the quality of your romantic relationship, you can ignore their opinion. So, after introducing boyfriend to friends, you can simply ask them to be polite and keep their opinions on the DL. They’ll understand, they’re your friends, after all J
  3. Be ready to keep it private. I cannot guarantee the previous tip will work with your friends, and you cannot just make them love your guy. What you can do here is stay away from group outings for some time. Introducing boyfriend to friends doesn’t mean you have to hang out together all the time! So, you can spend quality time both with your beau and your friends separately. Seeing how happy he makes you is the best way to prove he’s a good guy.

Let’s get to the toughest part. If after some months the status quo doesn’t change and your friends can’t stop hating your boyfriend, you might need to make a choice. If their reasoning is fair and he is just not the right one for you, maybe it’s time to break up? On the other hand, if you feel like he is the one, it’s time to surround yourself with more friendly, positive, and open-minded people.

I agree that the choice is difficult, but it’s even more difficult to suffer from a burden of unhappy relationships. Make sure you let only good and supportive people in your life.