September 6, 2017

Write a Good Essay

Rather than worrying about how to write a good essay for several days, create a simple manual and follow the effective steps from this article. Our useful tips will help you make some early preparation and create a self-belief that you can understand how to write a good essay.

    1. From the variety of good essay topics, choose the best one.
      • If the topic is assigned manually by your professor think how you can make it interesting;
      • Highlight key words, and it will help you concentrate your attention on the most useful things;
      • Identify a particular subject that should be analyzed (For example, the gender inequality in “A Doll`s House” by Henrik Ibsen);
      • Identify the words that characterize your task – analyze, discuss, explain, etc.
      • Spend some time brainstorming the ideas.
    2. Before writing a paper, conduct good research choosing the most reliable and up-to-date sources.
      • Be selective: all the sources should be relevant and support or oppose your key arguments;
      • Reading a book or an article, do not forget to make some notes that can be useful for your essay;
      • Be sure to fill your essay with the in-text citations that are particularly useful for developing your topic.
      • When working with some sources, do not forget to write down all the information about the author, title, publisher and the year of publication. This information will be needed for creating a reference list.
    3. Think about your essay`s development.
      • If you do not know how to start a good essay, create a simple outline that will help you manage your schedule;
      • Use a mind map that will stimulate the thinking process;
      • Make note of every thought or idea that comes to your mind.
      • Put your ideas into the logical order;
    4. Create a workable thesis statement.
      • A thesis statement is the key idea of your essay; it is a thread that permeates the whole essay;
      • Avoid simplicity and generalization when writing your thesis statement;
      • In good essays, thesis statement is put at the very end of an introduction;
    5. Think about a proper organization of the essay.
      • Make sure that every idea is relevant to the topic and the thesis statement.
      • A classic organization of the essay should include an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
      • Make sure your paragraphs are divided logically;
      • There should be the smooth transitions between the paragraphs.
      • Each paragraph should have a clear topic sentence and develop only one idea.
  1. Writing an introduction.
    • An introduction should grab reader`s attention from the very first line;
    • It should contain the general description of the problem;
    • An introduction should identify the questions to be answered in the essay;
    • It should also introduce a thesis;
  2. The main body paragraphs
    • A good college essay requires each point to be covered in a separate paragraph;
    • Use the transition words to make the essay coherent. Such words as in addition, on the contrary, what is more, significantly, etc. helps the reader to follow the development of your ideas.
    • The classic structure of a five-paragraph essay requires three main body paragraphs;
    • Make sure to provide evidence for every argument (in-text citations, visual aids, some statistics, etc.)
    • Express your thesis in different ways.
    • Drawing a conclusion.
    • In the conclusion, try to empathize how the problem was addressed. (Did the writer manage to analyze the problem stated?)
    • A conclusion should summarize your key ideas and re-state your thesis;
    • It should not contain citations and introduce new information.
    • Creating a final copy
    • When the paper is written, read it aloud for several times to see its flaws and inconsistencies;
    • Fix grammar, spelling, and punctuation;
    • Make sure your paper is free of plagiarism;
    • Submit your essay on time.
    • Voila! Writing a good essay is not a problem anymore!